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Avatar f tn She was prescribed that to relax and sleep, and help with her moods, doctors think she is bipolar, according to her, it is like Xanax, calms, relaxes. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Good day, clonidine works very well when coming off of opiates. That is what they gave me during my 8 days of detox and after 54 days I use it at night to help me rest. It really works well and I would call it a miracle drug as well. Just only use .1 and no more than that, but it all depends on what your doctor says too.
Avatar f tn Does any1 knw how long you usually have to stay on clonidine after getting off opiates? And am I still considered in detox even tho its bn twelve days?
Avatar f tn It will not take them away completely, but it will minimize some of the symptoms, by reducing the sympathetic nervous system response, such as tachycardia and high BP. It's not a habit-forming drug, and really, the biggest consideration is some hypotension (low BP). Most people don't have a problem with that as w/d will increase BP as it is, so it sort of balances things out. Just watch out for excessive dizziness.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me how to use my clonidine that my mother gave me. I am cutting down from a lortab 7.5 habit of around 6-7 day, sometimes 10 or 12. I feel awful and I have to work. I am getting off this silly merry-go-round. I know the fall will hurt, but I have read that Clonidine will help me a lot. Keep in mind I cannot miss work. I have to tough this out. I will not be cold turkey. I will still be taking around 1.5 pills a day as that is all I have left.
589824 tn?1238800413 I take clonidine .2 three times a day and have been for over a year for blood pressure and intially to help with withdrawls as I tapered my dose of methadone down from 100-120mgs a day to 30mg. I still have to take it do to my hypertension, so first thing I would check is his blood pressure, just to make sure that it isnt high. After about 1month of taking clonidine there is hardly any sedating feeling as long as you take it as prescribed, but it can be abused just like any medication.
Avatar f tn Just in case you are curious, it takes us three to four days to detox a patient and get him/her back home drug free and feeling well on Naltrexone therapy (no opiates). Please explore this option with your parents' help. I know we help many people get clean and stay clean, At home, the basic technique is to take less and less every day by cutting down by about half a pill every one or two days until you are down to nothing.
Avatar n tn As Lulu747 I also used clonidine while tapering off opiates and just wanted off and went cold turkey over a year ago. (morphine sulfate and fentanyl patch). The clonidine did help with my w/d symptoms as well.
Avatar n tn Trying to taper off and get off opiates, morphine and oxy. can clonidine be taken at the same time to help with not having as much of the opiates? and help with the withdrawls?
Avatar f tn clonidine is originally for high blood pressure, and since the high bp causes a lot of the withdrawal symptoms (racing heart, sweats, etc) the Clonidine is suppose to lower your bp and help with these symptoms. It is possible your bp is dropping too low. Do you have a blood pressure cuff and have you talked to your doctor? You can go to a walgreens/walmart and have blood pressure taken as well.
222369 tn?1274478235 Ask him to prescribe clonidine, (not klonopin), and ativan. These will help with sleep, RLS and anxiety. These are best to try before formal detox and drugs like Suboxone. I had to do formal detox because I tried everything else, including alcohol to get off and nothing worked for me. Keep in mind that when you try… make it a good one! Have some time off of work if you can… maybe a four day weekend or more.
374251 tn?1246239257 When I wanted to detox for good I really didn't want to go back to same clinic and I no longer had much money for it anyway. I did research and ordered Clonidine, Atarax, and Catapres from an online pharmacy which would ship without Rx. Results weren't very positive. Clonidine didn't do much for me, Atarax helped me sleep a bit and Catapres didn't do a while lot either. I don't remember the dose I took of Clonidine but they were .15mg pills, so I prob took one twice a day.
Avatar m tn sorry for bitching just seems like the clonidine is not doing anything at all My legs, I sweat bad, Hot then Cold and I just F-ing hurtso bad... then you ask your Dr to help and he tells You to F- off wow what a day any suggestions out there....
1892616 tn?1333773538 i can handle few things that happen to me but the feeling of snakes going up and down my legs, arms and all makes me feel like getting back on drugs. i m tryin really very hard to stay clean. please help me if some1 can tell me how do i get rid of this feeling fo restlessness in legs and arms. please i ll be reall really be very obliged. any1 please.
Avatar f tn You need to find an OB who you feel comfortable with, and discuss your problem. Opiates during pregnancy can be taken safely, but only when the OB knows and can monitor how much you're taking and when. The dose you're at is actually fairly safe, but at this point it's not a matter of safety anymore, and yes the xanex's and "roxy's" are a lot less safe, and you need to tell him so he can look out for the problems that those drugs can cause.
Avatar n tn problem is i was taking around six mgs of klonopin everyday for three months and i wanna stop....someone told me clonidine will work for the benzo withdraw? it doesnt seem to be.....anyone got any ideas???
Avatar n tn Sorry wrong post- i meant to say clonidine is used in most detoxes around the country for opiates. it helps alot with the symphatic nervous system problems opiate withdrawal presents. it helps with the sweating, hot/cold flashes, blood pressure fluctuations, and insomnia.
1810386 tn?1405553177 While they have helped with the RLS and made me a little sleepy, I'm just wondering if they have also been prolonging the aches and pain, as I feel ok in the morning for a few hours but from about 1-2pm onwards I start feeling like death and the aches and pain and headaches start as well. Has anyone had this or is this most likely just due to the long term use of opiates and the withdrawals ?
Avatar n tn I am still taking clonidine for my w/d Iam on day 14 without any opiates. it will make you feel better. the Dr taht gave it to me said I would be on it for one month atleast.
Avatar n tn just dont drink any alcohol with it it takes away the strenght of the clonidine no more than 900 mcg daily for detox of opiates and methadome and for the alcohol and the benzos. hope this helps feel free to ask! if you dont ask you dont find out right!
1198664 tn?1368651412 Can I just go into a doctor and say "hey I'm detoxing this weekend I need some clonidine"? Just curious as to how to attack this. I think it will Help me a lot this weekend. But do I just straight up go into a doctor and spill it like that? I have moved so It will be a brand new doctor. And I'm probably paying cash since I don't want any record of any of this on my insurance so no work issues. Should I look for an addiction place or doctor or a general practice doctor?
222369 tn?1274478235 I have been taking Clonidine as part of my detox. I am already on a couple of BP meds and the doc said that .1mg 2 to 3 times a day would be ok. Just wondering what a low..LOW BP is? I've been trying to go by if I get dizzy, etc. But I do have a BP Monitor, and I guess I need to keep check. I'm gonna try to wean off them altogether last reading was 115/65...opinions??
Avatar f tn I have a medical backround and I'm fully aware of the negative and life threatening side effects of taking this medication, and I'm aware of how much to take and when and ect, but I just wondering if anyone had success with this - Clonidine in pill form. (I really don't think it makes much difference what the form is?) Also I've heard of people taking phenergan for w/d's?? Just want some feedback. I just want to be prepared when I jump into the pit of fire again.
Avatar n tn I have been tapering off opiates and I have clonidine and use it to sleep during the taper. I'm pretty sure opiates lower your blood pressure and so does clonidine, so can you take too much if you are combining them?
Avatar n tn I checked myself out and called my PCP.That's when I found this board.Was taking barbs and clonidine and withdrawing from years of abuse.It just happened to be methadone I was on.My problem,I have found out in the past two days isn't using,Its been a way of life since I was 16.I'm 44 now.My body and mind need a life.I am very sorry for any of my ramblings here in the past week but it's been my only crutch.
Avatar f tn My doc was happy to give me clonidine and an antidepressant to help me through. Like most of us, we usually self-medicate with opiates for some kind of depression. He says start those 2-3 weeks before I jump off the opiates. That puts me a few days behind my schedule quit date, but he says it will help immensely. Also...anyone have experience with baclofen or clonidine? Some say baclofen is 1000x better then clonidine...any experience?
Avatar n tn I keep reading here that clonidine helps with withdrawls. What does it do and how does it help? Is it addictive?
Avatar f tn But if you have no pills, then that's it. So, I agree with Mary above, my Dr. prescribed Clonidine for me, and it really helped with the w/d's. Plus the Thomas recipe and I swear by Epsom salt baths for the rls. I know it's hard to get in touch with any Dr. at this time of year, but try anyway. Yours might be working, and ask him what to do. He can call the Clonidine into the Pharmacy. He also may have a doc on call for him.
653562 tn?1224301951 So, now I'm trying to withdraw off the meds, and they still have me on tramadol, and clonidine. How long does this withdrawl process last? Anyone with any similar experience? Does this make me an addict?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have had Clonidine before, but never while I was actually on opiates, I was prescribed it when I would go cold turkey to help with withdrawal symptoms. Are you tapering and this is why the doctor gave you Clonidine now, to help alleviate those symptoms during your taper or while you switch to another med? I don't think it would make you as sleepy if you are taking a half, and while you are still on the other meds but you may notice a little difference.