Concussion and dilated pupils

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8506420 tn?1398436180 Your kitten obviously has a brain injury. A concussion would NOT cause unequal pupils. The unequal pupils are not a good sign. I am glad that your cat is acting normally, but after some time the cat can show more symptoms. That is what can happen with a head injury. Please take your kitten to the vet as soon as possible. Your vet needs to examine the cat and can give a steroid medication to cut down on brain swelling.
Avatar n tn Never heard anyone say they feel pupils dilate. Pupils can dilate from drugs. They also can dilate from rage, anger, surprise, a person you're attracted to. Shake hands w/ your favorite movie star & eyes will be saucers. If you are in accident & paralyzed, you will be asked to blink once if you understand. Now they know how brain is functioning. In your case, long term drug use 'may' have left some residual disrupt. If you really feel something strange, go to Opthalmologist.
Avatar n tn I'm worried about her and am playing the waiting game to see how she fares thru the night, but now I just noticed her pupils are EXTREMELY dilated, regardless of light variation. Is this dilation a sign of fear, due to pain, or could it be something worse, like a kitty concussion? Or after reading other posts, rabies? (DOUBLE the dilation shown in the attached photo.
Avatar m tn (Indicating to me she was not paralyzed) I thought possibly the door hit her in the head and brain dead, I held a light to her eyes and her pupils dilated, we decided to let her rest and see what happened, she slept all night, but she was eating and drinking after this whole ordeal happened, the next morning, she was hungry she kind of stood up on her paws to eat, and she then she was meowing and meowing this is her I have to pee meow, so I thought gees girl go in the camper ill clean it..
Avatar m tn My kitten was bitten in the paw by my dog, and it ran away from him, right into the wall. I looked at other websites and i'm pretty sure he has a concussion. He has dilated pupils, along with rigid body. He also has trouble standing and with coordination, and cannot see at the moment. I put him on my couch and he keeps on running into pillows. Can anyone tell me how I can help him?
Avatar f tn Anyway-I have a great referral to a Neuro-Ophthamologist which assures me my Eye Doctor is very competent and I am fine. Having one eye dilated can be physiological, and benign especially in connection with stress and sleep deprivation, sinus problems etc. I haven't had any symptoms so far living with it for about 12 days now. And I have had my left eye larger than my right previously in the past, with no problems.
Avatar f tn when i woke i experienced vertigo that made me sick to my stomach but i didnt throw up. my pupils were dilated. i couldnt walk with out stumbling and i had trouble remembering a few simple words in conversation. about 4 hours after this happened i started to experience pressure in my face, almost like sinus pressure under my eyes. i still have the pressure, a bad headache, and a nice bump on my head but no more nausea or vertigo. what did i do to my head? p.s.
Avatar f tn Otherwise she could be suffering from migraine headaches and double vision and mydriasis. This diagnosis would be based on clinical analysis and exclusion of others. Let a neurologist examine her in detail. Take care.
Avatar f tn My 9 yr old cat suddenly has a difference in the size of his pupils. He is eating and acting ok so far. I have noticed alot of twitching in his tail when he is resting. Anyone else experienced this?
Avatar m tn *Head tilted backwards to the right side *Slight redness on the bottom of the one eye reducing daily * Stiff legs, they are bendable, but prefer to be straight *Not hungry, feeding with tube is at a slow pace and takes alot of time * Pupils do react to light and is not dilated * Seems to me she is aware of her surroundings, is not confused, but motor functions are altered and involuntary.
664732 tn?1296826650 The fluid and swelling sound like an abcess to me but I am also very concerned about the possibility of her having dilated pupils and being disoriented. Resulting from head trauma, this sounds neurological, could be caused by concussion and really could be a very serious sign. I would take her in to a vet immediately, perhaps a different vet for a second opinion. Animal hospitals, if there is one in your area, are a good choice for cats suffering from trauma.
Avatar n tn I have not had a repeat of room-spinning event, but after 5 days I still have occasional unsteadiness, somewhat dilated pupils (sun sensitivity), and front of head type of low-level, but constant, headache and worse than usual tinnutis. Are these just slow to abate side effects of the initial BPPV?
Avatar f tn Progress: He tried to sit up today. His pupils are still dilated but he's more responsive and his ears are moving more. He also can pee on his own! They suggested him to stay another two days to see if he has any interest in food because he doesn't want to eat on his own yet.
233488 tn?1310696703 The first is whether you need the surgery or not. Assuming you have made the decision to have surgery this is a discussion of the many options and choices you have. THERE IS NO “BEST” TYPE OF PHACOEMULSIFICATION CATARACT SURGERY AND NO “BEST” INTRAOCULAR LENS. NO TARGETED POST SURGERY REFRACTIVE ERROR IS FOR EVERYONE. THESE DECISIONS WILL VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON AND MUST BE INDIVIDUALIZED. We all have different visual needs.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed this time as i had been havig headaches then deveoped horners and unequal pupils so i knew something wrong i was given an angio an mri .Then given this diagnosis iv Heparin and sent home all within 2 days. However I am a nurse and 15 years ago i now know is when this really happened, i was lifting a patient of approx 30 stone with 1 other nurse when i felt a tearing in my neck i then collapsed and indeed for the next few months collapsed if i moved my neck at all.
Avatar n tn It scares me, especially since my husband had brain surgery less than 2 years ago- (symptoms completely different of course) I am 35 years old, the only time I remember hitting my head really hard is when I was in elementary school and I fell and hit my head on a tile floor. I have had a history of passing out and having seizures but the doctors never figured out for sure what caused it and it hasn't happened for a few years.
Avatar m tn But the dog is still adjust to the meds, and the side effects and the question remain. If anyone out there has had this issue and does know the answer, I'd appreciate your response. I'm just interested in any anecdotal evidence of how long to expect side effects to last.