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Avatar f tn Hi ladies! A natural route you can go is Apple Cider Vinegar. Make a cup of hot water and real lemon juice and put a couple of tablespoons of the ACV. It doesn't taste good but to make it easier to go down you can put honey in it. I use raw honey. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for you! Helps kill bacteria and wash out toxins. You must and I mean must buy the real stuff. BRAGGS Brand. It will say it has "the mother" in it. It will be cloudy looking. Do this a couple of times a day.
4536442 tn?1358820448 I just got over a bad cold. I did warm water with honey and a little lemon. Honey to soothe and lemon to kill the germs. Throat felt a lot better after that. I also took Tylenol for head congestion and lots of water and orange juice. And make sure to get a lot of rest. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn I would make teas with lemon and honey. Also eating garlic is good, not really pleasant but it works. Google cold home remedies and they can properly tell you the steps. Be patient they work. I had a nasty cough with mucus and didn't want to take medicine to be safe.
Avatar f tn I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I have a small cold. Anyone have any herbal remedies to help ease the cold??
Avatar f tn So yesterday out of nowhere I began getting a runny nose and just thought it was because it was kinda chilly out but this morning its stuffed and a cough is kinda forming too. Now I know we can't take just anything to for a cold but I was wondering if you girls had some like natural remedies to help a developing cold? Im 25weeks pregnant and I really don't want to take any meds but if really have to I will. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn Hi, im 21 weeks pregnant and im coming down with a bad cold. Are there any safe medicines I can take while im pregnant? Or common home remedies, please help !
Avatar f tn I used vicks yesturday. It worked alittle but the stickiness bothers me!-_- i might have to try the honey with lemon. I've been drinking nothing but hot chocolates. Its so annoying! I wanted to cry at night just because i couldn't sleep.
Avatar f tn m about 7 weeks pregnant and have had a soar throat and a terrible cough for about 4 days now with no signs of getting better. Anyone know of any natural remedies I could use to feel better, or speed up the process?
Avatar f tn What helped me A LOT was ginger tea, and hot lemonades sweeten with honey. I was scared of taking medicines so I always looked for natural remedies.
Avatar f tn m allergic to cold medicine, so I always use natural remedies. As soon as I feel a cold coming on, I double my Vitamin C. I also steam fresh mint leaves for congestion and make and my own vitamin water using mint leaves, fresh cut lemons and limes. I can usually kick a cold within 2-3 days using these remedies. Good luck and feel better!
Avatar f tn m not sure if a cold comes with the sore throat lol... but today I boiled water, and mixed it with honey and lime and it helped soothe my throat a little. And doctors always recommend fluids. (: Hope I was a little help .
Avatar f tn Yea my doctor only said home remedies. Steam from a shower, honey, tea, etc and rest is what I am told to do. If nothing improves by Monday I will try pottery stuff with my doctor. It's my next prenatal visit anyways.
Avatar f tn A brand of tea called stash makes a lemon ginger tea. I add a tablespoon of honey to it. Honey is supposed to be good for everything. It really soothed my daughters cough when she was sick. Luckiky I didn't get the last 3-4 colds that got the rest of my family. I swear its the prenatals.
12505673 tn?1427155998 When I was pregnant with my son the same thing happened to me. My Dr suggested the following and surprisingly it did help. Cut a red onion in half and bring to a boil. While boiling inhale the steam for nasal congestion relief for 5 to 10 minutes. Stain water into a cup with lemon and honey and drink. It's not pleasant but it really breaks everything up and the antioxidants in the onion and honey really boost your immune system.
Avatar f tn I am 36 + 2 and just got this cold a day ago. I have been drinking tea with a tablespoon of honey and it helps but just a bit. Any suggestions would be great!
Avatar f tn I just got over this after 2 miserable weeks!! Raw honey with cinnamon. Hot lemon water with raw honey. Peppermint or green tea with raw honey. Chicken soup. Gargle with salt water. Tylenol & benadryl at night (to dry up your sinuses so you can sleep) with Vicks vapor rub on your chest for a cough, keep water & cough drips with menthol by the bed. A humidifier helps a lot too.
Avatar f tn I use equal parts honey and baking soda. If you have more sensitive or dry skin go with more honey than baking soda. It's really work well for me.
Avatar f tn ve tried all the natural home remedies. Homemade chicken soup with lots of lemon, hot tea with lemon and honey, salt water gargle, straight up lemon honey and a little bit of water syrup :( it's helped a bit but im undecided whether to make a doctor appointment or not. I did the Vicks vapor rub last night and it did help with the congestion. Now my nose is like a leaky faucet. Man sick and pregnant is horrible!! Never been through and I am amazed at how quickly it progressed!
Avatar n tn Honey honey Honey!!! Works magic!! Make sure to buy the organic white honey. I use this while I'm sick pregnant or not and also give a teaspoon to my children. I don't like medication. Its best to consume it with out anything. Or if the Tate is to much for you. Add it to some herbal tea. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I'm 7 wks and I came down with a cold?? Swollen tonsils & congestion. What med's are ok to take?
Avatar f tn Depends on what kind you choose, my doctor and my local pharmacist recommend me only using....Ricola natural Honey-Herb. Other cough drops contain a few ingredients that haven't been studied enough to know the possible side effects. Ask a pharmacist, detail how many weeks you are. I can also suggest a homemade tea that's helpful!!! Fresh Chamomile with both the flower and stem, fresh lime, cinnamon and honey. It's simple to make.
Avatar f tn I've had a cold for two months now. It's driving me insane. And it's the summer over here! The tea trick helped a little. Taking my vitamims.