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370337 tn?1209870560 Part of the reason its prescribed is that most addicts experience nausea, muscle pain and anxiety in withdrawal. The beta blocker eases heart rate and stabilizes the fluctuating blood pressure to keep the body on an even keel. Its a most surprising, effective med to treat opiate addicts and when taken correctly, it can make the withdrawal symptoms more tolerable. Its usually given a good dose and tapered over a period of days.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment tomorrow with my back doctor...I've been reading posts and people have been suggesting clonidine to help w/ this something I should suggest?
Avatar m tn Talk to you doctor about it and maybe he can help you with tapering and the clonidine if you need it...
Avatar n tn For some reason I have in my head that Clonidine effects my stamina when I play soccer (the reason I think this is because clonidine slows your heart rate). The several times I have felt fatigued I do remember having super stressful days at work. Can Clonidine effect a persons Stamina? Or do you thing my stamina is effected from the anxiety/stress from that particular day. I am only on .1mg of Clonidine, which I believe is a small dose. Any feedback is appreciated.
Avatar n tn I feel very bad most of the day so today I decided to give the clonidine a shot. I have the .1mg tablets. I took 1/2 tablet this morning and 1/2 tablet this afternoon. I feel so much better! That ache around my neck is gone and the chill bumps are gone and that pain in the stomach. I hope it will continue to effect me this way. It will be a great help in these last two weeks of taper.
Avatar n tn The clonodine works by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. If you are planning to see the Suboxone doctor on Monday you should stop taking oxy on Sunday and you'll be in mild withdrawal and able to start the suboxone right away. The clonodine won't matter with Suboxone so go ahead and take it on sunday to ease your withdrawal symptoms. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Even though my opiate usage was double the strength and length than the first detox, my second detox was way easier and I attribute this to the clonidine. I didn't even vomit. I took it quite often and I monitored my BP at home because I naturally have low blood pressure. I took it for 2-3 weeks, I can't remember. I'll take it again when I taper after detox. Chevy is right though- gotta change that addict behaviour. Get it from your doc, not from a friend.
656243 tn?1231291652 It WOULD have been very helpful, and saved me the time and trouble, if you had mentioned your extreme high heart rate and the fact you have high blood pressure. In future, when writing for advice, please be sure to mention little details like that.
Avatar f tn Clonidine stimulates central alpha-adrenergic receptors which result in a decrese in your sympathetic nervous system. This will help to keep your heart rate down, anxiety reduced and will almost eliminate the cold sweats. I have used it befor and am currently taking it as we speak. I take 0.1mg every eight hours. For acute W/D you can take 0.2mg every eight hours. but not for more that 10 days. you should taper off the last 2 days. i know you have the patch but it is the same drug.
214255 tn?1205639236 The result is a lowered heart rate and blood pressure, with side effects of dry mouth and fatigue. If clonidine is suddenly withdrawn the sympathetic nervous system will revert to producing high levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine, higher even than before treatment, causing rebound hypertension. Rebound hypertension can be avoided by slowly withdrawing treatment.
Avatar f tn Clonodine is actually a blood pressure med that helps during withdrawals because of the elevated heart rate associated with withdrawals. It does seem to help other symptoms also such as hot/cold flashes, insomnia, creepy crawlies, and just overall makes you feel a bit better. Do be careful because since it is a blood pressure medication it can potentially cause some problems. More than likely you will be fine taking them but if you notice you feel faint or dizzy get to the doctor.
374251 tn?1246239257 When I wanted to detox for good I really didn't want to go back to same clinic and I no longer had much money for it anyway. I did research and ordered Clonidine, Atarax, and Catapres from an online pharmacy which would ship without Rx. Results weren't very positive. Clonidine didn't do much for me, Atarax helped me sleep a bit and Catapres didn't do a while lot either. I don't remember the dose I took of Clonidine but they were .15mg pills, so I prob took one twice a day.
401554 tn?1270217356 Did the clonidine slow your heart rate down? How well did it work for reducing your high BP?
1528533 tn?1291810262 Sinus bradycardia resulting in hospitalization and pacemaker insertion has been reported in association with the use of clonidine concurrently with verapamil. Monitor heart rate in patients receiving concomitant verapamil and clonidine. As clonidine(Central action) and verapamil act on alpha adrenergic system lowering blood pressure simultaneously causes severe complications.mentioned above.So Angiotensin Receptor blockers like Candesartan with Beta blocks and Diuretics like Spironolactone (.
Avatar m tn well when I detoxed off methadone it took a wile for things to get back to normal the heart racing and the pounding in my chest lasted for around 90 days for me it would come and go have your doctor put you on lopressor it will control your blood pressure witch is high wile going threw this and also your heart rate it really helped me on both jut know methadone withdrawals last a lot longer then the pills your going to be alright just give it time.........
Avatar m tn And no, it's not only a panic disorder problem, I mean a panic attack last 10 min and the heart rate return to normal rate after the panic attack... What I live is very different since the tachycardia last almost all day long... Only have normal heart rate at around 75-80 when I stay sit for more than 30 min like when I watch tv... One more strange thing is that when I lay down in my bed my heart rate increase... Before lying down in my bed was the best solution to stop the rapid heart rate...
Avatar n tn Symptoms of a clonidine overdose include drowsiness, lethargy, weakness, lightheadedness, a slow heart rate, nausea, vomiting, and possibly seizures. That is all you will get from it if you try to take it to get high.. Please take care of yourself, and if you or someone has taken a large quantity go to the hospiltal and get checked out....
Avatar f tn however I would be careful using the xanax on top of those two... All three depress the body systems.. slows down heart rate and breathing.. as far as which is better I would go with the clonidine... over the xanax...
974371 tn?1424656729 Also reduced my Prozac to 10 mg once a day. So far, BP and heart rate have been ok, though I am normally on the low side. Tried skipping the Prozac yesterday but can't say I notice a difference with these medications. I am still waking up during the night with stomach grumbling which progresses to stomach ache then nausea. I get up and take an Omeprazole then take 1/2 Alprazolam about 1-2 hours later. Now my morning routine.
Avatar f tn I was not able to take it as I have a conduction problem with my heart and have a low pulse rate anyway. It totally zonked bp would drop to like 70/45 or some ridiculous thing like that. It is definately worth a shot. And don't feel embarassed to talk to your doctor about this. They are doctors and have heard lots worse, believe me. Besides, they usually respect you for being honest with them. Not ALL of them, mind you, but a lot of them.
Avatar n tn So they gave him 4 mg an hour again after an episode of great frustration for him and a heart rate of 201 beats a min. But they reduced it to 2mg then 1 then a 1/2 then nothing in the space of 12 hours and a few hours later he was sedated again after a repeat episode. I'm not an expert by any means but this seemed a really quick withdrawal to me? I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this and how long on average it takes to withdraw from clonidine?
Avatar m tn My doc recently advised me that I need to get off of the roxicet and gave me some clonidine and ativan to help with the withdrawals. Will these two drugs actually help or do I need to go to a detox center?
Avatar n tn I checked myself out and called my PCP.That's when I found this board.Was taking barbs and clonidine and withdrawing from years of abuse.It just happened to be methadone I was on.My problem,I have found out in the past two days isn't using,Its been a way of life since I was 16.I'm 44 now.My body and mind need a life.I am very sorry for any of my ramblings here in the past week but it's been my only crutch.
Avatar f tn My heart rate on the other hand is still quite high, it only slows down to a normal range if I lay down, and even then it is at about 87, just sitting I'm at 101, is clonidine suppossed to help with the heart rate too? do I have to wait longer for this medication to work on my heart rate?
Avatar f tn Watch your coffee or any caffeine intake as it will get your heart rate back up.. For me, I would drink water water and did I say water or Gatorade..
Avatar n tn Opiates lower your respiratory rate and depending on other conditions also lowers your heart rate. Opiate withdrawal can be unbearable without assistance. I personally came off of over 1000 mg a day of oxycontin and oxycodone (prescribed by the number 1 pain clinic in the NW) without any help. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. Be careful with withdrawal, be prepared to not be functional. As good as the medications make you feel, the opposite is true during early withdrawal.
Avatar n tn The medics arrived and gave the following information- My heartrate was 30 and dropping, but my BP was 200/110! I have hbp naturally and had taken my meds (water pill and clonidine and clonazepam for anxiety) The medics argued with each other and finally gave me a shot of something to increase my heart rate. What was wrong? For the next several days I had no bowel control whatsoever- only watery diarrhea came out- I could not control it to get to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn Since this time Micheal has passed out three times and has had slurred speech several times. He seems confused at times, and repeats himself alot. Our doctor started him on Lexapro 10mg last week and it just seems to be dropping his pulse even lower, with it staying in the 40's and mid to low 50's. Micheal has been having numbness and tingling in his hands and fingers; and tonight his left leg was propped up on a footstool with the right leg down.
3225128 tn?1347137598 Clonidine reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. That could be making you feel tired. Feeling low energy after acute withdrawal of opiates is also pretty normal. Some people feel anxious when they stop clonodine, as the heart rate increases and blood pressure goes back up. Call your prescribing doctor and ask if it would be okay to remove it, and if he says no, I'm sure they will explain why.
214529 tn?1333307219 First it was ocassionally, now they are coming in a series and when they come one right after the other they feel more like flutters like it cant catch up and I feel nasueaous (not like the normal thud), but I have not felt faint at this point and it has shown my heartbeat to be irregular on blood pressure monitor but blood pressure and heart rate were normal. Once again told they were benign and my heart is fine. Put me on Atenolol 25 mg a day...