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Avatar n tn , morning headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations, uncoordinated food swallow (randomly gasp for air for no reason), constant front head pain/pressure for 3 years,, i have a deviated septum and the ENT also said my nasal mucosa looked inflammed and red, it has always been like this since my head pain started, my nose feels constantly blocked and very DRY not runny.
Avatar f tn I once had a too runny nose also - then had surgery to staighten a deviated septum and open the nose some without removing turbinates. I was good for a few years, then started getting beat-up by the dryness condition. -But the point is I know where you're at, and it is annoying. In my present condition, I see some improvement when eating - apparently because the salivary glands are stimulated and the nose-throat are better moisturized.
Avatar f tn One year olds can sometimes put a foreign body in the nose which can cause runny nose. Check that out with an ENT. Also check out a deviated nasal septum. Hay fever and allergic rhinitis should be ruled out. Persistence of RSV should also be looked into. Normally the food allergens cause only gastric symptoms. However if the allergen is absorbed and reaches the airways it can cause hay fever and asthma like symptoms. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn But I also do not have the typical symptoms of a deviated septum such as nose bleeding, or sinus infections. Can someone please help me because I have been having panic attacks lately due to the feeling of not being able to breath through my nose and the severe post nasal drip. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I can handle the runny nose but the coughing is what is frustrating because it tiers me out. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I'm pretty certain i'm not allergic to anything. I also wanted to ask if I have a deviated septum or not, the septum of my nose feels curved to the left and my left nostril has trouble breathing in and out, not to mention the stuffy nose makes it even harder. My nose is not crooked though, just the inside feels curved. What can be done about this as well?
Avatar n tn ” I went to the doctor and then to an ENT specialist and they said that I have a deviated septum. I was up-front with the doctor about the occasional use of cocaine, but he didn’t seem to think that was the cause of the deviated septum. (I’ve never been hit in the face or had any facial trauma.) But, I’m still convinced that I’ve somehow done some serious damage. What does everyone think? Can someone who’s used cocaine less than 10 times deviate or perforate their septum?
Avatar n tn I had surgery to straighten a deviated septum, straighten the nose, and open it up some, but the turbinates were apparently left intact - this at age 17. Had the runny nose and congestion before. That was improved afterward and I had 5 or so good years, then the opposite problem of tooo-dry nose-sinuses started to set in and it's been beating me up for about 25 years now.
Avatar n tn I had Septoplasty surgery to correct a deviated septum in the Summer of 06. I was told my condition was more complicated the usual surgery, if I recall correctly there was a bone spur and possibly something else that prolonged the surgery. It's been over a year now and any benefit I received from the surgery has disappeared, but more annoying is the fact that my nose runs whenever I eat anything.
Avatar n tn my doctor has undergone my nasal endoscopy and has diagnosed deviated nasal septum with allergic rhinitis with sinusitis and adenoid hypertrophy with adenoiditis. do i need to undergo septoplasty+FESS+adenoids removal for that or can i cure this by homeopathy and home remedies. my syptoms are too much runny nose with water and cough. continuosly sneezing. watery eyes and itchy too. what should i do to overcome this problem. now its bee long 4 years i m facing this problem.
Avatar f tn These episodes can last a few days or a few weeks with various degrees of intensity. I have a history of Allergic Rhinitis, Chronic Sinusitis, a deviated septum, GAD, OCD, Hypochindria, Tourettes Syndrome, GERD, IBS, Cervical Arthritis and Panic Disorder. My Tourettes causes me to jerk my head back and forth and side-to-side many times each day and as you can imagine, this is not good when you have cervical arthritis and a bone spur.
Avatar m tn Since then, I haven't been producing an mucus or had a runny nose, but have felt a slight tickling in my nasal passages when I inhale. It's not painful, just sort of weird-feeling, and has persisted for over a full week now. No other symptoms or illness. On Monday, I went to my doctor, and he said I probably just had "a very low-grade cold.
Avatar m tn I am 20 years old.I have small septum deviation and i usually have a runny nose and i can not breath very well even if the nose it is not runny.I noticed that whenever i breath in my nostrils expand ,get wider ,is this normal or it's sign that there is not enough air going in?
Avatar n tn believe me when i tell you that if you continue the use of coke you will have much more to worry about than your nose. I dont have a deviated septum but i do have one hole that goes directly to my sinus cavity and another that goes srtraight to the back of my throat. in the last 7 yrs of use i would do a minimum of a ball or 3 to 4g's. daily about some point maybe 5 yrs ago my nose stopped being able to drain at all.
Avatar f tn It could also be due to a deviated nasal septum. Sinus infection causes blockage of flow especially when a person lies down. The blockade is affected by the side to which the person turns also. You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment. In the meantime practice good breathing exercises, humidify your room and do steam inhalations. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn the sneezing is what usually comes first before the blocked and runny nose, this occurs every day of my life pretty much there isn't usually day without all this and being able to breath freely from my nose. I have tried everything over the counter over the years and been to docotors and they just say take hay fever and signis tablets, sprays and they just don't work for me. It can't be healthy to be taking all these things everyday of my life?!!!
Avatar n tn I've had blood in my nose (dried and runny) for over a month now ever since I quit smoking. I never get a bloody nose but I get blood in my nose and when I touch inside its painful. Like an infection. I'm taking antibiotics but that doesn't seem to help so its not bacterial. Its winter and the air is dry but its never been a problem before. I have to use nasal moisterizers or it cracks insides and gets bloody.
Avatar f tn Comes with the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Chronic sinusitis can be caused by infections of the upper respiratory tract,allergies and deviated nasal septum .Other suspected causes include mold or fungi in the sinuses.As you are dealing with ac’s,so mold allergy can be causing sinusitis and nasal congestion in your case. Treatment involves avoidance of the allergen(molds in your case).You can wear pollen masks while working with AC’s. Avoid indigestible, spicy, foods and meats. Eat simply of wholesome food.
Avatar f tn I got into it heavy and after about 41/2 years of using i did some damage to my nose. I have a deviated septum now, or maybe it's called perferated and did make a hole on the inside. The first month i quit, it was so painful and every morning i blew out artistic things as you call them, lol. Yes over time it heals, but if you do have that hole, that part wont' heal without surgery, but it does not bother me now unless i get a cold or allergies and i can notice the damage.
Avatar n tn At first they thought I had Menieres disease and then narrowed it down to chronic sinus problem/mild deviated septum. I 've felt severe ear pressure, severe headache, been feeling dizzy and nauseated and had chest tightness. I have severely dry nose and ears to the point where I can't breathe right and it feels like my brain doesn't get enough air and I feel lightheaded. The MRI and two CT Scans didn't show a terrible sinus infection or any major blockage.
Avatar f tn Chronic sinusitis can be caused by infections of the upper respiratory tract, allergies and deviated nasal septum .Other suspected causes include mold or fungi in the sinuses. In your case, you have already had septoplasty, so mold allergy can be an important cause in your case. Treatment includes avoidance of allergen. Maintain/clean dehumidifiers and air conditioners regularly. Air filters of the ac trap allergens, like molds, dust and pollen.
Avatar f tn I do not have the usual symtoms of a sinus infection such as infected mucus or runny nose and I rarely sneeze or have cold symptoms etc. My ENT specialist looked up my nose with a camera and said that he could perform surgery to correct the inside of my nose structurally but he did not know what is causing the pain and did not think that such surgery would make any difference to my symptoms. He recommended that I see a Neurologist.
Avatar f tn at least they might be able to help with the nose symptoms. I have a deviated septum, so I'm more vulnerable to stuffy/runny nose symptoms...which I have all the time. I agree that the sinus rinses seem to make it worse more often than not ( for myself anyway) and the only thing that makes it better for any amount of time is Claritin nose spray ( which you shouldn't use for more than 3 consecutive days ). I've tried the elimination diet...
Avatar f tn Now I'm not so sure because of the smell in my nose and no matter what I do I can't get rid of it. I don't have a runny nose nor is it clogged or dry.
Avatar m tn T specialist ,finally after the long *** waiting list, whom concluded that I had a deviated septum, (nose cartilage), which allowed more air in so I secreated more flem, more air flowing in meant drier nasal wall which meant bleeding, so the option is to have septoplasty, which is surgery to correct the septum, therefore stopping the symptoms and allowing me to live like a real 18 year old.
Avatar n tn You should always get checked by a doctor because there is a broad spectrum of stuff associated with the nose, but I can tell you alot of people suffer from a deviated septum which will cause a itchy, blocked or runny nose. I have had this problem for a while and don't know if surgery is a good option because of all the things that can go wrong, Try breath right nasal strips- go natural whenever you can!
Avatar n tn I have had a runny stuffy nose for about two going on three years. Sometimes it smells really bad and sometimes the snot is bloody. I have gone to several different Dr and every time they tell me is sinitus so they give me antibiotics and they never work. They have given me steroids which help a little.
Avatar f tn I am a 19 year old femas and have had trouble breathing through my nose as long as i can remember. I get shortness of breath often, when doing things such as kissing my partner and have to pull away coz i lose my breath. I always have a "cold" basically a runny nose and snore really heavily. I also breathe very heavily and is quite embaressing for me as it is so noticable. If anyone has any solutions for this then i would really appreciate it as it's starting to get me down.
Avatar n tn I have probably been diagnosed with sinutitis as well. I also have a deviated septum. No blows to the head like so many have mentioned. Just writing this makes me feel much better. I will probalby see my GP for the ear pain soon as I have already planned to do. If anything out of the norm I will post back.