Juvenile diabetes symptoms in toddlers

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Avatar n tn I'm 39, mother of two toddlers, low blood pressure, a little overweight but in good general health. I did just start drinking more coffee though (two-three cups/day), but, I have been drinking tea for quite some time.
Avatar n tn I have a student with type 1 juvenile diabetes. He is in first grade and is seven years old. He was diagnosed a little over a year ago. Lately, he has had several problems with behavior here at school. Some is aggressiveness: hitting, pulling on people's arms, pushing, etc. He also has disregarded rules on the playground like climbing the fence and not lining up to go inside. He has been caught lying to me about symptoms of being ill, and lying to his teacher about hitting another student.
Avatar n tn Children need space to stretch and roll around in their beds and if sharing a bed with others can restrict their mobility. They're like us, when we sleep in an uncomfortable bed, we start to ache. It's more critical to toddlers since they're growing. This is basically what this lady's doctor told her. Unfortunately, she was just some lady I met on a random occassion so I don't know how her son is now doing.
686769 tn?1236275731 My oldest son, age 36, has had juvenile diabetes for 30 years, and that is an awful disease, and so expensive, too, without insurance. But when I met my sweet daughter-in-law, I now know just what people who suffer with Crohn's deal with, too, and it's not any fun. Oh, she also found out she is pregnant, and due in February. She's worried about having to stay on Humira injections during the pregnancy, but her Dr. said she has to. We'll be saying lots of prayers.
Avatar n tn I am relieved to see that I am not loosing my mind, that the side of effects do last or manifest in different forms. Does anyone know of ways/exercises to reduce these symptoms?
Avatar n tn He remained sick and, because his knee was still in pain, his general kept switching pain meds to try and find one that would ease knee pain but wouldn't make him sick. Finally, seven weeks after surgery, my dad decided to stop taking everything and see if his sickness would get better. Six weeks after that, my dad is constantly ill...nausea, trembling, heart racing, and sleeplessness. He hasn't had a pain med in six weeks!
Avatar f tn I see you saw my 3-d pics but I have to wait to get home to log into myspace to see your comments. I'll be in your shoes in 2 months! Hope somone can answer your questions before you go insane!