Ciprofloxacin in typhoid fever

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6197229 tn?1379529649 My son lives in Nigeria and has contracted Typhoid Fever. What medication can be bought in the US and sent to him?
Avatar m tn After month of thinking i am clear of this ****, i was not and i again developed tyhpid when i started to have fever on and off again, i went for typhoid test it came back positive. The doctor wrote a stool culture and sensitivity test. CULTURE : Growth of salmonella spp. obtained after 24 hours of incubation at 37 degree c. Antimicrobial sensitivity.
Avatar n tn Always carry your prescription medications in your carry-on luggage (in the event that you become separated from your luggage). Yellow Fever (Required for travelers arriving from a yellow-fever-infected area in Africa or the Americas.); see list of countries below. There is very little to now risk of malaria in Egypt. Avoid contact with raw or under-cooked poultry. There have been cases of Avian influenza in Egypt.
1180329 tn?1265434588 I went to the doctor the 13th(my mom forced me to) and got diagnosed for Typhoid Fever, and I came out positive(I have been tested for typhoid 3 times and got high results on the Widal Test for the 0 and H antigens), and I got Ciprofloxacin to relieve my illness.
Avatar n tn I seriously don’t know what I got infected with but it was hell for more than two months, more severe than dengue fever or typhoid fever (I’ve had them 3 times each). The swollen lymph nodes are still present even after about two and a half months, my CD4 is also very low, I keep getting sick. Should I be concerned or move on as it’s not HIV?
Avatar n tn For the insensitive rude person who posted above me, this is not a pain that is all in your head as I also had a mild fever the first night I had it in August of 2006. It is now October and I've had quite enough of this. I don't accept just living like this, otherwise I would have to be house bound. The pain was so bad my BP went up to 170/120 and I was rushed to the ER. So I doubt it's all in my head. I am a pretty relaxed, and previously very healthy and active person.