Crestor vs plavix

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Avatar n tn I am trying to do my own research as to whether I should take this med and get off Plavix or whether I can take Plavix also....or just stay on Plavix and veto the Pradaxa. I am 74 years old. I am also on Nexium for severe gerd, Crestor, Avalide 150/12.5 and Lopressor and B12 Injections and 5,000mg of Vitamin D daily and Synthroid for hashimoto's...TSH is in the 5-9 range. I also take .375 Bayer, daily, for chronic siunus headaches and Advil for my bum knee.
Avatar n tn I was 99% blocked in my left main coronary artery. I had a heart attack when they put in the first stent. I was started on plavix (caused severe rash) and changed to Ticlid to prevent clotting at the site of the stents. I am on toporol and crestor and one baby aspirin a day. I am experiencing severe pain in my right elbow joint and in my right hip and in a bunion on my right foot. All started after I started my medications six weeks ago. I am also covered with bruises.
Avatar n tn Docs are puzzled as no findings of an MI seen anywhere. Could this be a normal finding in some? On Plavix,TopolXL, aspirin, Crestor,Ace. BP good. Needing some peace of mind. Thank You, Doctor.
Avatar m tn Presently treating with ASA,Plavix,Metoprolol,Crestor and Nitro patch at night. If I do not like being on medication the stent is an option. Has anyone had positive results with exercise, change in diet and focusing on increasing HDL to control/reduce blockage?
Avatar n tn I had a cath. which showed no blockages, my blood pressure is high but I have been on Lisonapril, I now take Crestor for cholesterol and I have Nitro in my pocket just in case. I am wondering...vascular spasm? I have my first cardio follow-up this afternoon...hope to get more info.
Avatar n tn What are mortality expectations due to fatal heart attacks for a group of angina sufferers vs a similar aged group of non-sufferers? How do angina patients manage what for some must be enormous difficulty with panic/anxiety attacks? Just curious.
Avatar n tn I don't let my heart rate go above 150. Have you considered that vs checking bp? No heavy weight lifting for me. I guess that would be anything that causes me to strain.