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Avatar n tn My husband is recovering from Colon cancer surgery (successful with no chemo), but we are getting no feedback from the doctors on how his bowels should be acting as time goes on. He's off the soft diet (surgery was 2 months ago) but things are not back to working properly. Example: today he has to run to the bathroom VERY quickly, at least once an hour, not diarreha but loose, and definitely not regular. Is this a normal part of the process, or should we worry?
Avatar n tn I had a lobectomy of my right upper lobe back in Nov 14 2007. Began lifting weights again last week of December. Started back at work Jan 14. I still have soreness within my ribs but not enought to prevent me for working.
Avatar f tn Last year (November) he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He has had all the checks to see if it has spread and so far it seems to be contained in colon. No signs of it in liver, stomach, bladder or kidneys etc. But doctor has still not staged it. He says staging can only take place during the operation for a definite staging. We are all very concerned about this and his operation is due in 2 weeks time. My question is is this sort of cancer a slow-progressing one?
Avatar n tn My mom is 75 years old. She just had colon cancer surgery. She is still lying in the hospital after 2 weeks with complain of bloated stomch, vomiting and nausea. Fluid has to be drained out from her stomach from time to time. She cannot eat at all. The digestive tract or the intestine does not seem to be fucntioning normal. Are this serious complication or is it normal? She was a smoker for almost her entire life with COPD condition. Will this affect her recovery?
Avatar n tn told me he wants to take out my ballbladder ,2 sections of my liver, my right kidney and ascending colon and part of the traverse colon. He said he does not know hwere the cancer cells are and he wants it to be a one time shot. What will my life be like afterwards and what will the quality of it be.
Avatar n tn s health related issue (such as endometriosis or a kind of reproductive cancer) or if I have colon cancer. I am really scared because, if this is colon cancer, I have let it get way out of hand and it is probably past an untreatable stage. Can someone give me advice on what to do next?
Avatar n tn My dad is 78 and recently diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer...1 out of 26 nodes were positive, do you think taking treatment will be too hard for him?
Avatar f tn My question is about recovery time. Those of you who know me know that I had a tumor removed and a total hysterectomy with "all-clear" for cancer two weeks ago tomorrow. You all have figured out I'm not a very patient person when it comes to myself, but, hey, it's been two weeks. The past couple of days I've been walking in the brisk Michigan air to get some color back in the cheeks(Darn Iron isn't working fast enough, either).
564735 tn?1263943526 My cancer is unusual in that it is acting like colon cancer but my cancer in gynological in orgin...but my onc recommended colon cancer chemo therapy and as I said it is working. I am sorry to hear about your sister. Is her liver cancer primary or mestasis of another cancer. I am not familiar with Nexavar but I hope it is working. Tell your sister I will keep her and your family in my thoughts.
987242 tn?1335490770 My endo specialist has always known I had bowel involvement, but the are finding something inside the colon, not outside. They believe it to be endo, though they have to mention cancer can have a similair appearence. Considering I've had this for over a decade, I doubt colon cancer. And yes I know endo normally involves the bowels, hence why I always had preps prior to surgeries.
184674 tn?1360860493 Hi, I'm new to this forum. My mom was just diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday, and the doctors say she will need surgery to have a third of her lung removed, midsection. They also say the prognosis looks good, like it may be a slow-growing tumor that is still encapsulated in the lung. So hopefully surgery will remove everything and this cancer hasn't spread. I'm wondering if anyone here has gone through this surgery?
Avatar n tn My dad had colon cancer & Im wondering when I should begin to get check ups? Im 32 years old... Thanks...
Avatar f tn The date that is available is within 13 days of our planned trip to Disney World. Am I allowing enough recovery time or should I reschedule my surgery. I cannot reschedule the vacation.
568261 tn?1250270162 The family history of ischemic colitis and kidney cancer do not really predispose you for colon cancer, so this would not really constitute an indication for the procedure. I hope the results of the biopsies turn out well. Stay positive.
20846676 tn?1533691015 The fatigue would not leave me for anything so I go see a rheumatologist that told me I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I take my meds on time all the time but still the same thing with the fatigue, then I had done some fasting appointments with my primary and was told I am vitamin D deficient and for the rest of my life I would have to take 2000 units of vitamin D every day which I have been doing thus far.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 and I have been having blood in my stool since last decmber. Off and on but lately it has been every time.... It's a redish colon kinda like if you get a cut and it's bleeds, it's like that color. This is scaring me and I don't know wat to do. I'm scared it could be serious... Im scared to tell anyone. But can someone at lest make me less scared and tell me wat it could be?
Avatar n tn I have no history of colon cancer in my family, though I had a benign polyp removed about 4 yrs ago. I am diagnosed with IBS. I have no weight loss (other way around) but have been very stressed past couple of years. My toilet habits have not changed, I have had no fever. My stool looks normal shape and color (other than mucus and blood). I ma due for an endoscopy and colonscopy soon. But I want to know; is this most likely cancer?
Avatar f tn Colon cancer is slow growing, so this has been coming for some time. Now that you have been diagnosed you will undergo "staging" which means a lot of different tests to determine the stage of your tumor. Then, typically your case will be presented to a tumor board which is a multidisciplinary panel of speciailsts who will determine a course of treatment for you.
Avatar n tn I took her to the doctor, but they are referring her to a specialist for a CT scan and a colonoscopy. Does this sound like colon cancer? If so, what should I expect? Is there anything else that it could be? I'm really worried about her.
Avatar m tn After 3 months I had a severe diarhea and convinced myself that i had colon cancer. My doctor sent me for CBC, occult blood test, liver enzimes, ESR, tumor marker, ultrasound and finally a CT scan with oral contrast,Nothing was found, He told me i have IBS. The issue its that my abdominal pain continues and i tend to develop very loose stools.
Avatar n tn I have been battling colitis for 20+ years since around 1990. I am currently 53 years old. They found it was colon cancer and I needed to have the surgery. I am currently undergoing chemo to reduce the possibility of it returning. I experience going to the can quite a bit (sometimes hourly) and am taking imodium to rectify that. I hope this excessive going to the can is a result of the chemo and not going to be an issue for life.
Avatar m tn I heard it was uncommon but the surgeon said sometimes they may be missed the first time around. Do I have higher risks of developing colon cancer? I was told as long as I got checkups and had them removed I would be fine and have the polyps controlled.
Avatar n tn My situation is very similar to yours. I had a total hysterectomy 02/06 that revealed trace amount of cancer. I was told that chemo wasn't needed at the time because the uterus was gone. I was on bio-identical hormones of estrogen and progesteren (sp). The following year 10/07 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer with a bowel obstruction. I received emergency surgery and a colonostomy. I am happy to be alive. I have gone through chemo.
Avatar f tn I am going to see my OBGYN on Thursday to determine what to do about a mildly complex 8x9x1.2 ovarian cyst in my left ovary. (When the cyst was 1st seen in Oct 2010 it was only 2.1x2.3, so it is definitely growing.) From everything I have been reading, in all likelyhood I expect to hear that I need surgery to remove it.
Avatar n tn For colon cancer, a colonoscopy will show it.
Avatar f tn does coughing and wheezing more {as asmatic anyway} have any bearings on colon cancer