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Avatar n tn The decision to return a player to full status after a concussion depends on the degree of the concussion. There is a practice guideline published by the American Academy of Neurology dealing with this topic. If the loss of consciousness was brief (seconds) and his neurologic examination and head imaging are normal then 1 week of rest (without symptoms) is reasonable.
Avatar f tn The American Academy of Neurology have issued guidelines to physicians regarding when a person of any age can return to sports after he/she has sustained a concussion. They have divided the severity of a concussion into 3 types: trade 1, in which there is just some confusion but no loss of consciousness, grade II in which there is transient confusion, no loss of consciousness, but the confusion lasts for more than 15 minutes, and grade III, in which there is any loss of consciousness.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your helpful insight. I read the Vienna Guidelines and also thought his concussion was a grade 3 but I'm not a neurosurgeon so I was guessing there was something else the doctors were going off of. I am keeping an eye on him for any changes as you listed. After I posted my first comment I saw a big change in him. He got out of bed & started interacting & is sleeping less. Again, thank you for replying so quickly & for your insight.
Avatar n tn As you know, a "Grade 1" concussion is the mildest category. That being said,m there is no such thing as a "harmless concussion", and in the final analysis Lacross is a meaningless activity. Missing a season is not worth a lifetime of problems. I am somewhat concerned he did not have an MRI, and insofar as school authorities are mandated to pick-up-the-bill, this non-invasive test should have been provided.
Avatar f tn You definitely need to get this checked out. It sounds like you may have a concussion, and it should be evaluated. I'm just wondering what you hit your head on and how you were immediately after that? Did you have any nausea or vomiting? Did you pass out? Since then, how have you been treating your headaches? Does anything make them go away, even for a while? I've had experiences with concussions with my boys. There are varying degrees to them.
Avatar f tn She has been in jail in August, September, October for 2,3,7 days due to not following rules of the probation guidelines. she recently got assaulted on the streets, the guy stole her money nothing else-she had a concussion and damaged 5 nerves in the face which would heal in a week.
1448748 tn?1312959808 Breif synopsis, you can read my history to learn more. I had a grandmal seizure almost a year ago this march. It resulted in a major concussion where I didnt remember anything for 15 min not even my name. My memory returned to normal and nobody could ever find the cause. I found out I have factor 5 lieden and protein s def. which means my blood clots easier. so about 2 months after, I began getting so tired I could not drive TO work even after 12 hours of sleep.
Avatar m tn First, I'd make sure your preschool is within state guidelines. In our state, you'd have to have at least one aide for that many kids at that age. Honestly, you are describing a child that is unsafe. Your first job as a teacher is to make sure ALL kids are safe. I would express this to the director. How many phone calls would it take from the other kids parents for the director to realize you can not ignore choking and hitting.
1448748 tn?1312959808 I am not a pituitary patient, I just suspect something is up, since my siezure and major concussion last April, I have had a rough ride, in pain now every day and feel like giving up. I thought that would be enough to warrant some tests, you know a head trauma and all the freaking signs, and nipple discharge... hmmm, but nope. My doctor thinks I might have MS, but wont do a blood test to rule out pituitary.... What prideful jerks they are sometimes.
680296 tn?1229624581 Long story short, they took him to Allegheny General Hospital and did X-rays, CT Scans, etc. He was a very lucky man. Concussion, injured knee (has to see Ortho), elbow injury, 3" gash on his head, bumps and bruises. A woman hit him head on after hitting black ice and then overcorrecting the vehicle. I was up till 5 AM after getting him and his wife home, and then dealing with the stress and pain myself. So, my mind's not what it should be today.
Avatar f tn test for adrenals, give a course of hydrocortisone if they're low, maybe assume the 3-4 month illnesses and the fall that broke my elbow last year resulted in rT3, that my perennially low TSH indicates a dysfunction in the hypothalamus/pituitary/thyroid loop (multiple whiplash and concussion accidents) and the low levels of circulating hormones means I have a conversion does my sister, who does have Hashimoto's. But how to treat ?
Avatar n tn I could read the same stuff about how statins (such as Lipitor and Zocor) may be beneficial against Alzheimer's disease, how one drink a day protects against dementia but 2 or more increases brain strophy, about the differences in prognosis between a contusion and a concussions and whether a concussion is a grade 1, 2, or 3.
Avatar f tn Head injuries, such as post-concussion syndrome, have symptoms that include irritability, mood swings, memory problems, depression, and sleeping problems. Some spinal problems can cause ADHD behavior because, if the spine is not connected to the brain properly, nerves from the spinal cord can give the brain all of signals at once making a child rambunctious and full of energy.
1448748 tn?1312959808 It resulted in a major concussion where I didn’t remember anything for 15 min not even my name. My memory returned to normal ( well more normal) I cannot remember a lot, like why I am going to another room) and nobody could ever find the cause. I found out I have factor 5 lieden and protein s def. which means my blood clots easier but that is about it everything else seemingly normal. So about 2 months after, I began getting so tired I could not drive TO work even after 12 hours of sleep.
Avatar f tn There are a lot of people in the general population with low thyroid that test OK (Drs opinion) per the TSH test. 2003 guidelines for TSH are 3 to 3.0, but some Drs use the older range. Still TSH is not that accurate. The available "free" hormones that are measured also have a very wide range. If Free T3 or Free T4 are at the bottom of the range, thats not good, and will make slight symptoms appear.
Avatar f tn i think that's what made my thyroid finally go south, although I had tested poorly for hypothalamus axix by kinesiologist many times following multiple hit-from-the-rear car accidents w/ severe whiplash and concussion. 10) Had hepatitis (dirty water type) in early 70s. Have since been cleared to give blood, no residual problems. I used to live in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I got sick there. I also had multiple parasites, which led to a diagnosis of tropical sprue, with malabsorption.
Avatar f tn She was almost going to refuse to treat her bec of the ridiculous CDC guidelines of 5 bands being reactive, but we all know now that even if 1 band is positive with the exception of band 41, then you have lyme and don't let anyone tell you differently! However, she only treated her for 1 month (which is the CDC guidelines) but it just wasn't enough to wipe it out of her system, and the dr wouldn't even recheck to make sure it was gone.