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Avatar n tn I did the 1 hour test and the 2 hour test and both were over 9 which indicates gd not sure about all these high numbers people talk about in the 100s but in nz I had to test myself 3 times a day and try and keep my blood sugars under 8 it was very hard and just managed to do it most of the time I still had a biggest baby 8lb 9oz at 39 weeks. I had to have a c section after a failed induction but never had labour pains which was a bonus.
Avatar n tn Who was the Lyme specialist in Mobile, AL? I live in Pensacola and I have quite similar symptoms with tingling and pain in my legs. I had surgery to remove gallbladder which took doctors a year to diagnose gallbladder disease (not stones). That was very stressfull not knowing what the abdominal pain was caused by for a long time. A year to the week that my abdominal pain started is when my migraine headaches started.
Avatar n tn We don't really have heptatologists here in NZ. I am not overweight, I was considered underweight. Since starting bodybuilding a couple months ago I have got my BMI up to about 24. However I have had abnormal LFT for the past 2 years. I have not been on any medications. My doctors are pretty stumped too, they don't know what's going on. I just don't want it to turn into cirrhosis so I am trying to eat clean, exercise etc. but I just can't seem to get my ALT levels down.
Avatar n tn Fatigue, my legs have knots, I have headaches days on end. If you touch my hair it hurts. These symptoms can not all be in my head(so to speak). I have joint and body pain all the time. I work on a computer all day 8 hrs or more, I think my headaches and fatigue may be related to my work. I take additional supplements daily and have for about 1 year. Has anyone else had the same symptoms along with the indentions and have they increased in size?
2186126 tn?1384961026 Just found this site -- thank you all, it's very helpful. By sheer coincidence, when DivaMarie posted on Nov. 9th, two posts above, that was the day I decided to free my 15yo, 70lb Lab/Chow mix Frida from further pain. After 11 years of practically zero health issues, she had a few Cushing's-type symptoms develop at age 11 -- PU/PD (excessive drinking/peeing), her gorgeous thick tail turned into more or less a rattail, potbelly, a few other miscellaneous symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have had the same symptoms in my lower left leg. I Googled the problem and found your comments. I am going to the Dr. on Monday. I will post what ever I find.
Avatar n tn Left untreated, a magnesium deficiency can lead to more life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and others. Magnesium's role in energy production. One of the primary roles of magnesium is to activate the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy storage molecule, to create and store energy. Without energy, there is no life. Magnesium's role in relaxing muscles.
Avatar f tn Below is from the American Diabetes Association. Its in regard to the risk of developing diabetes but you will get the idea Glucose tolerance is classified into three categories based on the FPG: • Normal: FPG 5.6 mmol/l (100 mg/dl) but 7.0 mmol/l (126 mg/dl) IFG is comparable to impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), which is defined as plasma glucose levels between 7.8 and 11.1 mmol/l (140 and 200 mg/dl) 2 h after a 75-g OGTT.
521840 tn?1348844371 Depression alone costs more in terms of diminished worker productivity than most diseases like heart problems or diabetes. Mental health related problems like substance abuse, juvenile behavior problems, and non-adherence to medical treatment plans (like not changing your diet if you have diabetes!) not only cause a lot suffering, they have a significant economic impact.
Avatar n tn I have only had sugar in my urine once so the only way to know for sure if you have the diabetes is the 2 or 3 hour test I did 2 hour test in my country NZ you drink 75g of sugary drink get tested before and then 2 hours later but allowed no food from 8pm the night before water was fine. Oh you only do the longer one if the 1 hour one failed. But you may just be thirsty with hot climate and being pregnant good luck.
921323 tn?1268679412 Put the money towards the health costs of the uninsured. Or, use it to fund research in diabetes, heart disease, or any of the other countless complications of obesity. But is it too early to admit defeat? If we had done the same for cholesterol medications or diabetes medications, or even smoking patches and pills, we’d be paying for it in countless ways. So is there something unique about developing medications for obesity?
Avatar n tn Back in May, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, but at the same time was told that I have Thyroid Antibodies. I experience, extreme anxiety/nervousness, have for many years, was on Antideppressants for about 5 years, but about 5 weeks ago stopped, and I have a few other hyperthyoid symptoms. When I recently had my TSH tested, it was 1.3 ( scale .5 - 5.5). Today I had the doctor do some tests, looking at I beleive T3, T4, and a couple other things.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a while 20yr/s female from NZ,. It's been about a year since the symptoms started, and for about a year no one can figure out what's wrong with me. I'm starting to lose hope that I'll ever feel normal again, so this is my last resort. I'm hoping someone can give me some suggestions of where to look and what to ask Doctors to look for, because I'm out of ideas.
1070610 tn?1279278010 There has been no change in 4 years however most of my symptoms would be attributed to the spine I think....hug, numbness tingling in feet and hands ,left side mainly with arm and hand weakness, spasms in quad with weakness etc. The neuro did tell me if he saw a new lesion he would dx me but as none was seen then still in limbo. I am unsure when he will see me again. I think he said next relapse.
3101094 tn?1341776616 It is an emerging disease in Australia...I don't know much about it in NZ. Lyme in Oz does not fit the North American or the European disease presentation. You might contact the Australian Lyme Disease Association to ak them some wuestions. They are aware of some people in NZ who have it. This might be helpful. http://www.ilads.org/lyme_disease/B_guidelines_12_17_08.
Avatar m tn I see you are in Wellington NZ. I suggest you contact the major hospital there and. Ask to see an endo. As rumpled correctly observes, you have a problem but it may not be adrenal related.
Avatar f tn I have used herbs in the past. They were Chinese and were helpful in alleviating symptoms, but never even claimed to cure. My private physician (not an HMO) is also active in alternative medicine. I will ask him if the Hysmeton formula makes any sense. My understanding is that COPD involves irreversible damage.
Avatar m tn These data support a connection between HCV replication and insulin resistance, and HOMA decreased when the virus was eradicated. Besides, the incidence of diabetes type 2 is different in cured patients than in non-responders, supporting a better control of insulin resistance after hepatitis C virus clearance[13]. Thus, measure insulin resistance seems to be easier and comfortable than study steatosis in a liver biopsy.
1722607 tn?1335751458 You guys need to come over in NZ in Jan and do it here, it is fun. Swimming in the sea, cycling over the Auckland Harbour bridge and running on the Viaduct. Training starts for me 3 months after EOT after I get my 3 months UND which will be a 99.7% chance of success.
Avatar n tn Just as a real world example of this, I reviewed a paper last week in the diabetes field that was published in a very, very high ranking journal. It described a new compound with dramatic effects, but everyone in the field knows that the company behind it is hiding something (i.e. side effects, biochemistry etc) and we know they are dropping development of the drug in question.
603015 tn?1329866573 Hope you are hanging in there. monkeyc has good advice. My sister in law works at a hospital in NZ. We were discussing calling or emailling her to see what your options might be and if there is any place you can go on the weekend. She's not in nursing any more but in admin, so should know the system. It's after midnight here, so hopefully will hear from you again soon with an update. Take care!
Avatar f tn I always have very tight, aching neck, shoulders and back but i assumed this was normal also. dull aches in my lower back. i have very weird aches in my shoulders and elbows - eg, if i am lying on my stomach with my arms above my head, i will get excruciating aches in both my shoulders, so that i can barely move them. i have to slowly move them down by my sides and will get instant relief from the pain.
4822967 tn?1367660296 I had extremely itchy skin on the top of both feet and lower back in particular. Another of my many symptoms of uraemia was Lindsay's nails (half white/half red nails). "Uraemic pruritus is characterised by daily bouts of itching that tend to worsen at night and may prevent sleep. The itch may be generalised or localised to one area, most often the back, abdomen, head and /or arms." - DermNet NZ - Uraemic Pruritus (Renal Itch).
568280 tn?1218126402 Have you come across any indications in your research that this is related to pre/post menapause and the lack of estrogen as we age?? Suzanne Sommers wrote about this in her book Ageless as she suffers from it as do I. I live in florida and of course the heat of the summer doesnt help but I also dealt with this whilst living in the UK and it was certainly not hot there. So far ice packs have been my only relief and why it happens to me at 3.45am every morning I dont understand.
888262 tn?1241158516 As long as she isn't actively coughing or oozing mucus/blood from somewhere the bacilli can't infect anyone else. When it's in the lungs but hasn't replicated enough to cause illness and symptoms it's considered latent ptb and can be cleared up by taking Isoniazid. If you want the infection to really be gone forever though and be immune to all infections a person should eat 100% raw foods. Mostly fruits with some herbs and soaked seeds/nuts.
606584 tn?1224853036 That doesnt mean that you will get it or the next person - remember some of these symptoms only affect 1 in 100'000 people.
362888 tn?1203267889 I immediately went online and looked up underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and I seen that I had been having some of the symptoms it listed. But the symptoms are so small that I figure it wasn't anything serious. Before finding out about my underactive thyroid I had gained about 8 lbs and figured it was just from my unhealthy eating and lack of excercise. But also... just a few months before when I was out of school for the summer I ate unhealthy and didn't have much excercise...
Avatar n tn He said it was A-Fib. Later I have it in my legs and hands. They discovered I got diabetes type II. Now I got that "express train" like in my chest first thing in the morning when I open my eyes. They said is normal, nothing wrong. I also got that vibration in my chest after eating. Dr said I didn't have A-Fib anymore. It's just gone or disappeared by itself but the vibration is still there! What is that?
Avatar n tn I am 43 and have been suffering with a skin burning sensation on different parts of my body for years. I have not been burnt nor have I been in the sun. it does not occur everyday it could come on 1 day and not show up again for 3 months, 2 weeks or 2 days. It could be virtually anywhere on the body. the leg, arm face, even the scalp. The burning area is always no bigger tnan 3 inches in diameter. There is no itching or swelling.
1059090 tn?1254470401 so far no syrinx that is a big plus in having it done and I do not have the same symptoms or the degree of them. I was told I need surgery for tethered cord and a bulging disk causing a CSF disruption...so I still have things going on. I have not had a drop attack since surgery so there is another plus.....there is no cure, we can get worse after surgery or develop other related issues like pusedotumor cerebri....