Citalopram and alcoholism

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Avatar f tn I have been on citalopram and buproprion for over a year for depression. I have recently admittted that i am also alcoholic. I went to my first aa meeting 5 months ago, but have "slipped up" a few times... on a vacation in florida for 3 weeks, and 3 other days during that time. I am have been to a doctor, a counsellor during this time and have told them everything.
Avatar m tn On a bad day it may be 12-20 beers and throw in 2-4 shots and I am a little more confrontational and still work the next morning, but probably not as well as I could. On these days, I have been accused of hurting others by my drinking. Never phyiscaly of course, but by them seeing me in such a state of mind. I treat others very good, but I obviously hurt them by hurting myself and accusing them of not loving me.
1323357 tn?1274826939 an increase of adrenaline and decrease of dopamine - and this feeling of depersonalistion and derealisation is a result. You are not going insane and this will rebalance itself. What makes it persist is that usually a person does not know what it is and so worries/creates more stress this creates a self-perpetuating cycle.
Avatar n tn 30 in evening and 40 mg of citalopram.
Avatar m tn I drink plenty of water, eat healthy, exercise, vitamins etc etc... Obviously I drink much less and consider myself prudent compared to my male and female collegiate counterparts. I guess my concern is if there is some kinda accumulated brain damage I should be aware of? or if my anxiety medication Celexa may have something to do with this?? I have even gotten an MRI that my neurologist said "looked good on paper".
Avatar f tn (levothyroxine, alfalcalcidol, calcichew, bendroflumethiazide, candesartan and citalopram). Since all this medication and booze, he has changed, he says he loves me but he doesnt know if he can be with me. i found out on friday he had sex with another woman while he was away (this is not in his nature at all) i was devastated but i put it to the back of my mind because i know he is not himself.
Avatar n tn I am not suicidal - I have a husband I love to bits and two gorgeous dogs I love and am close to my mum and sister but the last few years have been very hard. In a nutshell after getting over alcoholism and near fatal alcoholic hepatitis and chirosis my father stopped drinking - just like that. No groups, no counselling - nothing. He got better and better and his liver consultant was amazed. We had always had a very difficult relationship - he could be violent when I was young.
Avatar f tn Alcoholism, as you learned at the AA meetings, is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease. One drink and suddenly our heads out to get our a-s. only complete sobriety can make us and keep us normal. I couldn't stand to hold back or take a day off from drinking. It was killing me, yet every day I drank to "completion" until I finally had enough, just like u describe.
Avatar m tn // O only hope that a friend by the user name Jaquta will come around, she truly knows a lot about Personality Disorders, I sincerely hope she will come around.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! Please come on in and make yourself snug and comfy. We're delighted to hear from you! Lots of good nourishing words here Friends!
Avatar m tn In the second session we discussed whot I do wrong when anxious and my childhood - parents' divorce, fathers gambling, alcoholism, hitting mom and what I remember, what not. The thing is, sometimes I get so anxious (when waiting for sth) I could use the xanax but I just dislike the whole idea of taking drugs, messing with my brain and the side effects.
Avatar m tn I've had bad skin, muscle cramps, twitches, tiredness, low mood and depressed state and quite a few other things. I know how powerful the mind is, but the amount of stress I've put my body under sure things aren't right. How do I get he balance right?
544292 tn?1268886268 Please come on in and make yourself at home. This is a very good place to be if you want to get off and stay off Tramadol.
Avatar n tn because i think i am addicted, my boyfriend and i have been dating for nearly 2 years now and i am addicted. I get mad if i dont see him everyday and upset and somtimes i start shaking and i try my best to stop him from going out! also i get mad if i see him talking to other girls even when he is working. also i have nightmares that he is cheating on me and wake up crying when i know he is not, i need to stop this but i dont know how to.
1069644 tn?1276932463 My doctor has me taking 2ml testosterone intermuscular injections once a month and 2 to 3mg a day of xanax and 40mg of citalopram. I would have your testosterone checked, mine was at 167 when it should be greater than 300. I just started the hormone replacement therapy and it is helping. the panic attacks are shorter and spread apart more. i got overzealous and thought that i could go down to 1.5mg a day of xanax. Now I'm sitting in my office thinking I'm having a heart attack.
401095 tn?1351395370 her dad was shot in a bar/her mom died of alcoholism/.. She hurt her back lifting a patient and has not worked since/causing her to get her first taste of narcotics. and being an alcoholic altho clean/sober for yrs///the pills took hold of her..BAD...she is in the midst of packing cos she is losing her house..her x husband has been there/the 2nd x but was gone today when i pulled up///i have not judged her bout him being there..
Avatar f tn I am reasonably healthy and cannot see a reason for this to start happening. Is it possible that the stress and anxiety that I have been through could have manifested itself in my hands (and what feels like my arms)and make them shake? I feel like I am picking things up and moving them about as if I was extremely nervous. I also feel like I can feel the blood pumping through my upper body as my heart beats and I am constantly tired. I haven't had to stop doing anything.
Avatar f tn As my father got older, he seemed to get worse, and worse (he wasn't diagnosed or medicated), and I just wonder what it's going to be like as I get older. What does my family and friends have to "look forward to"? I know we can get "stable", but does it continue to get worse? Also, I have a history of dimentia in my family - I wonder if it's linked? Thoughts???
Avatar n tn I am so lucky to have a family that I do , Substance abuse runs in my family.. alcoholism...laziness.(lol) and other drugs..nothing too harsh..but a waste. My dad called our family doc. and told him I was abusing xanax and I needed help getting off. One thing he said is go to rehab, or do it yourself... This is how it was done for me... I am not doctor so This is just my story and how I recoverded fully from Benzo withdrawals.... Lets start with, Your diet... eat good, no more soda / pop ...
Avatar m tn Last May, after a weekend of beer pong and partying, I woke up on the following Monday and instantly felt dizzy and out of breath, like I was going to pass out or fall over. I didn't know what it was. I thought maybe I had hit my head during the previous weekend's festivities. A couple days later I still had a dizzy feeling so I had my ladyfriend drive me to the ER for fear of having post-concussion syndrome or something. They gave me something for my nerves (Loreazapam maybe?
Avatar m tn Now my therapist thinks I might have Adult ADD as well, what do you know. I've taken citalopram and buspirone for depression and anxiety. As I said, my dad was both physically and emotionally abusive with me when I was a child. I'm 31 now and still do it, but only while I'm alone. My boyfriend doesn't know I do it, although sometimes he rocks while holding me when we go to sleep (very sweet). I'm rocking now as I do this!
Avatar n tn Hi everyone - I have just come across this forum - and would like to ask help and advice. I have been taking nurofen plus (ibuprofen + codeine sulphate 12.8 mg per tablet) for 5 years - I take about 24 tablets per day (all at once - like the feeling along with the pain killing effects) I must give these up - for I understand this is addiction - and must find another way to deal with pain. I guess nurofen is much like tylenol (2? 3? 4?) - dont know which one.