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Avatar m tn Adding a complicating wrench into everything is the fact that she was diagnosed earlier this week with Diabetes Insipidus, and has numerous issues with keeping her sodium levels under adequate control (they have been persistently in 171-176) and maintaining an appropriate fluid balance and replacing her excessively high urine output.
Avatar n tn CPK or creatinine phosphokinase and liver enzymes should be done if there is muscle wasting. Diabetes insipidus can also cause whole body edema. Please consult an endocrine specialist and a nephrologist. Take care!
1310148 tn?1273687799 no possible cabg due to diabetes and age. also suffering from chf , prsently edema on both legs. not moving due to cervical compression. please suggest diagnosis test and treatment. What should I do in this position. If you know some solution please tell me. I will thankful for it.
Avatar n tn This little hormone, according to endos, controls how much water your body keeps in. read about diabetes insipidus or SIADH as those are the standard disorders endos run into involving ADH. But the paper says it also plays a role in regulating ACTH production thus adding a whole extra-complicated-addition to how cortisol secretion is controlled. Most endos don't even know the pathway exists so are not in a position to understand how it might effect the HPA axis.
947382 tn?1262375348 The nurse said the results looked pretty normal but shes still waiting to hear back from the nephrologist. The doctors I've spoken with are now doubtful I have diabetes insipidus but still don't know if I'm having problems concentrating urine. The IV infusions were for migraines. I typically felt pretty sick directly after the infusions, but my headaches improved during the following week. The became worse after that and are currently pretty bad.
Avatar f tn I add sea salt and it makes me feel better, less thirsty but I think it might make my edema worse. I'm on adderall for orthostatic edema and I retain sodium when I stand which causes high Aldo - or at least this is what my dr says...
Avatar f tn I have already been diagnosed with POTS(postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and have a history of diabetes insipidus and mycoplasma infections. Some of my symptoms include: headache, fatigue, dizziness, stomach troubles I also was and still am on florinef and ddavp during the test.
Avatar n tn The drug has also been used for its antidiuretic effects in the management of neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus+; however, other less toxic agents are available, and patients with primary polydipsia and polyuria have shown signs of water intoxication during carbamazepine therapy. Cautions Hematologic Effects While transient or persistent, minor hematologic changes (e.g.
4524270 tn?1355881950 OK, polyuria may result from being hyperthyroid. I am not diabetic, but may have partial diabetes insipidus (according to a water deprivation test, and low ADH). Because I have hyperparathyroidism, my ionized Ca is too high at least part of the time. In hyperparathyroidism the kidneys cannot conserve water, because of incorrect functioning of ADH, although it were present. Maybe hypercalcemia, caused by any reason, can cause water loss. Those who are hyperthyroid may have slight hypercalcemia.
Avatar n tn Just a thought, Phizer, Merick, Glaxo and so on make much much more selling drugs to lots of overweight people who have diabetes, allergies, gout, heart problems, liver and skin diseases and, oh, the list just goes on and on. It is in the best interest of the drug manufacturers to keep people sick and overweight. What happens when half the nation stops taking both over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs because they are finally healthy? The economy will plunge!