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656243 tn?1231291652 Some people feel more comfortable referring to a psychiatrist as a doctor and a psychiatrist is of course a medical professional but some people don't have good health insurance and a standard physician prescribes their psychiatric medications which is not advisable. I am assuming you are seeing a psychiatrist and as for Clonidine and Effexor interacting I have not heard of that one but you should ask them to look it up.
880900 tn?1467273741 As long as you don't have blood pressure issues, then I think it will not harm anyone. Clonidine helps stabelize the bp and it really was a godsend for me! I only had 12 of them and so I wasn't on them very long. I didn't have to tapper off either. I also took cymbalta and remeron for sleep, now I take 2 cymbalta a day and the remeron at night. I hope you find some rest soon, I know it is hard when a person isn't getting the rest they need!
Avatar f tn Its not necessarily hard to get, its just that most people dont want to come clean to their dr. that they need it for withdrawal, and it can only be obtained with a script. Most dont have insurance or a dr that can write a script for is a miracle worker though.... Good Luck...
Avatar f tn I currently have been prescribed CLONIDINE HCL (Sub for CATAPRESS) and it clearly says 0.1 MG I being dosed high or am I missing something? I only take it once a day (Bedtime). Just wanna make sure I am reading this right..... Please advise.
589824 tn?1238800413 I take clonidine .2 three times a day and have been for over a year for blood pressure and intially to help with withdrawls as I tapered my dose of methadone down from 100-120mgs a day to 30mg. I still have to take it do to my hypertension, so first thing I would check is his blood pressure, just to make sure that it isnt high. After about 1month of taking clonidine there is hardly any sedating feeling as long as you take it as prescribed, but it can be abused just like any medication.
243614 tn?1266201137 , after i explained about the upcoming suboxone study agreed to write me a script for percoset 500 and a script for clonidine. I am going to try to do this taper style. 4 for a few days and then go to 3 and then cut them in half and take a half 4 times a day etc. off set this with the clonidine and whatelse would you suggest, amino acids? I really think with my hubbby's help i can do this. Although he has told me you know I can't tell you NO. I said, WELL< you are gonna have to.
Avatar n tn i also have clonidine patches and i was wondering if that could help with anxiety? i would so rather take those ptches if possible.
5204799 tn?1365460384 I went c/t from that one and two other meds..Can you talk to the DR about some clonidine? It is late and it will be slow..Just hang and they will be back..
2059782 tn?1342036762 The thomas recipe says to use it to induce sleep. Are you sleeping well already?
Avatar n tn Thanks all for the indepth info about klonopin. Its really got me thinking about when and how to taper. Imma gonna start slowly, following itsadogslife and everyone elses posts. If it gets too tough, i'll taper even slower...but i will taper darn it...even if it does take a whole year! Yesterday, i didn't take a dose till the evening. During the day, took the boys iceskating. I'm usually real layed back when i take these meds, but yesterday, caught myself losing patience for every tiny thing.
Avatar f tn clonidine helped me 10 times more than the klonopin....and i was coming off an almost 1 year methadone habit...i took the clonidine (as prescribed) 3 times per day and i actually slept through the night my first night on it, i took it for 10 days then tapered off in 3.... the klonopin did NOTHING for me but make me feel the same but added extreme tiredness to the problem.
271792 tn?1334983257 5 and only took it once a day. He began telling me that he felt lethargic and tired all the time and he didn't know what was wrong. That was when I was told what he was taking and I began warning him of the dangers, side effects and possible withdrawal when he went off it. He is not an addict and has never gone through withdrawal. He was on it only a few months and talked with his doctor and decided to stop the Klonopin.
Avatar f tn I was lucky as I started clonidine on day one and felt horrible that day before the clonidine and felt quite a bit better after taking it..I never really had it too bad, thankfully. The clonidine made me sluggish and lethargic (and dry mouthed) but I never really had the horrible symptoms. 3-4 can be bad, but hang in there because the day will come soon..maybe by day 7 or 8 and you'll say "hey...I feel pretty darned good today!" and you're on your way.
Avatar m tn Is it dangerous to take clonidine and zanex together while detoxing from Percocet, I have been on Percs for three years and I need to take 10 to 12 percs a day to function, and I'm sick of it, will clonidine mixed together with zanex kill me?
222369 tn?1274478235 Ask him to prescribe clonidine, (not klonopin), and ativan. These will help with sleep, RLS and anxiety. These are best to try before formal detox and drugs like Suboxone. I had to do formal detox because I tried everything else, including alcohol to get off and nothing worked for me. Keep in mind that when you try… make it a good one! Have some time off of work if you can… maybe a four day weekend or more.
Avatar f tn So basically the prescribed by this forum "thomas recipie and clonidine" help with w/d but does not stop the **** of it all entirely? Correct, I heard suboxone is another addiciton and some real bad things along with that while reading the forum, I don't have a doc, and I have not committed to going to NA yet, I know I sound like a lost cause, was just hoping for help from this forum on what the best route would be.
433714 tn?1204151085 My work sent me to the emergency room where someone finally listened to me. The doctor gave me a prescription of Clonidine (0.2mg a day) and Clonazepam (1mg perday), which at least took away the physical withdrawal by 80%. And everyday since then (5days) the withdrawal just disappears. I guess my point is, that there is something to help through the physical pain and I hope people that were in my position can get that kind of help.
Avatar n tn problem is i was taking around six mgs of klonopin everyday for three months and i wanna stop....someone told me clonidine will work for the benzo withdraw? it doesnt seem to be.....anyone got any ideas???
Avatar m tn 5 mg of Klonopin 3 times a day, and when I need it, Lunesta for sleep. What is the usual dose of clonidine for wds? I'm sure the answer is here somewhere, but I haven't found it. Thanks everyone!
Avatar n tn Are you sure he's taking clonidine and not Klonopin? The reason I ask is twofold...first, Clonidine's normal dose is .1-.2 mg. Yes, that's a TENTH of a mg. 4mg would surely kill him. Secondly, clonidne does have some sedative effects, but Klonopin (a benzo) is much more likely to be given for those symptoms. Plus, the dosages are right on with normal dosages of Klonopin due to anxiety and panic attacks.
Avatar m tn I have been battling benzo withdrawal for too long. Okay, over a year ago I was put on 1mg Xanax, 3x a day and 1mg Klonopin once a night. I have been off of Xanax for a few months now. Well, it seems I can't get off of the Klonopin. I'm now on the lowest dose of Klonopin, which I cut in half but still withdrawal haunts me.. everyday is a struggle to stay alive. I have tapered off slowly and seemed okay for a week without it.. then withdrawal symptoms came back. I'm going crazy.
Avatar n tn i was on 4mgs a day of xanax and a lot of oxycontin and heroin, they put me on 3mgs of klonopin for the xanax addicition and suboxone for the opiates, i am now over three months clean
Avatar n tn hello i have been on klonopin 2mg 3*daily for a year now, i lost my job and with it my health insurance and am now on medicaid, i was without the Klonopin for 8 days when my withdrawal symptoms were so bad i finally paid to see my previous dr who does not accept medicaid, she gave me a prescription for a months worth of .5mg and told me to find a dr who accepted medicaid and that she wouldn't see me anymore. I have taken 3 of the .
Avatar f tn Sand.. I have GAD too... 2 doc's told me. Said I had a mild case of it... The best thing for me is the klonopin. There's times I am ok, and don't take it. When I'm "ramped up" - I do. One doc put me on it for sleep at one point when it got really bad - it was killing 2 birds with one stone - enough to put me to sleep AND stay in my system the next day as well. It worked like a dream... Just tossin' it out there - everyone is different. But it really worked for me....
4605616 tn?1362006758 It helps with sleep, anxiety and jitters. Just be very careful because it is very addictive.
Avatar n tn I got down to 1/4 mg of Klonopin and I quit last Friday from there. I had been on a regimen of 1/2 mg Klonopin for at least a month. This is a medication to watch. I took it exactly as perscribed and I have to admit that I just got the craves. Went up on the boards and I am calming down. Don't know how long this will last but I need to get off this.
Avatar n tn We can see from this post and others that when someone starts methadone, it all sounds sensible enough. But the way it is these days, you start on 30 and before you know it you are getting 100 plus mg. these days you can get as much as you want and way more than you need. This makes people more hooked and in many cases "hooked for life". You say you want to get of done and try sub. it may work but it sounds complicated and contriversial as to when to make the switch.
Avatar n tn I checked myself out and called my PCP.That's when I found this board.Was taking barbs and clonidine and withdrawing from years of abuse.It just happened to be methadone I was on.My problem,I have found out in the past two days isn't using,Its been a way of life since I was 16.I'm 44 now.My body and mind need a life.I am very sorry for any of my ramblings here in the past week but it's been my only crutch.
Avatar n tn Now with the help of Tramadol and Clonidine, I have been clean 61 days now. Everybody's metabolism and body are different.