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1031310 tn?1259860986 Liver damage is a very very rare side effect of straterra, and if you notice signs of liver damage (the packaging will warn you about this and what the signs to look for are) all you have to do is stop and then full liver function will return. Honestly, I think concerta is a way safer drug for CHILDREN in general who do not have reactions to concerta (and reactions to concerta are very rare). I would not make the same statement about adults...
Avatar n tn This medication really inflamed my liver. I believe that this drug started my inflamation and damage process. I was okay in those areas until a long term of taking this medication. THE KEY IN ANYTHING REGARDING YOUR LIVER IS: MODERATION...........MODERATION...........MODERATION............ I would check with my doctor and ask some serious questions about what he will be giving you for pain. There are many that are serious to your liver and some can do damage if you exceed moderation.
Avatar n tn I am so worried that it is something so serious. I have seen 4 different doctors and had blood work and urinalysis done and always given anxiety as diagnosis. I am currently taking lexapro for about 3 weeks now.. seems to help a little but annoying head pressure/pain will not seem to go away. Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar m tn Bloating,Anxiety,Mood swings.too much stress,indigestion,gas etc and usually damaged liver will take a lot of time to show it out unlike other organs which means moment it shows out itll be for some thing serious. so obviously ur symptooms of too much anxiety and panic is coz of liver problems . Plzzz do some thing coz for ur age its too late...u might face a liver damage prombel very sooner Kindly take efforst to stop it by taking effective measures. 1..
Avatar m tn i have adhd and have been on concerta for 8 years and i have had many symptoms from it. while on the medication i had loss of appitite,headackes,soreness,mood swings,thoughts of suicide,couldnt fall asleep, depression,and anger. but when i try to come off of it i suddenly became very hungry all the time, weak feeling,and couldnt control myself at all. what is causeing this to happen and how can i make these symptoms stop so i can finally come off my medication?any info is appreciated.
370801 tn?1264408618 I know this is an old post but I feel like I should contribute since I take both NO xplode, wellbutrin, and concerta...and major in both neuroscience and psychology. Wellbutrin alone usually doesn't do much, reason being is because its more of a reuptake inhibiter than anything. It acts specifically on dopaminergic and norepinephrineic neurons, thus letting DA (dopamine) and NE (norepinephrine) do their jobs longer. Tyrosine and it's catalyzing enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase are precursors to DA.
Avatar f tn My son now has Seizures after being on Adderall and then Concerta and was on Risperdal until we had to take him to the Hospital one night,I thou I was going to lose my son and he was very scared to and going in and out of Seizures. The one Doctor told me to take him off slowly because they are know good for someone who has Seizures. My Son Seizures started out where you couldn't even know he was ahving them.
685623 tn?1283485207 One regular strength tablet of acetaminophen may cause damage to a cat’s red blood cells, limiting their ability to carry oxygen. In dogs, acetaminophen leads to liver failure and, in large doses, red blood cell damage. 3) Antidepressants (e.g. Effexor, Cymbalta, Prozac, Lexapro) While these antidepressant drugs are occasionally used in pets, overdoses can lead to serious neurological problems such as sedation, incoordination, tremors and seizures.
Avatar n tn He is currently on 3 mg of Melatonin (Natrol brand purple bottle), magnesium with zinc, a probiotic, a multivitamin, and Cod liver oil. I am always researching autism and trying to find more ways to help him and I am hoping to avoid the use of medications as long as possible. In addition we have eliminated milk products. We are not gluten free however as I have found this harder to eliminate from his diet.
454366 tn?1211248901 Monitoring the dosage is critical to proper lithium treatment. I have been on 300mg in the a.m., and 600mg in the p.m. and my liver and thyroid are both fine. I also take (in treatment of bipolar mania) 60mg Geodon 2x's daily, 1mg Ativan 3X a day, and .25mg Xanax 3X daily (as needed). Since I increased my Geodon to twice daily, I feel like a new person. The lithium is the most benign of my drugs. It's the Geodon I hate.
535089 tn?1400677119 (Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Excedrin IB etc) Ketoprofen (Orudis KT) Kidney infection (Kidney disease, diabetes) Liver Disease Naproxen (Aleve) Promethazine (Phenergan, Promethegan) Riboflavin (B2, Hempseed Oil) Amphetamines - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, or desoxyephedrine (Nyquil, Contact, Sudafed, Allerest, Tavist-D, Dimetapp, etc) Phenegan-D, Robitussin Cold and Flu, Vicks Nyquil Over-the-counter diet aids w
Avatar m tn So over the summer I weened off the noxplode and stopped my concerta. No issues, I wanted to cycle my body and lower the tolerance for both supplements and give my poor kidneys a rest for the summer. A month later one at my summer job though, I experienced the same pseudoneuro symptoms AGAIN. At first I thought I was over heated (I worked in a warehouse) and it was no big deal, until that feeling of loosing control and urge to urinate intensified. I went home that day.
Avatar f tn My thing is that people don't look at those things they just want to look at what is happening at the time and not what these drugs can do to someone after being on then.And what damage it can do to the brain and Liver and Kidneys and other parts of the body even the Heart. Because the Doctor's don't want to spend the time testing for everything because of cost or being a very bad Doctor .
Avatar n tn Hi justin, I've been on concerta for about 3 years now and my dr recently perscribe me with 5mg of ritalin. I take 2 18mg of concerta a day and 1-2 mg in the evening if I need an extra boost to do my hw. Ur story sound almost identical to what happened to me this past november. I took my 18mg like I usually do in the morning. that evening I planned to go to a friends house to get some hw done. Around 5pm I took 4 5mg of my ritlin. Big mistake.
969557 tn?1314374214 I was using Orap for a while, which worked, but I became very tired of it and was sleeping all the time. Stopped using it when I got diagnosed with hep c, not to cause damage at my liver. Now I get 4 injections of Botox in my nech every three months, but are a bit worried about eventually loosing the strength in my neck. they are no longer calling it tics from Conserta since it has become chronic, but they can't find whats causing it.
606584 tn?1224853036 If you have multiple signs on this list then you need to increase your fluid intake and go to hospital - toxicity is no joke at all as it can lead to renal failure and liver damage among other things. It should be very hard to reach toxic levels if you are being properly monitored and following the correct regimen including increase fluids (at least 2 litres of water per day) but some drugs can cause toxicity to come on because they affect kidney output or interact with lithium.
617441 tn?1221179806 2 years ago the FDA called for stronger warning labels for stimulant DrugsAdderall, Dexedrine and Concerta and Ritalin/
Avatar f tn he couldn't tie his shoe laces till age 9 only started to read at age 8 and still can't read past grade 1, while concerta and ritalin did help concentration and impulsiveness, it brought out alot of other things like daydreaming while sitting on floor, and spinning while walking, and voices in his head, now off meds the voices are gone,but everything else is still there,i guess they were there all along and no one was looking for it, just thought it was odd behaviour, however now he is more juv
598237 tn?1225647072 No there are others , Adderall and Dexadrine are the amphetamine containing Drugs used for ADHD and the methylphenidates, such as Concerta and Ritalin. 2 years ago the FDA put a strong warning on the Lables of these Drugs , many experts say it is not strong enough. Concerns are aggressive and Hostile behavior and vision problems and seizures. and it is recommendedthat all children taking them should be monitored regularly ..
Avatar f tn He looked at me for a couple of minutes, poked and dangled and then left saying i was fine and that it was my concerta i take for ADHD that was causing all of my trouble. The hospital did an ultrasound on my legs to see if i had blood clots and i didnt. Anyhow, I was sent home two days later with a walker and hobbled around the house. I was beginning to get vey depressed with bouts of tears and wondering what the hell is wrong with Me.
865817 tn?1255285681 Who was taking Vyvanse, and before that Concerta. I changed from Concerta to Vyvanse, because I eventually got to the highest dosage, and it just stopped working for me. I went back to the old hyper self I was before. When I first got on Vyvanse I stayed up for a week straight. I had gotten no sleep at all. After I finally got over all that, it went very smoothly for a while. I was concentrating on my school work, making good grades. Then after a while I just started feeling weird.
Avatar n tn I'm doing a compare/contrast paper on Beer/marijauna and their effects on the brain, the reflexes, and the overall damage to the body could you help or assist on where to find this info. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Benzos are zanex, valium, klonopin, ativan. They cant do that much damage to the liver to make it NOT POSSIBLE and yet ive heard no one say they got anything to help other than anti depressants. I guess BENZODIAZAPINES can be anti depressants but usually its other thangs, not benzos. I really dont think that I can mentally handle another round of horrible anxiety, depression maybe, but not anxiety. Im dead serious and no pun intended!
551343 tn?1506834118 Do you get the needed blood work on every refill to check you liver levels, your kidney levels. and refills should only be for three months max at a time so that these levels can be watched. also the EKG's and echo's to keep a eye on your heart. there is also along with behavior modification, a diet tha takes forever for you to get down because it is different for everyone. different foods cause dfferent reactions, same as the dye in some foods.
Avatar n tn Yes, that is just what I be all energized from Concerta and Riba, not sleep and then the Fog would really be bad! Actually the ADD drugs don't give me much energy. You would think so, but they don't. One more drug I don't need right now. Jim, I signed up on the site you gave me. I still can't find the article. I put Miller into search and nothing. Is it under Gastro or Neurology?
975514 tn?1325001538 I learned that I have degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis in my spine, minor scoliosis and nerve damage- I even had a shoulder surgery on a bone spur because I kept getting tendinitis and the doctors couldn't cure my arm pain. It wasn't until after that surgery was unsuccessful (at age 32) that I "ended up" finding a great Rheumatologist who knew what to look for. I was in pain all of the time, I was exhausted and stressed.
Avatar n tn My mother wasn't for putting me on medications; she was afraid of the damage it would place on my liver. I was extremely young when I was diagnosed by the way. Growing up I was an amazing athlete with lots of drive, I played soccer, in addition to always party with my friends. I was also a great student; I practiced cognitive behavioral therapy, at the University of Pennsylvania, which promoted a Holistic approach of looking at typical disorders that children are labeled with.
Avatar n tn My mother wasn't for putting me on medications; she was afraid of the damage it would place on my liver. I was extremely young when I was diagnosed by the way. Growing up I was an amazing athlete with lots of drive, I played soccer, in addition to always party with my friends. I was also a great student; I practiced cognitive behavioral therapy, at the University of Pennsylvania, which promoted a Holistic approach of looking at typical disorders that children are labeled with.
523927 tn?1257022304 Welcome aboard !! I'm so glad that you found this community, as most of us here can relate to what you are going through. I'm going to try to answer your questions one by one. - For EBV-related issues, is an infectious disease doctor the best choice? Not necessarily. I've found that there is no specialist for CFS and many specialists don't want to deal with CFS patients because we take too much of their time. My Endocrinologist, who is awesome, told me that.
Avatar n tn I've tried to get off Paxil recently and had the WORST problems. After researching and talking to people who have gotten off (or tried to get off) of the drug I am horrified that Paxil is still being prescribed. I am also AMAZED that a DOCTOR would actually say that this isn't dangerous, or that it isn't the PAXIL!?!? Are you kidding? How much were you paid to say that? Paxil DID help with my panic attacks. Did not cure or stop them, but helped.