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Avatar m tn I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction and was prescribed Clindamycin to prevent the extraction area from becoming infected. I was prescribed this medication on 5/28/2014. I was directed to take it 3x a day until it was all gone. I took it for about a week straight. I noticed while I was on the medication that I had very severe episodes of diarrhea and stomach cramping. I stopped taking the medication as of yesterday.
Avatar n tn change in bowel habits (especially in older adults); mild nausea, vomiting, or stomach pain; joint pain; vaginal itching or discharge; mild rash or itching; or heartburn, irritation in your throat. This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. Read more at
Avatar n tn Took 2 doses that night and 2 the next day, when I also noticed welts all about my face, shoulders and back of my neck, as well as pain in my sternum and unbelievable pain in my hand and feet, along with swollen lips. Went back to the ER, thurs 5/28, and by the time I got there I couldn't walk on my feet they hurt so much. They then administered Cipro, Augmenten, Benedryl and Solomedral and admitted me for the night.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed clindamycin after experiencing pain in my tooth after a root canal. I took a double dose (600mg) of clindamycin as I missed a dose. I am experiencing severe pain from my chest through to my back. It feels like spasms and is difficult to breath. I normally take nexium on a daily basis; however I missed my dose of that too. I did take my nexium but I have felt absolutely no relief whatsoever. Any suggestions other than take my medicine as prescribed and don't double up dosage.
Avatar n tn I do not know if it is related with this at all, but i have severe stomach pains and pains in the abdomen. I have nausea all day and alot of gas coming from the stomach to the throat, especially after eating.
Avatar f tn It's not abdominal pain, but stomach pain, just below my chest. I've only been on the clindamycin for a day now, but the pain kept me up all night last night and it doesn't matter what I eat or how much I drink, it just stays there. I've tried researching this a bit online and I've gotten so many mixed answers from reading, I just want a direct answer from someone who actually knows what they're talking about.
Avatar m tn mild nausea, vomiting, or stomach pain; joint pain; vaginal itching or discharge; mild rash or itching; or. heartburn, irritation in your throat.
Avatar m tn diarrhea (mild) nausea and vomiting stomach pain Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur: More common abdominal or stomach cramps and pain (severe) abdominal tenderness diarrhea (watery and severe; may also be bloody) fever Less common sore throat and fever skin rash, redness, and itching unusual bleeding or bruising Please see your doctor ASAP as this is not something to pass off as nothing....
Avatar n tn Took one tablet today and i am now sufferjng from horrible stomach pain abd slight nausea. I am also on sertraline 100mg. I dont know if mixing the two meds have caused a reaction. Id be grateful if someone could give some insight.
1318351 tn?1313385021 He is home now but still has diarrhea and stomach pain.
Avatar n tn Anyways, about two days after the procedure I started feeling and hearing a rumbling sound in my stomach. I have had this before, a long time ago, and my father said that it was a gas bubble and would eventually work its way out. Usually it goes away within a day, but this time it came back the next day. I have a strong rumbling in my stomach and have to use the bathroom alot. Afterwards my stomach always feels empty or full.
Avatar n tn Gallbladder looked fine, endoscopy showed mild gastritis and negative for H. Pylori and negative for stomach cancer. Doc says he thinks it's stress and I should try Prilosec. Took three Rolaids for the first time in my life and ended up in bed the next day with major stomach pain. Few days later, try the Prilosec, same problem. Doc prsecribes Aciphex, same problem. Gave up on Doc and suffered through another month. Finally told them, "I DON'T HAVE ULCERS!
Avatar n tn I've been experiencing bouts of nausea since Thanksgiving (sometimes relieved with eating, sometimes not), overall stomach discomfort, and now the dull pain has moved its way up to my rib cage. I still notice it in my lower right quadrant as well, and to top it all off I'm about to start my period so I've menstrual cramps as well. Thankfully no other symptoms associated with PMS. I woke up this morning with a dry left eye, but no signs of discolouration.
Avatar f tn I got sick at one point because of the disinfectant solution and started vomiting. I am still having in pain and have swollen sore lymph nodes! I was prescribed the same meds as I had in Dec. I can't take the Percoset because it was causing stomach pain. A few days ago I called the Oral Surgeon. He was very surprised. He asked if hot or cold bother it. They don't. I told him putting pressure on the tooth relieved some of the pain. He said the tooth may be cracked!!!
Avatar n tn There are other reasons for diarrhea, such as some drugs like Prilosec can give you diarrhea but not usually stomach pain. Also, if you had antibiotics such as clindamycin you could get another bacteria that causes diarrhea that needs a different antibiotic and soon. Also, sometimes you could have an intestinal problem such as Crohns disease or other GI problem it depends.
Avatar n tn not taking the clindamycin anymore since I was in sheer pain for 12 hours yesterday. I had HORRIBLE stomach cramps and couldn't eat anything... even went to the ER. apparently abdominal cramps are a side effect. So now.. no meds.. just toughing it out.
Avatar m tn Approximately 3/4 months ago I had constantly pain after going to the toilet and pee. So since then I'm visiting the doctor again and again. They told me that I have a yeast infection and STD, I received a few times different kind of metronidazole and other medicines for my yeast infection. Till now i still have yellow discharge and some pain. It seems that every time I have to go the doctor I get some new antibiotic.
Avatar n tn Since sept. 16 I have been haveing some pain throught my stomach and somewhat my lowerback... Im somewhat constipated and nausea my ribs seem to be sore as well....and it feels like it gets worst at night but during the day I dont feel as much pain as i do before i go to bed.....when i lie down i go on my side and put my left leg on my boyfriends hip but then it feels like my ribs are crushing something inside and i have some pain...
Avatar f tn By the end of day three I found myself in EXCRUCIATING pain that 2 Vicodins couldn't ease and my face was still very swollen even after taking Clindamycin. I was so sick to my stomach due to the Clindamycin that I called my doctor to ask for something else less upsetting on day four. He prescribed Keflex instead. I've been taking it as prescribed for one whole day but the swelling and excruciating pain in my jaw, neck, temple and cheekbone/sinus continue to come and go every few hours.
1318351 tn?1313385021 It started 7 night ago suddenly and has stuck around ever since. I am sure the advil and pain meds work some but do not take it all the way away. I had a negative MRI a year ago without contrast but I dont know if that means anything since it was a year ago. I have been to the ER 3 times, no cat scan was done maybe cause I have no Insurance or they just dont feel the need to.
Avatar n tn i have a swollen face and lip on the left side of my face. i went to the er yesterday morning and they gave me clindamycin hcl 150 mg and ibuprofen 800 mg along with oxycodone apap5-325mg.
Avatar n tn i have an infected wisdom tooth, i am on antibiotics and pain pills,the antibiotics seem not to work,it's clindamycin. and i.b. for the pain. what can i do for pain the pills just seem to make me sick to the stomach.
974371 tn?1424656729 eR doc asked about my meds, looked them up and all 3 can cause palpitations so I was told to stop them. Got up this morning to stomach pain and nausea that worsened all day. All I have here is Pepto Bismol, Gas X and Alprazolam. Nothing was helping. Put 3 calls into my doctor and never heard back until an E-mail late today telling me to stop the Dicyclomine and Levsin but he dudn't recommend anything else! Oh, I do have Zofran, took 4mg of that and no improvement either. Now what do I do?
Avatar m tn - burning feeling in the middle of my hands and soil of my feet still there with itchiness and a small pain - clear mucus gone but burning in my throat still there - for the next weeks and up until present I also have a stinging (not burning) feeling in my Adams apple - sometimes a red patch appears week 4 - as I looked at my tongue that was burning I saw that the roof of my mouth was spotted with about 6-7 red spots out of which one larger one right in the middle - roof was a little it
Avatar f tn It's not that I don't want a baby, but I would be very nervous if I found out I was pregnant because that means we conceived him/her while I was on antibiotics and taking pain killers for a bad infection in my tooth. (Which I heard can cause your baby to have birth defects) Also, of course I'm drinking and I'm a smoker so I'd be terrified to know I've been exposing a fetus I didn't know about to ALL of these things that are a terrible for a baby.. PLUS still taking birth control!
Avatar n tn I feel bloated and i can not eat anything. The stomach pain is horrible and it gets worse after i eat, and the abdomen gets bloated immeditaly after i eat even a biscuit. Everything was caused as a side effect of clyndamicine. Has anyone else suffered the same symptoms from the antibiotic use? Will it go away or have it for the rest of my life?? Every answer is much appreciated.
1678096 tn?1304542687 The penicillin couldn't cut it and changed to Clindamycin..yucky stomach is all I can say. Get that tooth pulled, overcome the infection, and then get treated for depression...depression gives you a touch of the 'wannabesicks' ... hopefully you'll improve your mental outlook when your body isn't trying to fight off a prolonged infection as a result of a broken tooth. People like us have to get these things that seem trivial treated immediately, otherwise we think we're dying.
Avatar n tn Clindamycin - Apparently now within a couple days she is noticing considerable improvements and now the spots have seemed to "stop" popping up no matter how mild they were when they did.... the fact is they've stopped showing up in new places. I've never seen someone so sensitive to EVERYTHING in the realm of physical and mental like my mom is, but one thing is for sure she definitely knows her body cause that sulfa drug did cause an allergic reaction.
1318351 tn?1313385021 For the past 2 days I have been waking up nauseous and this morning I awoke to a pretty bad headache. I had 2 x-rays of my stomach area a week and half ago and a cat scan in the same time frame that was normal. I do not have health insurance but I do have an appointment at the health department in my area for this coming Friday. I had to wait a few weeks to get in. I am worried about this pain though. I never had the sharp pain before like I did last night.
Avatar n tn How about the pain in my right stomach, rashes, headache, weak knees, slight fever, and anxiety I encounter during the intake of antibiotics especially cipro, does anyone know it is cause by antibiotic side effects? Is VDRL testing enough for my testing? Does Urine Analysis enough to trace if you have STD? What's the usual result or values that may indicate you have STD thru urine. Thank you very much.