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Avatar f tn Does anyone use essential oils? I've read that they aren't safe during first trimester. Is this accurate?
Avatar f tn I occasionally still get headaches and it seems to be happening more frequently as of late. Does anyone use essential oils to help with headaches? Or just Rx meds? The only meds that really give me any relief make me sleepy. Since I teach, it makes taking meds before or during work hours impossible. Just exploring me options. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn how does one find pure essential oils without synthetic additives that are not multi level companies.
Tbd Has any one had any success in using essential oils to nauturally lower cholesterol levels?
2087711 tn?1354908175 my family uses peppermint. we have an incense burner and we burn essential oils. you could also try sucking on an after dinner mint, or chew some peppermint gum. hope you find relief soon.
Avatar f tn Also eating garlic is good, not really pleasant but it works. Google cold home remedies and they can properly tell you the steps. Be patient they work. I had a nasty cough with mucus and didn't want to take medicine to be safe.
Avatar n tn To answer the question about medicine - just lexapro and that is it. However I am wondering if essential oils being used can make a difference in this number? I know medication can have an impact, however that is all I'm taking, but I do use essential oils frequently. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn unfortunately theres not much you can do while pregnant. you can take benedryl for the stuffy nose and itchy throat. thats about it though. nasal issues are common with pregnancy anyway so unfortunately youll be dealing with that allot. benedryl and Tylenol only.
Avatar f tn I love essential oils but I would not take them during pregnancy.
134578 tn?1642048000 In Asthma there is inflammation of the air passages that results in a temporary narrowing of the airways that carry oxygen to the lungs. Essential oils are applied on the skin, it is difficult to understand how they reach the airways and help with the inflammatory changes in the lungs. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Prop him up when sleeping, try even the car seat, I did that when my son got a bronchial virus at 2 months old. Essential oils help too. What is the doc recommending?
Avatar n tn Tylonol sinus, Sudafed, robitussin, vicks vapor rub, hot showers, netipot (spelling lol), benedryl, essential oils I was told work well. You will just have to try things until they work. Most cold and sinus problems last 10 to 14 days then go away. Sadly with the weather they tend to come right back.
Avatar f tn My husband is away right now but I started also looking into natural remedies. I love essential oils. I gave a blend to a friend struggling with the same. After one month, she got pregnant but had a miscarriage. Another friend tried oils with a healthy diet and got pregnant. I'm going to start using them regularly so when my husband is home we can try again! I know this is a hard time. Everyone has something that works and it's so disappointing when it doesn't work for us!
7358510 tn?1427032173 If you are using a vaporizer that's okay, don't apply essential oils directly to baby though. Make sure you are suctioning out the nose. If it doesn't get better or he gets a fever though he needs to see the Dr.
Avatar f tn A cold pack on the forehead or the base of the neck helps to. Hope you feel better!
Avatar f tn Another great thing for back pain are essential oils. There is one out called deep relief by young living essential oils. Works really well. Also ask ur Dr about some stretches you can do. I have 10 days left and between the stretches, oils and hot baths they haven't been so bad. Sleep w at least 1 pillow between ur legs...i sleep w one up higher and one by my ankles. Hot flashes...dress as cool as possible and have a fan nearby.
Avatar f tn Flax oil isn't equivalent to fish oil. While both contain omega 3 oils, the oils they contain are quite different. The reason your shrink recommended fish oil is it's high quantity of EPA and DHA. DHA in particular is essential for proper brain function. Some people do feel lessened depression with a high dose of fish oil daily. I don't know about anxiety. Make sure you buy one from a good company that uses clean fish; I prefer Nordic Naturals.
Avatar f tn In a hydrating treatment of Nuka Beauty Jasmine Honey Moisturizing Hair Treatment, Its helps to repair and condition hair. Its contains essential oils of rosemary formulated with Oryza Sativa & honey extract to seal & nourish hair.Apply & massage into damp or dry hair. Leave in for 20 - 30 minutes rinse well. It will give good result.
Avatar f tn You can take acetaminophine. I take Tylenol. It works for me.