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Avatar m tn Since my PPO was $475/m plue $29 dental I just cant be paying that on my own now. I am thinking that I could get like a lower cost plan from Aetna or United HealthOne and have like a $2500 or $3000 deductable with 0% coinsurance along with a HSA. I would use the HSA to slowly build up a deductable over two years lets say so that if I need it its there for two years. Is this a decent way to look at this?
Avatar m tn I am planning on getting them removed soon due to recurrent infections and I was wondering if it is more cost effective to get a dental insurance plan or pay out of pocket. What are the typical cost to remove something like this? Will there be surgery required? How much will a good insurance plan cover or is it more cost effective to just pay out of pocket? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Iehp will cover certain visits. if your your over 21 it will not cover cleanings and fillings. It will cover emergency dentist visits and tooth extractions.
Avatar m tn clinics that support dental care. Or you can look into purchasing some dental insurance through your college? Or any combination of the above.
Avatar n tn i suggest a ppo i have ppo and i get to go to any doctor that i choose but i have picked my steady doctors and like the other poster sdaid with an hmo you have to call and see if the doctors accept hmo and then you will have to get a referral to see a specialist, it might be cheapier to pick hmo but i say spend the extra money and go with ppo if you plan on going to the doctor like i have medical conditions in which i have to see an endcrinologist , my pcp vewry often and have to get labs drawn
Avatar f tn s being treated by an opthalmologist surgeon at our HMO insurance. Come this November, we have the option of switching to Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. My question is should we stay in our HMO and being treated by the same doctor who knows his history well, or should we switch insurance and thus give ourselves more options of choosing the best doctors for this case? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn I just dropped my ppo insurance by stating I did not live in the service area any longer.I just received a bill for 9 months dues.I never used it,so decided to get rid of it.The va doctor only said I had five years and he would make yearly appointments for me.So could I of handled this better?Death seems to be the only thing you hear associted with the insurance companies.
Avatar f tn Definitely call and ask bc your plan is different than others even if its the same insurance. I have BCBS Illinois PPO and i pay a $20 copay everytime i have an appt except for labs.
1191960 tn?1280074080 I have blue cross blue shield ppo of Illinois. Our insurance pays all but 15%. So, if I have an appointment for a follicle check or IUI, I pay 15% of that total out of pocket, and they pay the rest. I believe we have a 20,000 lifetime maximum, but right now we are only on IUI. IT says up to 4 attempts so I don't know if that's with the IUI or IVF or what.... hopfully I won't have to find out as my second IUI is tomorrow!!!
Avatar f tn Either your anesthesiologist is out of line with their expectation, or your Insurance Carrier has set some unrealistic guidelines. You need to contact your Insurance Carrier and ask them if there are any in-network anesthesiologists, in the hospital where you had your surgery & if there are, would they have done the same work for $1200. Once you have that info, we can plan the next steps.
Avatar n tn Should I send a letter of explanation to my insurance company for an evaluation done at Columbia University? I had to pay $4,000 out of pocket for my evaluation and need to get reimbursed by my insurance. I'm wondering if it would be better just to send in the "bare bones," i.e., receipts and medical claim form without any explanation? I don't want to give them any reason to deny me....Any thoughts?
763297 tn?1281379425 Hi everyone I just went to my doctor who referred me to a fertility specialist. I need to get insurance that will help me pay for some of this because it looks like it's going to be very expensive. Can someone please tell me what some good companies are that aren't too expensive.
Avatar n tn Thanks, my friends. I'm thinking more and more that I NEED to try the sub route to recovery ... so any feedback will help. I have GREAT insurance - Blue Shield PPO; and I'm willing to spend around $500 of my own cash to pay any co-payments, etc. Again, I want to make that call and ask my insurance company, but because of my profession, I don't think it would be wise to ask them - I'd like to find out from someone else.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if there's any other help insurance i'm currently with Scott and white health insurance PPO And they cover everything except for something to do with the eggs I'm not sure Lol I would like to have answers if there's any other insurance and hopefully I can find out what is the part that Scott and White don't cover but if it's cheap enough then I can handle it but if it's six or 7000 I don't think so life is so hard when you don't have
Avatar f tn It differs from a PPO in that for most services it only covers in-network. With a PPO you can see anyone in-network or not with less coverage out-of-network. With the United plan, for instance, for the basic and catastrophic, either individual or group, the average monthly premium is about $100 for basic and $300 for catastrophic.
5104126 tn?1413329079 No cost to me thanks to my insurance! !! And its a good one. The medela double pump eelectric that comes with a nice bag.
Avatar f tn I also want to look into changing from HMO to PPO insurance for next January, so I will have more options on what cataract surgeon to use. More MDs prefer PPO plans. It means more out of pocket expense for the patient, but maybe more personal care? Thanks again for your help.
Avatar n tn It depends on ur insurance if u r an HMO or PPO if u need a referral or not. Not if u r PPO .I do not know where in the world u r from, so I can not help u there.
406399 tn?1201884300 or at least Switch to another type??? Its been a long uphill fight I have .. I have now Switched to a new PPO open access plan - as I just signed up to see a New Doctor who accepts the plan. Im wondering if he will refuse me , like the others did ? Does anyone know, How to moreless Demand they switch or take me off the medications! and what can I really Do ? I talked to Law firm already about this, but they fear going after Hmo or ppo plans. as well Doctors? I cant understand this..
Avatar f tn When Is started tx I had Vista with insurance the co=pay was 365.00 a month for the Peg and Riba. Then I had a change of insurance and Im paying out of pocket 350.00 a month for Humana they wanted over 450.00 a month for Peg and Riba. It really varies from company to company.
Avatar m tn I have my own company in CA, i'm looking into a new group health insurance, does anyone know of a carrier that covers infertility? IUI, IVF ...? If you work for a company that covers it, can you please let me know the plan you are on? Thank you...
Avatar f tn I just found out that he never bothered to look into the PPO plan his work offers. We've had the HMO for 13 yrs. He said it was too expensive, the deductibles were too high, and it didn't cover preventive care like the HMO. With 4 kids, the preventive care is a big thing. I found out from a co-worker of his, that everything he thought is FALSE! Augh! It wouldn't cost us much more/month.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with having infertility problems i have blue cross blue sheild that i purchased outside my job to cover for myself and husbands health. Is there anyway i can see a specialist to undergo ivf that the insurance will cover part of the cost?
Avatar f tn I have blue cross blue shield as my insurance. And I ordered my pump. Today I received it but when I opened the door I saw two packages. They had sent me two. Is it normal? ? Or is it a mistake to get two???
Avatar f tn the list goes on BUT Hmo ,like mentioned before is restricted and is why I wish I dnt have it but over all has been an OK insurance policy for me...if yu want more options care wise choose a ppo.
Avatar n tn I'm survived from HEP C genotype 3, so all lab tests have showed the virus as undetectable for a recent 12 month. The problem is that I still have a cirrhosis stage 4 even though my liver condition is well compensate. I have an individual Blue Cross& Blue Shield Insurance PPO 80% with $1000 deductible and $2500 maximum out of pocket, but the premium(I'm paying bimonthly) is raised recently from $874 to $1092 because I turned age of 50.