Contractions in lower abdomen

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Avatar n tn And since this morning having very sharp pain in lower abdomen untill now.also having contractions but not that frequent. Is it sign of labor?? I am 39 weeks 1 days.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning have pain in my lower abdomen on my right side. It hurts pretty bad. Sometimes I have cramps which I know may be contractions, but this hurts even when those are gone. I am 36 weeks, so I don't know what it is. Do you think it may be something serious or should I wait it out a little longer? Do you think it might be my appendix?
Avatar f tn when you have contractions do you have then just in your lower abdomen or do you have them in your lower back and abdomen
Avatar n tn On my left side right over my overy is a very sharp pain, i have cramps along my lower belly, (feels more like contractions than reg. AF cramps)and I ache BAD in my groin/vaginal area, thighs and lower back and sometimes through the day I have this horrible sharp feeling like a knife is going up me through vagina and twisting into my uterus. It's very sharp. that comes and goes, but is happening more and more. sometimes it will wake me up at night and I can't move.
Avatar f tn Can contractions just happen in your lower back? Or do you have to have them in your lower abdomen also?
Avatar f tn No contractions are like stomach tightening and sharp pain in your lower abdomen and your lower back.
Avatar f tn Some say they feel like bad period cramps, some say like painful muscle spasms or an increase in pressure. Some get it in the lower abdomen and some in their back.
Avatar f tn Where can contractions be felt? Is it only in your abdomen and back? Or can they be higher like under your ribs ?
Avatar f tn Sometimes it can be just lower belly/abdomen but in my experience it was the entire thing.
Avatar f tn They can not hurt at all, hurt like cramps, hurt in your back and/or lower pelvis.
Avatar f tn You feel the pain like cramps in your lower abdomen, like really low, but your whole stomach tightens.
2075737 tn?1379451282 Its a different kind of hard, it'll be kind of like cramping. I know for me it starts in my back my lower abdomen (like menstrual cramps in my lower abdomen) and move up through my whole stomach. I can't walk or talk or hardly breath, and while the menstrual like cramps make stay the.other stuff will come and go.
Avatar f tn Was it a contraction? I had sharp pain in my lower abdomen but it like went down into my vagina? It lasted over a minute.
Avatar f tn Im due in 4 days and all last night and today ive been having lower abdomen pains which comes and goes like crampy pains, lower back ache and it takes my breath away when it comes too and does go when i move etc, anyone knows if its contractions or not? Baby has dropped really low as my midwife said hes 2/5th engaged and they couldnt measure his head at last scan due to being too far down...
8216878 tn?1403886512 Mine was a sudden sharp pain in my lower abdomen that literally brought me to my knees. Last for like 30 sec then a couple mins later it came back. Contractions got closer and closer together. Didn't vomit until about an hour before I started pushing. Sry TMI haha.
Avatar f tn today I have been getting Sharp pains in my lower back and tightening in my lower abdomen..are these actual contractions or braxton hicks...
Avatar f tn My contractions actually felt like cramps just much more intense and i rent then in my lower abdomen. What your feeling waste probably just braxton hicks though, good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi , i am 39 w 4 d pregnant . Iam feeling very low pain in my lower abdomen in left side , like periods , but no water break no bloody show . I am confused if its contraction or sumthing else ?
9884089 tn?1406759806 Can they feel like sharp pains in the lower abdomen? I've been getting stabbing pains for like 30 minutes down there.
Avatar f tn I've also been having Braxton Hicks contractions for the past month but they were mostly mild pain in my lower abdomen and my stomach hardening and once I would lay on my left side and drink a bunch of water they would eventually subside. Also the baby is still moving but when he kicks during the cramping it feels like my uterus is going to break open. Is this what contractions feel like or does it sound just like normal pregnancy pains?
Avatar f tn I'm 40+3weeks pregnant and I've been feel cramps in my lower abdomen and back... Are those contractions? What am I suppose to look for?
Avatar f tn For me it was obvious.. pain in the lower back that radiated to the abdomen. They might start out as mild pain and the closer you get, the more intense the pain.
Avatar f tn They are kinda hard to explain. Id say like bad period pains or belly ache pains you get when you have a bad stomach. You will definatley know what they are when you get them though lol.
Avatar n tn true contractions are felt in your lower back and lower abdomen area. Braxton hicks are like a tightening of your lower abdoment with no pain. The true contractions fell like extreme tightening in you lower abdomen, when you feel your abdomen it will hard like a rock. A contraction starts out slow and peaks and then goes away slow. hope this helps.
Avatar f tn when you have contractions do you have them in your back and abdomen sorry ftm
Avatar f tn i had really bad lower back pain. And this morning some cramps in my lower abdomen. Ive been having pains in my lower back that come and go.. can they be contractions ? Its just on my lower back tho, they dont really move towards my belly. Im super uncomfortable and dont wanna get to excited but i wanna meet my little boy already !
7417215 tn?1403490702 I literally just got home from my doctor and they had to stop my contractions. For me it started out in my lower abdomen on only the left side. They were so strong I couldn't move or breathe through them and it left me with tears in my eyes after each one. Those went away and about an hour later i started feeling a cramping that I can only explain as feeling almost like diarrhea cramps, in my whole belly.. It quickly started wrapping around into my back and my spine.