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Avatar m tn I had options for doing nothing and living with the issues I had with my wrist for decades, or having either a wrist replacement, or a partial or full fusion. The choice was mine. I chose the partial wrist fusion over a replacement because I valued limited motion and strength for an active lifestyle more than anything else. I was running out of time for having all options open as my wrist was deteriorating more rapidly than before.
Avatar n tn I am interested in 7-methylxanthine (7-MX) drugs for my 2 boys, 9 &10 whose both have myopia and get worse each year. And would like to know where could I get the 7-methylxanthine (7-MX) in Los Angeles, California US. Please provide the contact or doctor name in Los Angeles. If not available in Los Angeles, please provide other contact. Many thanks.
Avatar f tn I had a neck fusion in Oct. 2007 as my legs were giving out. I have been left with a right hand that feels like ice on the inside all the time and tingles all the time. Now the top of my right foot is cold for no reason. Just started this week, what should I do?
Avatar n tn My grandmother came back from her surgeon who diagnosed her with T3,NO,MX colon cancer. Could someone please tell me what the stage of that is?? From what im reading its a 2 but im not so sure.
Avatar m tn fusion was from T11 to sacrum. It feels like there is a "slab" covering the fused area out to 3 inches either side of the spine. It is not painful. I have lower back pain, mild 24////7. It intensifies to major pain if I stand for more than 5 - 10 minutes. It intensifies with any activity involving any lifting, turning stooping etc. I am able to walk with a cane 1//2 mile, 1////4 mile without. I use a treadmill for longer exercise, but must support myself wiht the arms.
Avatar m tn I also read an interesting study about a caffeine extract, 7-methylxanthine or 7-MX, that was tested by Dr. Klaus Trier in Denmark and his colleagues for its potential to slow myopia. His study showed it to be effective in children but to my knowledge there is no one outside of that country (and perhaps no other doctor even in Denmark) prescribing it.
Avatar f tn the treatment of listhesis is fixation and not fusion (fusion is the oldest naming maybe still used by some radiologist), SURE your vertebra are fused even if you still have some heaviness in the lower parts of your back.. this is suffucient to have screws at place to say thatthe patient is fused.
Avatar f tn However they the same report also mentions the spread into her lymph nodes- Her reports say that T2, N3a, Mx. They found some cancer cells in 33 out of 37 lymph nodes. Also she is hormone negative. Was stage II, a wrong diagnosis? Is she not a stage IIIB with the extent of lymph node involvement? Currently there was no distant metastases seen-based on xrays, bonescan etc. But does Mx indicate that they cannot access the spread and that it may have already spread?
Avatar f tn Whn a blood tesr Is + ...
Avatar n tn I had a lumbar fusion with screws 1 yr ago. Recently I have experienced some pressure where the screws are and the other day my wife she said I was bruised in the same area as my pain. My question is, since I have not bumped into anything, is if the screws that are inside can cause bruising on the outside?
Avatar f tn Oregano tea is really good thats what ppl use in Mx to induce labor in a natural way & they usually use it when you are past the 40wks..
Avatar f tn In November of last year I went to the doctor and had a routine std panel done. The doctor performed an HSV Type 1 & 2 DNA, PCR exam using blood that came back positive for type 2 but negative for type 1. I fund this odd as I'd known through the occasional cold sore and prior std testing that I had the antibody for type 1. I retested in April of this year, this time getting the IgG testing done and was positive (5.07) for HSV 1 and negative (<.91) for HSV2.
Avatar f tn It really does help to bring on contractions thats what they use mostly in Mx to bring on labor... I also did research & yess deff it does help!
Avatar n tn I am currently residing in Merida, Yucatan, Mx. I had a 100% occclusion of the LAD immediately beyond the circumflex junction four yrs ago, all my other coronary arteries were quite clean on the angiogram and I did have a stent put in. I evidently had a lot of covascularization, for there was little pain and no real decrease in my high activity level. My last nuclear stress test, a yr ago, I went 17 minutes on the treadmill and everything checked out.
Avatar n tn Good luck with ur fusion surgery!!
Avatar n tn I did read that gingers, like green onion, garlic, Sichuan pepper, pepper and chili, are considered hot ingredients and harmful to people with diseases hot in nature, of which hepatitis is one. Other "hot" diseases include common cold, dysentery, psychosis, diabetes, cancer, nephritis, rheumatism, wintercough, high blood pressure, etc. As for vitamins, they need to come from vegetables/fruits, not from labs.
Avatar f tn I had ACDF with a titanium plate at C5-C6 and I swear that when it is really cold outside that I can feel the coldness of the actual titanium plate. Is this actually possible and does anyone else experience this? It is not painful, just noticible.
Avatar m tn as a general rule we dont recamend using a addictive med to get off of anther it is far to ez to become cross is hands down the hardest of the opiets to get off is not so much the severity of the withdrawal but the long recovery time that makes this drug so hard to kick I was on 150mg for almost 7yrs and remember it all to well....
Avatar n tn I have been taking Norco 10/325 at 5 to 6 a day for disc fusion at C5-6 level for 4 years now. Presently starting second day of detox. It is a forced detox as no refills filled on a holiday. My situation is I have another fusion (C6-7) on Thursday and would like to not have to go through this insanity again. Any information would be greatly useful.
Avatar f tn thanks for this. i did not take the detox pills yesterday and did not have the taste. i will go to the pharmacy and the health food store and ask. thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn I had an anterior cervical fusion of c4/5. 5/6, 6/7 in April 2004. Everything went very, very well. Over the past several months I have experienced some tingling in my arms, some weakness. After a further MRI, I found out I have further progression of a prolapsed disc at C7/T1 and osteophytes at T1/T2. I have been receiving ESI for this and it has helped. My question is what type of excercise can I do to strengthen my neck muscles and not do further damage to my neck.?