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Avatar m tn I have type 2 diabetes and my eye site seems to be getting worse I am becoming very near sited My doctor keeps telling me my eye site will get better but they seem to get worse I am taking my meds but not mesuring my sugar so I don't know what my sugar count is as I type.
Avatar n tn In my opinion knowing your own body with the diabetes is key - good control is key - use guidelines as guidelines - we are all different and as the title suggests they are guides only - so know your body how it responds to food intake types of activity, exercise, driving can affect - my husband laughed at me when I suggested this but has found out via professionals it can - keep a healthy regime of food exercise. sleep.
Avatar m tn I have long term type 1 diabetes that over the past 15 years has been well controlled with A1C between 6.0 -6.8. I also have chronic renal insufficiency which has a strong correlation to my ocular issues. Twenty years ago I had a vitrectomy with scleral buckle OD and also a subsequent mono focal IOL placed. Now I have a slight cataract OS but it has not affected my vision as of yet. I still see 20/20 OS, and 20/40 OD with the buckle and IOL. My periphery OD is poor however.
Avatar f tn I've heard that drinking alcohol all the time is not good for diabetes what happens if the person doesn't stop drinking
Avatar n tn Thanks so much Mr. Gatorade for your comment to the long distance runner re:Dr. Bernstein's Regimen and 'exercise technique'. By googling "Bernstein Diabetes" as you suggested, a whole new world of info has opened up, and it seems that there is enormous hope for people with diabetes to avoid many complications and achieve excellent control. I have ordered Doc.
Avatar m tn If a person has diabetes, retinopathy is a symptom of diabetes so you'd have to have a lot more info about the person who was treating and going blind before you could attribute blindness to the treatment, there could be other extenuating health factors that would have to be factored into the equation epecially since so many people with HCV also have diabetes.
Avatar f tn Complaints related to the eye are being more widely reported with the widespread use of pegylated interferons and ribavirin. People with pre-existing eye problems such as retinopathy,especially people with diabetes and hypertension,should receive periodic eye examinations priorto and during therapy.
Avatar n tn mass. But that is me. I got AI retinopathy, losing vision slowly and have 0 tolerance to light.. I've been on diet etc for years, nothing helps. I do agree were toxic, and need to get rid of it. My problem is losing weight like mad, so I have to supplement with some animal protein from time to time.