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Avatar m tn To whom it may concern, I am currently living in Antwerp and, three nights ago, while having fun with my friends, I got very drunk, lost balance and banged my head against a wall. I didn't lose conscienciousness, although my memories of the event are blurry, probably more due to alcohol, although it could have been a mixture of both. The next morning I woke up with an awful hangover and just stayed resting at home.
251315 tn?1198200157 i Went to a neurologist and he dignosed me with Post concussion syndrom. i hit my head pretty good, 1 the whip lash (i cant remember if i hit it on anything in my car) but as i was exiting to see what he did i smacked it on the metal bar getting out and then when the paramedic arrived i was laying in my car as they got me out the car he was holding my neck up right and i smacked it again on the metal bar getting out the car again.
Avatar n tn I had a second concussion in November 2007 (the first was in 2005). My doctor said I have post concussion syndrome. I hit my head on the front right side the first time and on the back of my head the second time. It is now March 2008 and I am experiencing a continual feeling of pressure and frequent sharp pains in the right temple area. I had a CT scan that came back normal. The head aches seem to get worse with moderate exercise, although walking is okay.
Avatar n tn I can load a truck with 70-100 pound tree sections for firewood, but have a hard time lifting my arms over my head or doing other minor things. If I hold a position for a while, while doing a task, I am suffering with trembling and weakness afterwards. Such as now. I am ok typing, but when I stop, I will have these symptoms. I get tingling and prickling sensations all over my body, but mainly in the appendages.
Avatar m tn I blacked out before I knew it and I was basically just being a drunk while having no memories at all. This happens a lot and I am desperately trying to stop. My friends aren't sure either but said they saw me on the ground for a minute trying to get the people who punched me away. No one has a good memory on what happened but they told me I was just acting bi polar after we got kicked out.
Avatar m tn I was too impressionable and later paid dearly for this naivety. As age three, I got my first concussion. My older sister smacked me on the head with a shovel. I passed out. I was so young I cannot remember this, but I my father was coincidentally filming us and I have it on tape. My second concussion was in elementary school. Some older guy pushed me off some stairs and I fell with my head against an iron bin.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 yo female who recently started having major problems with dizziness while driving. I recently started driving 2 hours to and from work. I am having a difficult time explaining the symptoms. I was driving home from work and began to feel like everything was moving too fast but I was sitting still. My vision became blurred and I began to be unable to focus. I feel like my car is not touching the road and I have no control.
Avatar f tn The bumps on the right side of my head are causing problems sleeping. They are very recent. I was diagnosed with mild concussion, per the emergency room, in May, had cat scan, doctors found nothing "serious". The bumps on my head especially the one near my right eye are getting troublesom. I have only been having this problem for about a day. Have recently moved, fell again while hanging picture. I have never been very coordinated, but now feel like I am walking drunk.
Avatar m tn Hi, 10 years ago i slipped while running and got hit on the back of my head which lead to concussion for 15 mins. After 3 years while i was working i suddenly felt nervous, dizziness, and fainted for few minutes. then after 2 years i fainted again after i got drunk a little bit with same features like nervousness, accelerating of heart rate and black out. A year ago too same thing happened when i didn't eat for whole day.
Avatar m tn Next thing I know I'm waking up in the morning, and my mate is having a laugh about how I was sick, he then tells me that I went with him to a park chilled there, drank a few more beers smoked a joint and according to him ( he was also very drunk at the time ) I fell over on a slide ( I could have possible hit my head, I'm not sure though). I then proceeded to throw up and make my way back to his house and get into bed without even the faintest of memory's.
987762 tn?1331031553 I hope you can keep her quiet for a while and give her poor brain the chance to recuperate from the trauma. A concussion is absolutely nothing to be trifled with - good luck in making sure she understands the serious nature of this. I'm a mom, too.... been there , done that but still ignored!
Avatar n tn FYI I am only 108 pounds, so I think the drugs really did a number on me. Obviously I have no memory of that day. I was diagnosed with a cerebral concussion and a TMJ injury. I had horrible dizzy spells and headaches for 3 months straight. After three months, I had occasional headaches. At this point, my only problem from this is I cant tolerate certain things I used to. I used to take Benadryl before bed because I suffer from severe allergies. Now the Benadryl makes me feel drunk.
152852 tn?1205717026 Cheyenne, I don't want to speak for BH, but I didn't get your comparison either and I was understanding BH's point as being that the outcome with your friend would likely have been the same even if she weren’t drunk (had she been sober while struggling with someone who was drunk, and likely stronger than her, who had a loaded gun)—whereas a drunk driving fatal accident likely would not have occurred had the driver been sober.
Avatar n tn is shined, tests brainstem or conciousness. Hd-concussion will be delayed or not change pupil reflex. Depending on country, brain- dead varies. You can be dead & non-functioning, yet brainstem will allow pupils to react w/ stimulus. In US it means 'this person is not a person' & will eventually become a vegetative state. If in a coma & can't move, pupils will still respond along w/ heartbeat. Special testing is done to really ck.
Avatar m tn I have had a history of head injuries. Usually involving getting physically beaten in the head while too drunk to fight back. One time, I had knots on the head, a broken nose and bad concussion from a fight. The people from a store I stumbled into bloody requested I be taken to a hospital, but I never went. I also had a history of bad ear infections and had tubes inserted into my ears when I was a kid. One day 2 years ago, I woke up and the room was violently spinning.
1929236 tn?1323124128 I answered that first post, and see that you are still here and apparently did not read what I advised about your situation. While I think the post concussion idea is helpful, perhaps something of what I said in reply to your original post will help you concerning your back being the origin of your problems. So, I've copied and pasted it below, my reply to your very first post: It sounds a lot to me like you hurt your spine rather badly in that bike accident.
Avatar f tn I do know that I have hit my head 3 time while blackout drunk. I do not drink anymore. Could this be a undiagnosed concussion.
Avatar f tn The doctor stiched my face up and asked me questions for about half an hour but did not diagnose me with a concussion or any sort of brain injury. During the incident I wasn't knocked onto the ground or unconscious, nor was I dizzy or incoherant. I did however, sustain a very mild headache in the back of my head (occipital lobe area).
Avatar f tn Contact sports would be ruled out, yes, due to the possibility of head injury. The brain is more likely to bleed from a concussion while on Coumadin, and there's no quick or easy way to stop bleeding within the skull. Therefore, sports with a high risk of concussion are out. Other than that, there are not too many limitations. In fact, I really can't think of anything you can't do on Coumadin, other than sports that impose a high risk of concussion.
Avatar f tn Hi, did anyone ever find out what headache/pain meds are safe if you have a compromised liver? I have Hep-c and suffer from post concussion syndrome headaches everyday for 3 years. I fell at work so the workers comp doctors that only care about not putting in records that you are suffereing tell me to take ibuprofen or advil every day.
Avatar n tn leg weakness/numbness/tingling/cramps (most recent) dizziness, not vertigo lightheadedness on occassion headaches that can last for weeks or up to 2 months burning or stinging pains in legs and arms head fullness, or pressure sinus tachycardia, which hasn't been figured out yet but so far, no known cause fatigue intolerance to heat can't walk or stand for more than 5-10 minutes at a time buzzing sensations in the head nausea, which can happen with or without dizziness All of these occur daily
520191 tn?1355639002 I'm bipolar, and I'm definitely not aggressive. While in my mixed state (and sometimes when I'm just teetering either way) I am less tolerant of things (for instance, my friends list on FB will get cut in half, haha). I'm snippy. But never intentionally hurtful or aggressive... I would say I'm highly defensive over anything that anyone says. So, no, not every bipolar is aggressive :) Definitely a stereotype!
645390 tn?1338558977 Driving to work, I noticed I was in pain. My foot and knee. I think falling while wearing the leg brace is sort of like falling when u are skiing. The foot doesn't move and can't correct itself. So made it through the day with the big ole limp going on, worse than normal for me. Went to the doc today, got xrays of my knee, ankle and foot. We will see. I just feel stupid and angry at myself. I wish there was "something" that made me fall, toy on floor, stairs, curb. carpet...etc.
1929236 tn?1323124128 I also have problems when I do situps and pushups but it just makes me feel weird like I'm not really there and I just feel strange. It's hard to explain, it's almost like I'm really drunk when I run or do situps. I have been to a neurologist and they tested me for seizures even though I have never had one before and I checked out just fine.
Avatar f tn The police and ambulance were called. My jaw was broken, I had a concussion and lost control of my bladder. They were found and arrested. In court, her gf was found guilty and had all these classes to attend... Fines to pay. As well as my medical bills to fix my jaw. fast forward two years... My daughter is still with this woman . This woman is in drug rehab, and my daughter is living with the woman's mother . I am heart broken.
Avatar n tn lately I am having sharp headache ,on my right side just when I woke up , couple of time when i woke up at night time I found my self barely I can walk just like I am drunk , those symptom come and goes headache is recently happing a lot ,and also some time when I am walking I am finding my self losing my balance walking towards to left side....
209987 tn?1451939065 I told her that they had strapped little silver balls to my body and had me try and walk around for an hour while they video taped it. They had sent me in for MRI's, CT scans, etc. They had found a deviated septum, and noticed that my sinuses were plugged at the time, but they didn't do or say anything about that. They found nothing else so said it was MS. She asked if they had ever looked in my ears. What??? My ears? Why? She asked if I had ever had ear problems.
1438254 tn?1283948927 he is not responding to light changes in front of his eyes. while he walks, he is disoriented, as if he is drunk. is the blow causing this? how long would they normally take to recover from a blow? and can the blindness caused by this accident temperory? i repeat, he walks disoriented, which means he cannot still get his balance back. will he get his sight back along with that? please reply anyone. thank you.
Avatar n tn Our friends just got engaged after 15 YEARS....hell must have froze over or else he got drunk (he said he would never get married...