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Avatar f tn s being treated by an opthalmologist surgeon at our HMO insurance. Come this November, we have the option of switching to Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. My question is should we stay in our HMO and being treated by the same doctor who knows his history well, or should we switch insurance and thus give ourselves more options of choosing the best doctors for this case? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn a PPO and an HMO. Does anyone have any idea which would be easier for out of pocket cost to continue my prenatal care? My doctor is covered under both. Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn I am planning on getting them removed soon due to recurrent infections and I was wondering if it is more cost effective to get a dental insurance plan or pay out of pocket. What are the typical cost to remove something like this? Will there be surgery required? How much will a good insurance plan cover or is it more cost effective to just pay out of pocket? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi My insurance pays 100%- I have a co-payment for meds which was about 100 bucks or so. We also had to pay for freezing of the embryo. I would say that it depends upon your insurance provider and what plan you have. HMO VS PPO- most HMO's cover 100% of all procedures leading up to IVF cycle, embryo retreival, and transfer.
Avatar n tn every service they can possibly render. If you enroll in some sort of a network plan (such as an HMO or a PPO), you will benefit from those pre-negotiated rates before & after reaching your deductible, providing the benefit is considered “covered benefit”.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if there's any other help insurance i'm currently with Scott and white health insurance PPO And they cover everything except for something to do with the eggs I'm not sure Lol I would like to have answers if there's any other insurance and hopefully I can find out what is the part that Scott and White don't cover but if it's cheap enough then I can handle it but if it's six or 7000 I don't think so life is so hard when you don't have
Avatar f tn I just found out that he never bothered to look into the PPO plan his work offers. We've had the HMO for 13 yrs. He said it was too expensive, the deductibles were too high, and it didn't cover preventive care like the HMO. With 4 kids, the preventive care is a big thing. I found out from a co-worker of his, that everything he thought is FALSE! Augh! It wouldn't cost us much more/month.
Avatar f tn Have limited information from general MD/cataract surgeon,but he recommended multifocals first and need to consult again with this Dr. I am also hearing my insurance does not cover any premium IOLs, Have HMO plan now and considering chainging in 6 months to PPO plan to I can pick any Dr. Any suggestions on what to do? Any experiences similar to mine and best way to proceed.
Avatar m tn clinics that support dental care. Or you can look into purchasing some dental insurance through your college? Or any combination of the above.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your help. I have a PPO. I also have the forms that you mentioned, just needed some clarification.
Avatar n tn It depends on ur insurance if u r an HMO or PPO if u need a referral or not. Not if u r PPO .I do not know where in the world u r from, so I can not help u there.
Avatar f tn Anesthesiologists are almost always conveniently out of network--convenient for them, anyway, because then they can jack their prices up as out of network reimbursement is usually far better than a PPO/HMO contracted one. And you're left holding the bag on the reasonable and customary balance. You can try to appeal the R&C cut with your insurance company, I agree $1200 seems a little low but $3200 also seems a little high. How much did your surgeon charge?
Avatar n tn We have picked out, as his new primary care manager, an internal medicine doctor who is a participating provider with our insurance and willing to accept new patients. We have initiated the paperwork to make the switch official with the insurance company. (This can take two weeks or more to be official.) Here is my question - once the transfer is final, I think my son needs to make an appointment for a checku to get a chart started with this new doctor to make my son officially a patient.
Avatar m tn First you have to decide what type of Medicare plan you want. Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) such as an HMO or PPO that offers Medicare prescription drug coverage. Depending on which you chose will determine what insurance drug plan you will have. For example...If you decide to have original Medicare not Medicare through an HMO all drugs are covered under your Part D drug plan.
763297 tn?1281379425 Hi everyone I just went to my doctor who referred me to a fertility specialist. I need to get insurance that will help me pay for some of this because it looks like it's going to be very expensive. Can someone please tell me what some good companies are that aren't too expensive.
Avatar m tn Since my PPO was $475/m plue $29 dental I just cant be paying that on my own now. I am thinking that I could get like a lower cost plan from Aetna or United HealthOne and have like a $2500 or $3000 deductable with 0% coinsurance along with a HSA. I would use the HSA to slowly build up a deductable over two years lets say so that if I need it its there for two years. Is this a decent way to look at this?
Avatar f tn We had HMO for years and then switched to a PPO, but not they no longer offer PPO to my family through my fathers work, so we are back on an HMO again. I need a referral to a specialist and it's already been two weeks. Is there something I can do to help get things moving?
Avatar m tn I have my own company in CA, i'm looking into a new group health insurance, does anyone know of a carrier that covers infertility? IUI, IVF ...? If you work for a company that covers it, can you please let me know the plan you are on? Thank you...
Avatar f tn Iehp will cover certain visits. if your your over 21 it will not cover cleanings and fillings. It will cover emergency dentist visits and tooth extractions.
Avatar n tn Do you have an hmo or a ppo insurance? I know with my ppo I dont have to have a referral and I can get a second opinion and / or change drs any time I want. I have done that with my asthma dr and even went to the rheumatologist without a referral. I would certainly suggest getting a second opinion if your insurance will pay if your doctor isn't listening to you.
343006 tn?1314446471 its really a shame that some (not all) Doctors wont listen to me, they might learn and find what my problem is ? seems its all by the book- routine job (thanks to insurance companys running the show, big bussniss ! and pharm companys pushing drugs and paying Doctors large bonus checks ! to become modern day drug pushers. Its hard for me, not to think this way- as iv had 6 diffrent doctors in my last hmo plan. and now changing to a ppo plan /open access - im on my 2nd Doctor !
Avatar f tn It really depends on the company, each of their policies are different. Usually HMO vs. PPO has little to do with prescriptions, it has more to do with in-network issues. You may also have a secondary insurance policy for prescription drugs, which is very common (I have United HealthCare, but my prescriptions go through ExpressScripts). A lot of insurance policies will farm out things like prescriptions and mental health benefits to second companies.
142841 tn?1201975052 I have United Health (HMO not PPO) and am just starting to wait for approval, so this is good news. Thanks.
406399 tn?1201884300 as I was first on atenenlol and had less problems other than I couldnt sleep well. I was in a hmo plan and now switched to a top rated ppo plan open access type. in hope's for better care and services, as yet sos !! I understand there is a new blood pressure medication approved by the fda with less side effects! but cant remember its name ? does anyone know of a good or half good beta blocker or b.p med that has less side effects than toprol has..
667078 tn?1316000935 I basically since my diagnosis of MS have only one choice for health insurance through my husbands work. We used to have four plans to choose from. Now it is two a basic and standard PPO. Now they are doing mandatory weight and smoking checks and if one member of the family smokes or has a BMI of 40 or above you are forced to the basic plan. I do not have to worry but my husband is a big muscular guy.