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Avatar n tn For example, bladder cancer T3 N0 M0 is stage III, whereas colon cancer T3 N0 M0 is stage II.
Avatar f tn Hi there, My husband, age 57 and in otherwise great health, was diagnosed and had surgery for colon cancer. The diagnosis was stage IV colon cancer, as the mucinous carcinoid tumor had spread to his retroperitoneum. The prognosis is not good (ie., the doctors said that without doubt, this is a terminal disease with survival marked at 3-6 months). But I have been reading of survivors - some living beyond the magic five year milestone! What is the exact prognosis of this?
Avatar m tn I have not been given a diagnosis, and as this hip pain is persisting, along with all the other issues, I am extremely worried I have a serious health issue such as cancer of the colon. Under duress my GP has agreed to send me for a testicular ultrasound, and has referred me to the gastro consultant. However, she has said she is sure these will only prove I don't have any serious health issues. OK, so I'd really like to hear what people think?
Avatar m tn I was operated for Ca colon and LAR was done in March 07. Histopath well differentiated adenocarcinoma. Stage II T3 No symptos till date.CEA --- Can I expect a cure ?
887400 tn?1240960338 Please see a doctor right away. Blood in the stool is never normal, and you have family history of colon cancer. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn Here's the deal. Your nodules are very small, they can't test them for cancer yet. It is very hard to hit a nodule with a fine needle biopsy until it is at least 1 cm or close to that. If they get bigger in a few months, then they can test them. The only cancer that grows extremely rapidy is Metastatic thyroid cancer, which is extremely rare, and it would be seen growing significantly in a few months.
Avatar f tn Other fatal cancers are very prevalent in my background - 3 of 4 grandparents (lymphoma, renal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer) father and brother died with lung cancer, sister died with neuroblastoma, several aunts and cousins with breast, colon, uterine cancers. I am pretty alert for any health problems, want to get any neoplasm before it gets me. I would appreciate any input or comments you could provide on my path report and any comments on what you would recommend as a course of action.
Avatar m tn 9 is related to pancreatic cancer, ovary cancer, colon cancer etc. She is 32 and do not have family history of cancer. Her medical report results other than the CA 19.9 is normal. She had done the ultrasound 6 months ago came back normal accept 4cm ovarian cyst on the left. She occasionally have abdominal pain and no other symptoms. My question is could it be pancreatic cancer and what should we do next?
Avatar n tn on meds for hypothyroidism for 2 weeks , last blood test still at 29 for the T4,, had renal cell cancer removed size of grape on oct 28, 2008,,, now liver is extremely fatty according to last ct scan,, T4 not good... muscle weakness in legs and arms and face.. take Ativan for that which does help... go to Endocronoloist on April 16. 09 in lubbock tx for my first visit..... 14 yrs ago,, misdiagnosed with PID when it was actually a ruptured appendix..
158939 tn?1274918797 Here are the estimated 2006 US Female Death From Cancer (by Type) statistics from the American Cancer Society 31% Breast 12% Lung & bronchus 11% Colon & rectum 6% Uterine corpus 4% Non-Hodgkin lymphoma 4% Melanoma of skin 3% Thyroid 3% Ovary 2% Urinary bladder 2% Pancreas 22% All Other Sites Did you see that? Thyroid cancer is estimated to account for AS MANY DEATHS IN THE U.S.
Avatar f tn I guess they think that I’m not supposed to get sick so they blow me off . Mind you I have a sister who died from colon cancer and a sister who currently has breast cancer and another sister who currently have lung cancer and I have given them 100% support more so than their own children since they have been sick even now they called me for things that they need but when I try to talk about my issue its never important to them they cut me off and talk about Their situation!
Avatar m tn He also believes that y-T3 will also prove effective in suppressing other types of cancer, including breast, colon, liver and stomach. Dr. Ling and his team do have a clinical trial with men in the works. In the meantime, keep up the daily regimen of 400 IU of vitamin E. Choose only 100 percent natural vitamin E that contains mixed tocopherols. This will provide provide balanced antioxidant protection. At the very least, the bottle should say it contains d-alpha or D- alpha.
Avatar f tn I do hope that whatever treatment is done on you, it would be successful. Regarding your question on treatment options, your cancer is already Dukes C rectal cancer and the following may be done.
184674 tn?1360864093 I just watched my mom finish chemo and radiation for her second battle with colon cancer that relocated to her right lung. I have a high risk for cancer too, since I already had a pre-cancerous polyp removed at such a young age. I called my mom to let her know I will be scheduling an appointment as soon as possible for a c-scopy, and that Brandon may need help that day with the boys. She's as concerned and unnerved as I am.
Avatar f tn Please post the reference ranges for the T3 and Free T4. Ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. Also, your doctor ordered Total T3, which is considered obsolete and of little value. You should try to get Free T3, which is the hormone actually used by individual cells. According to ranges we, typically, see for FT4, your level is very low in the range. Your vitamin D is too low. What symptoms are you having?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer in 2006. The tumour was quite large measuring 7cmx8cm. T3 NO MO. I had no chemo because the doctor felt it would not significantly raise my survival rate which was 85%. For the last few months or so, I have been bloated and have rt upper abdominal pain. At times it feels like there is something in there when I am sitting and can be uncomfortable. My colonoscopy in sept. was clear. I recently had a ct scan and will get my results soon.
Avatar n tn What did the sigmoidoscopy and CT prove negative for? Were they looking for cancer? First off, be thankful they didn't find it. Hyperthyroidism, among other things, can cause diarrhea. A lot of things can cause the lower abdominal pain, including urinary retention, kidney stones, and more. Have you had any thyroid tests done to see what your levels are?
Avatar f tn My husband, age 54, was diagnosed in Feb '08 with HCV/cirrhosis, had a TIPS procedure in April, and is currently recovering from colon cancer surgery which he had 2 weeks ago at which time he also had his gall bladder removed as it harbored stones and likely contributed to E coli in his blood. He is extraordinarily strong-willed, positive (when not encephalopathic) and determined to live long enough to be placed on the liver transplant list so that he can survive.
Avatar f tn My husband, age 54, was diagnosed in Feb '08 with HCV/cirrhosis, had a TIPS procedure in April, and is currently recovering from colon cancer surgery which he had 2 weeks ago at which time he also had his gall bladder removed as it harbored stones and likely contributed to E coli in his blood. He is extraordinarily strong-willed, positive (when not encephalopathic) and determined to live long enough to be placed on the liver transplant list so that he can survive.
Avatar f tn Yeah Protein and nutrition diet helps you prevent form Colon cancer and its fight against to colon cancer it’s an important nutritional guidelines. Consume more protein and nutrient foods. And avoid fatty food its takes longer time to digestive.
Avatar f tn My husband (48years old) was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in August of 2008 and he had surgery. His original CEA level before surgery was 9.9 after surgery it went down to 1.8. He had 2 chemo treatments before he had to stop because he got a bad infection and almost died. He did chemo because the tumor was T3 and mucinous and that could mean it was more aggresive.
Avatar n tn My relative had stage III colon cancer and did surgery and chemotherapy. And when he when back to recheck the CT, one the sentence is: There is a subcentimeter hypodense lesion on the right Thyroid lobe. But doctor did not mention anything about it. What does it mean, should we pay attention on this?
Avatar f tn Thank you for posting this excerpt. I learned about ferritin from this community board and never realized after dealing with hypothyroidism for 6 years now how important it is to know about deficiencies that contribute to symptoms.
Avatar m tn Common causes are upper GI erosions and ulcers, usually from drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen (NSAIDs, which kill about 15,000 people a year this way), and colon polyps or colon cancer. You may not even know you’re bleeding, since it can be slow, on-and-off, and invisible.
Avatar m tn * Inadequate iron intake * Rapid periods of growth * Heavy menstruation * Pregnancy * Frequent or excessive blood donations * Surgery or accidents * Medications that cause bleeding such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) * Bleeding due to conditions such as ulcers, haemorrhoids, hiatal hernias, colon polyp, colon cancer * Hypochloridia (low stomach acid), achlorhydria (no stomach acid) * Bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, Celiac
219522 tn?1251764229 If your FT3 is not in high levels on the reference chart your system is slow - and not running up to it's proper preformance and will bring on tired - fatigue - weight gain - slow GI track - mental instability and a host of other hypothyroid symptoms. The longer your Free T3 is not high - the more issues will surface. Colon issues - cholestrol storing, frail bone disease, early menopause - fibroids and this list will grow bigger as time goes by.
Avatar f tn I have had 5 surgeries in the past 7 months: 2 for colon cancer, 2 for cervical/uterine cancer (resulted in total hysterectomy), and one for a lumpectomy (small lump in breast/benign). I am tired all the time and have gained 20 lbs in the past month (after being put on Estradiol). I also am bloated, have stomach aches, joints ache, headaches, am dizzy at times, decreased libido, and intermittent blurred vision. I am thinking perhaps my Thyroid is off?
219241 tn?1413541365 barely a change there from 18.2. Free T3 now 3.6...was 3.2 Dose changed in April to 107 mcgs..... (that's 100 mcgs every day, then on a Friday I take 150's a mathematical formula equals 107 something or other mcgs a week.) I WAS on 100 after dropping down from 114...seems I get weird responses on the changed doses. Moving right lovely contestant is Miss TG (Her real name is Thyroglobulin Anti-bodies but she likes be to called TG, sounds more youthful)....
Avatar f tn I, too, have a family history of various cancers, including colon cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer and brain tumor - that just in my 5 siblings, plus I've had 2 vocal cord surgeries of my own... not once did I consider having my thyroid (or part of) removed because of benign nodules. If the FNA had been indeterminate, I'd understand your reaction more fully.