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Avatar m tn According to a report in Science Daily, a new Canadian study shows that children exposed to high concentrations of manganese in drinking water performed worse on tests of intellectual functioning than children with lower exposures. The results were published in an article in Environmental Health Perspectives.
20883400 tn?1563962867 Any kind of the medical professional that is practicing dentistry must even possess perfect qualification. These qualifications are mainly from Australian, New Zealand universities and care. In specific cases, the foreign graduates may also still practice the dentistry, till the time they reside in just particular state that they practice as well as hold through approved for the employment. Certainly, no one must leave all such responsibility for the oral care to the medical professionals.
3060903 tn?1398568723 au/publications/health-professional/health-news-evidence/2013/NHMRC-dietary-guidelines New NHMRC Australian Dietary Guidelines are now available. These replace the previous 2003 guidelines but apart from recommending an increased consumption of low fat dairy products there are few changes.
Avatar n tn Spastic colon is the single most common chronic health disorder in America, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, affecting more people than asthma, diabetes, and depression combined. Spastic Colon is a physical - not psychological - disorder that affects mainly the bowel, or colon, which is also called the large intestine. The bowel is the part of the digestive system that makes and stores stool.
Avatar m tn I don't know if the produce grown in brazil, italy, new zealand, france and so on is organic but it sure is damn good. Even mainland china at times was assume. No macrobiotic eaters out there?
233616 tn?1312790796 We investigated the regulation of antioxidant system under acetaminophen (AAP) toxicity. Twelve male New Zealand rabbits were divided into two groups with the following treatments: Group 1 animals were intraperitoneally injected with single saline (control). Group 2 animals were treated with intraperitoneal injection of AAP at a dose of 250 mg/kg body weight. Four hours following the treatments, blood samples were collected and the rabbits were sacrificed to collect liver samples.
181575 tn?1250202386 by Niederau, C., Internist (Berl), March 15, 2008. According to the new German guidelines therapy of chronic hepatitis B is recommended when HBV-DNA is >10.000 copies/ml and when GPT is >twice the ULN or biopsy shows inflammation/fibrosis. When patients are not suitable for interferon therapy, mono-therapy with adefovir, entecavir, telbivudine of lamivudine may be initiated provided that HBV-DNA is <1 Mio. copies/ml and cirrhosis is absent.
Avatar f tn I hope you're right. I hope they purchase new medical equipment soon. Maybe then with the new tests and results-he will change his mind. Take care Stefano. Thank you again.
Avatar n tn Energy level is better but still have fatigue at times throught the day, sleeping is better, no brain fog and I am not on the new dose a week yet. Hang in there...I now I am. My dad's been on 100mcg for at least 8 years. His TSH is 2.2 at last test and feels good. At my next test I will insist on getting mine BELOW 3.0 at the very least. I will campaing for a higher dose if needed.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, i am new here. I am so thankful i have found this site. May Chronic hepa b rin ako. Next month, medical exam ko na sa st lukes. Medyo may kaba ako kasi my hepa nga ako. Possible ba na ma deny visa ko dahil dito. Taga USA pala fiance ko. Please may naka experience na ba nito?
961574 tn?1520651703 sisi2399: this is great news!!! i am so happy for you:-))). And thank you for info about the lack of symptoms - I feel "less pregnant" since New Year's Day (don't complain, just was worried a little) - but now I can see that it can be normal:-) By the way: I like the names very much!!! tones99: hey:-) I guess we both needed re-assurance that no symptoms still mean healthy pregnancy:-) Your babies names are very original and sound oriental...but I love them!!!
Avatar n tn I hope that one day you will be able to exercise in some meaningful way, even if you have to take up swimming or something new. It has been hard to face the fact that something is going to take me, and it could be a stroke. BUT, if I don't exercise, and I get fat, it could just as easily be diabetes or a heart attack or depression.
Avatar n tn Just because I'm a hypochondriac.
162948 tn?1205256292 I have had the mirena since august 2004 i was sure that i did not want anymore children and actually wanted my tubes tied but due to being 26 my ob/gyn convivnced me to wait the 5 years and if i still felt strongly about not having more kids get my tubes tied.
Avatar n tn hello chewey i am new, but have exactly the same intake of n plus as you. I take them to get off tramadol prescribed for damaged disc.I have been having 24 a day all at once, and find they give me enegy and pain relief.I am a single mum with toddler and 8 yr old,and its such a hard lonely job.I have stopped taking them 2 days ago,being very frightened by the woman who died recently in the uk, from taking huge doses.