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608104 tn?1352590753 I am a failure using a CPAP but if I give it up, I risk sleep apnea. For 12 months, the pulmonologist, the home health supplier's respiratory consultant, and I have been doing a difficult dance. I can only sleep 2-3 hours before waking gasping for air with chest pain. The cardiac tests recently have been ok. I think part of the chest pain is rib cage pain. I am now using an Auto-pap. My insurance company is paying rental fees and doctor visit fees because this equipment is not helping.
603216 tn?1244714193 Generally compliance is greater with nose mask CPAP than with face mask CPAP because of better overall comfort. However, this varies from patient to patient. In case, you face any difficulties, you should consult your physician so that he can suggest you some other options. Hope this gives you some insight.
1218873 tn?1300094816 I'm not congested at all, but since I used the Cpap machine I wake up with dry blood in my nose which I can blow out and clear. However I do have asthma so it is important to that I can expel the air in my lungs and this is probably why my mouth opens. The unit is on the floor beside my bed and I don't really have anywhere else I can put it.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Sleep-Disorders/puffy-eyelids-with-CPAP/show/2124934">puffy eyelids with CPAP</a> was started.
1218873 tn?1300094816 The mask I have is a small, and I have a dry mouth spray that I use before I put the mask on. I have used the CPAP every night, but 2 weeks in I am still having problems. I will look into the mouth wash and see if it is available in the UK I tried a bit of DIY on Saturday night by wearing a inch wide elastic band around my head to keep my mouth shut. It worked like a dream.
Avatar f tn I am on the CPAP machine with a humidifier and everything was great until I used the CPAP machine WITHOUT the humidifier. I didnt want to drag the whole unit to visit family so the therapist said when i go on evernight or weekend trips to disconnect the humidifier. I thought i was allerrgic to something back home. I was sneezing and water dripping from nose all day i was misserable, I finally figured out that the humidifier was saving me from the side effects of runny nose and sneezing.
514349 tn?1272805233 I have other sleep problems, but I have not yet had to go to a CPAP. I understand if I wish to go to a CPAP my doctor requires I do another overnight in hospital (or other sleep study center) CPAP test to determine the best "settings" for me. So far I am CPAP free.
Avatar n tn I have had the CPAP machine since April and after almost two months of trying to use it.... I am throwing in the towel. Actually...after I use it I feel worse than if I did not use it !! My oxygen drops to 84 when I sleep which is low......I am wondering since I cant use the CPAP......what about if I just get on oxygen at night while I sleep ???? It seems that would be better than nothing at all ???? If anyone can help....please answer and let me know..... I WILL NOT have the surgery !!!!!
5054005 tn?1362926151 My CPAP mask bothers me in the morning. I guess its when I start waking up a little and the mask will get a gap in it from the way I move and make a burping sound. Then that's it I cant go back to sleep unless I take it off. Anyone else?
Avatar f tn Hi, My husband is on a CPAP machine to control sleep apnea & snoring. He's been using the machine for a while now, but I can't seem to get used to it. I think it's worse than the snoring! Unless he's facing away from me, it blows on my ear or the back of my neck, it's loud, and he can even snore lightly around it. The nights that it's the worst, are usually the nights that I can't seem to get him to even turn over. It's driving me NUTS.
Avatar dr m tn There have even been descriptions of solar power being used to recharge batteries used for CPAP. If you travel frequently to the same location, consider purchasing a second unit. Prices for middle of the road CPAP models are in the $300 to $700 range. The first major challenge is in finding a way to make CPAP work for you. The second major challenge is in un-tethering your machine from your bedroom.
Avatar m tn It took you a year, to get used to the cpap. Well I hope they give me the same one, I used during the sleep study, they inserted large tubes into my nose. So how soon did you notice an improvement, with sleep ? I hope it happens overnight. Thanks for providing additional links, I will definetly visit the sites.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea about 10 months ago. I have a cpap with and oxygen concentrator. I still struggle with the mask as far as keeping it on all night. I'm told this is not unusual. I however have been experiencing frequent morning headaches and I mean headaches. Could this be because I'm not keeping the mask on? Does anyone have any suggestions as far as techniques, tricks to helping to get used to the mask? Thanks in advance!
736040 tn?1257440057 I too had a difficult adjustment to the cpap equipment, and even quit for a while. But, like you, health concerns made me revisit treating my OSA. I don't know exactly what you you are saying when you say "tried", but for me, the second time around I was very purposed that I would do whatever it took no matter how long it took. I really believe it was "do or die" for me. Over 5 years later, I can't say enough about how much the cpap has helped me.
Avatar f tn so it may in my opinion look like a CPAP machine, which he sadly has to admit he is so used to oxygen and medical equipment he wouldn't really have an issue like i have heard people have.. any way would just testing it out with plain old oxygen tell us if the CPAP machine would work.. how do they know the best course of action,,,I guess what I am asking is if a trial run of wearing oxygen could improve his breathing he also has some cardiac issues and I don't want it to be worse.
Avatar dr m tn If you’re found to have obstructive sleep apnea, the best way to treat this condition is via what’s called a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, or CPAP. This is a small device that acts as an air pump which blows some positive gentle air pressure through your nose and it stents your airway open so you don’t stop breathing at night. When used effectively, it works. You wake up feeling much more refreshed, have much more energy and all the medical problems start to get better.
559187 tn?1330786456 Does anyone know if there is any relation between MS or is this just a coincidence? For anyone who has used CPAP, has it been beneficial or not? Have you had to resort to surgery? My doctor mentioned that this may be an option if the CPAP doesn't work out. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
Avatar f tn What brand and model CPAP is your husband currently using? I've found that using a fully data capable CPAP, one that allows ME to access my therapy data each morning encourages me to continue w/CPAP therapy even when I am having difficulties as the data helps to point out what the difficulties are - most often just too high a leak rate.
511091 tn?1211153260 He told me he didn't want me to desaturate during the procedure. I thought I could either just wear my CPAP mask or have oxygen. Is this a normal procedure, to be intubated for a colonoscopy when a person has sleep apnea?
Avatar m tn For the past 4 years I use a chin strap to keep my mouth shut and my mask interface is simply nasal pillows held in place by a head harnes -- the Oxygen tubing plugs right into the CPAP hose (need an adapter) Talk to your CPAP supplier.
Avatar n tn I had 2 different sleep studies from two different labs. Received same results. I have used c-pap machine consistently for last 8 months. It has been tested and checked and set and re-set several times. It is now set on automatic, starting at 4. It has a humidifier. Anyway, I still can't sleep more than 2 hrs at a time, no matter what it is set at, w/ or w/o humidifier. I have taken clocks out of room. don't watch tv in bed anymore. quit smoking. don't drink or eat anything after dinner.
1767141 tn?1313682074 What was your CPAP pressure setting? What pressure range was your APAP set for? Which mask(s) have you used? Did you try a full face mask? A nasal cushion or nasal pillows mask w/a chin strap? What is your Leak rate w/the CPAP and APAP. High leaks whether mask leaks or mouth leaks can interfere w/your PAP therapy causing the PAP to provider higher and higher pressure to compensate for the leaks. Were you provided w/an integrated heated humidifier w/your CPAP and APAP?
Avatar f tn I have used it for a few nights and am feeling a lot better already, but don't want to kill myself if it is dangerous. I can't find info on this issue.
608104 tn?1352590753 For a year, I have used CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) sleep equipment, waking and gasping for air after two to three hours of sleep. This month I tried using the rescue inhaler when I woke for one night. Surprise, I could sleep more than four hours! Now I use two puffs of Albuterol from the rescue inhaler before I put the sleep mask on, as well as the one puff of Asmanex. I can sleep over four hours most nights before waking. Whew!
Avatar m tn I doubt the result accuracy as you say it was disturbing with the equipment to test you for sleep study. Anyway wait till the doctor assesses the report and discusses the cause. Can you explain a bit more regarding the hand problems? How many hours of sleep you are able to get now? Are you following the sleep tips as given above? Do keep updating on the sleep doctor opinion and advice. Take care.
1745492 tn?1320201940 Also, when I get too excited, work out too much, get angry, or overwhelmed, my legs feel very weak and can buckle under me. It is happening more and more often than it used to. I have also experienced hallucinations and temporary paralysis upon waking up. The hallucinations are more common than the paralysis. I have both auditory and visual hallucinations. This symptoms are starting to affect my sleep worse than ever now, and they are affecting my other health conditions.
Avatar m tn Too many people have suffered for too long because the information was not being provided...especially to the medical staff. Thirty years ago, CPAP therapy was used in hospitals to wean adults off of ventilators and keep newborns off ventilators. Sleep disorders were not being treated with positive pressure therapy perhaps because the machinery was so large and noisy. Or maybe no one had made the connection that many medical conditions are secondary to sleep apnea.
Avatar f tn When they told me I woke so many times, I didn't believe them, and skipped the next part of the study, which was being fitted for the CPAP machine, and trying that for a night with the video and same equipment. I went another year before I started with the terrible fatigue again, and my internist sent my to a pulmonologist, and HE insisted I do another study. I don't really fit the profile of a sleep apnea patient, but both my father and brother have CPAPs. They swear by them.
Avatar dr m tn Researchers found that when people with Alzheimer’s and OSA are treated with CPAP, cognition and memory improves. This study was published in the November edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. They estimated that about 70-80% of Alzheimer’s patients have at least 5 apneas every hour. The authors concluded that CPAP may be an effective tool to improve cognitive skills if someone with Alzheimer’s also has OSA.