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Avatar f tn Due in 9 days..
Avatar f tn Im 39wks, and i just started getting these weird upper leg cramps stemming down from my lower belly while i was walking around the store. Are these contractions, and does this mean my babys coming like in the next few days?
Avatar f tn But yesterday I had a onset of severe pain to my upper abdoman in the middle. That came with the shakes, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea and clammy feeling. This pain was definately 10/10 the only way to describe it was it was like contractions. I could hardly stand at one point and felt like I would pass out. I was rushed to A&E. They took a few tests. They all came back normal, except for my liver function which came back slightly abnormal.
Avatar f tn Contractions / my labor starting? Im 35w 3d just super tired but i just got woken up due to some right side pain on my upper thigh & pretty much my right hip & very far right side of my lower back (not close to the middle). I thought contractions were supose to be in the middle of stomach or back, dont recall hearing anything about side oains but please let me know what yall think. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I get severe cramps in my inner thighs as well. I'm due on the 20th and have been experiencing this for a little over a month now.
Avatar f tn But yesterday I had a onset of severe pain to my upper abdoman in the middle. That came with the shakes, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea and clammy feeling. This pain was definately 10/10 the only way to describe it was it was like contractions. I could hardly stand at one point and felt like I would pass out. I was rushed to A&E. They took a few tests. They all came back normal, except for my liver function which came back slightly abnormal.
Avatar n tn Then I started get them in the inner thigh...that seems to be their favorite place. GRRR. I am now 28 and still suffering from them. I have noticed that they only come when I am deathly stressed! Anyone know why? Why are we all having these all the sudden? I am grateful that it isn't cancer or anything really bad but still there has to be a reason why we would all start having these. I really think it has to do with stress.
Avatar n tn But just prior to my back surgery as luck would have it, the torn structures in both my shoulders started causing me significant upper arm pain 24/7. This got significantly worse over time and is now so bad that I can't find a comfortable sleeping position except for sleeping on my back. That is not ideal for me because: (1) I can usually fall aslepp only if I am sleeping on either side, and (2) I know my mid-back pain will start a few hours after I fall asleep on my back.
Avatar n tn Ive been getting lower back cramps and upper thigh cramping. The lower back cramps have been on and off for 4 days now and i can feel my baby very very low in my pelvic bone. Are these early contactions or just my body preparing for labor?
Avatar f tn I thought it was going to stay that way. After I posted I also realize that I get these muscle twitches in my upper arm area and my thighs. I had one on my right thigh last week that went on for hours and actually made my laptop jerk as it was on my lap. This with my face was just so noticeable that it freaked me out. It has calmed down some it seems today.
Avatar n tn The pain aggravates many times during muscle contractions while peeing or passing stool. Though there is no direct pain in the anus or any bleeding whatsoever, passing stool in the morning is a fearsome experience. He also mentioned that this could be prostate related; though usually it happens in late 40s. I'm 36 now. One more thing. every evening, since last5 days or so i get severe ache all across, pin-pricking pains around the scrotum and shivering that lasts more than 1/2 hr.
Avatar n tn The back pain is probably just from the pregnancy, but the leg pain you may need to watch out for. If the pain is in the calf, or in the thigh, the leg is swollen, or red, or hot, you need to let your OB know. Or, if it just continues to bother you even without the above symptoms, it would be best to just run it by the OB. You are at higher risk of a lower extremity blood clot, having twins. But don't worry too much; it is still very uncommon. Keep an eye on it.
2189900 tn?1356664867 My symptoms lately are horrible pain in left upper thigh. My legs twitch a lot when trying to sleep. I have been getting sick lately so I've been trying to eat a lot of fruit. Also my blood sugar has been low so I have been trying to get that to be normal overall I'm beyond ready for labor I'm just terrified because the pain. One more thing I have had braxton Hicks contractions. How is everyone else doing?
Avatar n tn but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old. i did a biopsy for prostate cancer and my dr said that everything was ok. after the biopsy, i waqs back to normal.
1014822 tn?1338651673 I have started having bad muscle aches in my upper thigh area, near my crotch, seems those muscles are always sore from the weight of my belly and bigger boobs! LOL Other than those symptoms, I really feel great for being this far along. I had my 1 hour glucose test today and will know the results in a day or two. I passed it with my son, so I am hoping this one will be good news, too. Depending on whose chart you go by, I just started the 3rd trimester this week (27 weeks)! Yeah!
Avatar n tn I am a WOMAN and have the cell-phone vibrating feeling in my upper crotch area which would be equivalent to the base of your penises from a nerve point of view. This issue is definitely NOT a heart problem (where did that doctor get *that*?!), and is NOT a prostate problem. This is a muscle/back/nerve problem. Ibuprofen should help you with symptoms, but your doctor or physical therapist should be able help you with fixing the root of the problem. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am 53 and had my first bout with this when I had a pain in the upper left back about six months ago. It started to spread to other areas and I went to a massage therapist, she did trigger points and it got better within a week. But I had a similar attack on the right side about nine days ago, and I let it go for a few days. I could feel the muscle spasms going under my right arm, under and into the breast.
Avatar f tn Im laying down on the couch just feeling miserable. My whole upper thigh region on my left and right side feel so bruised I can barely stand to move my legs. Both my legs are swollen up to my calves.
Avatar n tn I recently lost weight so I have loose skin that still has a lot of fat left in it. In my case it works near my hip or inner thigh. I squeeze down and I feel a pop. Bubble wrap could not be a more perfect description. I feel it, not in my legs, but with my fingers - pop!. I can probably feel it a little in the actual skin of my leg but it's very obvious on my fingertips. Again, this is in skin that has been pulled away from the muscle at least a centimetre.
Avatar f tn I had an baby got an epidural,since the epidural I been having severe lower back pain and numbness and tingling in my right. Now this what the doctor have told me since. Before I tell can tell you can you tell me the probem.One doctor told me I haveBack Pain with Sciatica, Hematuria and he went on im his notes I have MS and the MS is called Arthralgia and Muscle problem.
Avatar f tn Some people are diff, that is why I didn't know because all mylabor was in my back. I didn't feel contractions in my belly, instead my back.
8365413 tn?1407255115 Had upper back contractions last night!Took a shower and took Tylenol & It didn't work. Tossed and turned all night. Lost part of my mucus plug this a.m. & Now im having mild cramps. Should I wait it out before calling my dr?
Avatar n tn The pain is so severe that I'm only able to lie down, that too in one position (straight on my back, face up with a fluffy pillow under my upper-thighs). Occassionally, I can lift my thighs slightly by bending my knees. I cannot walk for more than a few metres, stand for a few moments or even sit at all. An allopathic doc friend (an orthopaedition), over phone, said he's quite sure its not a fissure or piles related direct problem but possibly an internal boil near some nerve.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing pain in both legs (calf and thigh) muscles for about 5 years. I've been to the reumotologist had an mri. I recently had orthoscopic surgery on my right knee. I feel a pain in both knees, and feel like the pain radiates up and down the back of the legs. Lately, probably 6months, when I am idle for brief periods of time, upon standing and trying to walk again, the muscles in both legs are STIFF. After walking for a little bit, they get a little better.
Avatar f tn i timed them earlyer when they were strong but i stoppedbecause they lightened up an i also been having upper thigh pain laying down sitting up an just standing in one spot it gets even worst when i walk i have had this before but its been going on all day along with everything else.
9523089 tn?1414215566 To apply some of that icy hot where one feels pain on upper thigh groin area?
414635 tn?1272221293 My baby is down really really low, to the point at the u/s today the Dr said you must be very uncomfortable. I keep getting intense pain in my groin and down my upper thigh....I've read this can be a labour symptom, has anyone else expereinced this??? I am usually haveing a tightening when it happens....
107860 tn?1302930340 I had EXACTLY the same thing in my first pregnancy (haven't had it in my other 3). It's just your muscles and ligaments softening up in anticipation of labour. It doesn't mean that labour is soon - just every now and again (week here and there or for the rest of your pregnancy) you will feel that sensation...a bit like someone's kicked you in the jollies or you've had fantastic all night sex lol!!! Your hormones are responsible for this happening to your muscles and ligaments.
Avatar f tn contractions upper thigh pains hurts to walk or sittrying to induce myself I have walked taking a warm bath pineapples jumping jacks galloping and even go on all fours and shook my butt and sex!!
Avatar f tn well ive been having a lot of pains in my upper thighs and the doc said thats normal. its everything stretching and getting ready for labor. but the whole pelvis thing SUCKS!