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Avatar n tn At a desperate attempt, I brought all the empty bottles of cipro and other drugs prescribed for my past UTI's to show that this wasn't something I was making up. I hoped the Dr. would give me a refill since explained I was an un-insured student and that I don't have enough money to keep coming to a doctor for them to give me the same drug that only costs $4 at Walmart. This is not a habit forming drug like vicodin, it's an antibiotic.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had this problem develop following a course of Cipro? My husband has continuous bouts of nausea following a long (3 mos) course of cipro for prostatitis. Finally, took himself off med because he couldn't stand the nausea. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/236356'>Severe Chronic Nausea</a>.
Avatar n tn Turned out I had an ovarian cyst which resolved itself but caused me GREAT stress and worry, had 2 pelvic U/S to confirm this. Just after stopping the Cipro I stared having gas/bloating on the left side (which I at first attributed to the left ovarian cyst). It wasn't every night but most evenings during May. Then in June went thru andother HUGE stress, lost the contract on our house which we are trying to sell and nearing went from super relief to MAJOR grief.
Avatar m tn There are some bacteria in the gut that produce hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas has a smell of rotten eggs. Most of this gas comes from sulfites a person consumes, which is a part of all preservatives. Sulfites are present in all juices, molasses, yellow dye in ready made food stuffs, and red wine. Sulfites are present in lesser amounts in mashed potatoes made from dry powder, pickles, tinned shrimp, cookies, crackers, and readymade pie dough.
Avatar m tn stayed 3 days and they did cat scan(radiation) and had me on flagyl and cipro very strong broad spectrum drugs. ever since then i have occasional gut discomfort and diarrhea. lately i seem to have symptoms more often. i went to a gastroenterologist and he suggest limitiing alcohol consumption.. i stopped drinking my beer and drank tons of milk hoping to soothe my im worse than ever, bloating, gas, bubbling , diarrhea, stomach pain.
Avatar n tn Has anyone used Cipro and found that it stopped constant diahrea that followed a colectomy? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Constant diarrhea after colectomy</a>.
Avatar n tn I was given a 3 day supply of Cipro 500mg to take and I had to bring in 3 stool samples which I haven't heard anything on. The Cipro felt like it was tearing up my insides and I continued to pass even more blood along with suffering with the cramping each time. I can't seem to eat anything with onion, garlic, or bell pepper. It gives me severe cramping and all I pass is blood all day/night long. I put myself on a bland diet and for the last 2 days I seem to be doing better.
Avatar f tn Dear Jane, After a fundoplication, individuakls are unable to belch. Accu,ulation on gas in th estomach or small intestine can cause the gas bloat syndrome that you describe. The offending gas may come from digested food although usually it is the result of swallowed air. the air can come from outh breathing or talking when eating. The take down of the fundoplication should have relieved your symptoms. The propulsid should also be helpful.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the suggestion on IBS, malabsorption, and Crohn. Actually the surgeon that removed my gallblader -- I had stones -mentioned I probably had IBS, which made me feel terrible, like saying, sorry your gallblader was not the cause, but now, let's try IBS... I felt insulted, and instead of going back to treat IBS, I went to a Naturopathy Doctor (ND).
Avatar m tn In early april I was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis (which I can remember suffering from for a while and thinking it was bloating/cramps). I started taking Cipro 500 twice a day and I noticed significant improvement of my condition, even though I'm not 100% cured.
Avatar f tn Cramping, gas, abdominal pain! Taking Cipro for bladder infection. Has been a week now and I'm still uncomfortable from pain. Is this from Cipro? Yes I'm drinking a lot of fluid and cranberry juice.
Avatar m tn I woke up with this issue (gas, cramps and gurgling and pain most likely from gas)on Apr 14, 2015 and have had it ever since. The colon gurgles especially after eating (anything). I release an enormous amount of gas regularly. I have hade constant pain in the upper left quadrant. I have had an abdominal ultrasound which showed some gall bladder sludge; everything else normal. Abdominal CT scan with barium and iodine. No issues.
Avatar m tn My diarrhea became better however the next day and the day after, I experienced mild to sharp stomach cramp due to excessive gas which I must discharge. The gas kept trembling in my internal organs around the belly button and it was intolerance. Eventually, I went back to the doctor and was given buscopan injection which finally stopped. I had took a total of 3 tablets of Cipro (500mg each) and could my problem be a side effect?
Avatar f tn I have Hashimotos hypothyroid diagnosed 10/05. Take synthroid .125. Before Cipro had been on macrobid for 3 days, culture required change of med. I finished the 3 days of Cipro. 3 nights later 2/11/05 out of nowhere, sharp abdominal pains, burping, cramping, bloating,gas,loose stools 3 times this night. And this has occurred every day or night since,with varying severity. This morning seems a very slight improvement. One bout of urgency/cramping followed by loose stools.
Avatar m tn In the past I had a considerable amount of gas and some violent episodes of diarrhea. Not happy with the diagnosis I went to my primary care, which diagnosed me with Chronic Prostatitis. Put me on Cipro for 2 months and didn't set me free from antibiotics until I had no appetite anymore, to realize the diagnose was probably wrong. Then I noticed my stool started to come out flat. Not ribbon like, but no round as before. No blood, no pain during the bowel movement.
Avatar n tn About three years ago I began having diareaha, bloating and gas and ocassionally, a rapid heart beat immediately after eating. Liquids did not seem to cause the disconfort as much as solid food. I lost around 45 lbs. 18 months ago I developed severe multiple chemical sensitivity,followed by a severe burning in my mouth and throat, and an inability to swallow anything except water for almost one month.Hot flashes and shaking cold followed. Lost another 40lbs.
Avatar m tn Things seemed to straighten out and I continued the Cipro (7 days) and felt better -- much less gas -- and more solid (but not completely solid) stools. When the course ended, I felt bad again. Help!! This has been going on for 6 months. In the beginning, I was on the can 6 times a day (normal for me is once every day or two). I think I'm getting used to this, and now average 3 or so, and often have to get up in the middle of the night.
Avatar f tn I am a 58yr old female. Last Oct 2009 after taking Cipro for UTI. I started having constant flatulance and burping. I have hyperactive bowel sounds. Colonoscopy showed I have diverticulosis. I have tried taking out the Lactose. Gas X and Beano. I recently saw a gastroenterologist and was given 2 rounds of was for colon only the other was flagyl. I am traveling now but I was wondering if I cleanse my system then restarted all the probiotics I've been taking.
Avatar f tn Also, I have had gas & constipation, loss of appetite, bloating & acne. These could be both pregnancy & pms symptoms, but it's only been 5 days since intercourse.
Avatar n tn He felt my stomach and said I probably had an infection! He prescribed 2 antibiotics. Cipro and Flaygl. I had Cipro before so ok but after reading the potental side effects of the other I decided not to take it. I called the office and asked to be prescribed something else. They said since I am allergic to penicillin that flaygl was the only other antibiotic they could prescribe. I said I did not want to take it. The nurse said ok I will let him know that! This Dr. was referred by my obgyn.
Avatar n tn I had a recent bout with pouchitis and took Cipro and Flagyl (and yogurt) . The Cipro made me feel normal again and reduced frequency to 5-7 x's a day- I felt good! When I came off the Cipro the high frequency diarrhea problem returned. I go every 6 hrs at about 4 trips per. I am so beat down by a lack of sleep and stress from this that I am ready to die!!! Given I have young kids this is not an option though, if I didn't it would be.
Avatar n tn I have had ongoing stomach discomfort (tightness, pain, internal gas) on and off for most of 2007, following a major stomach ailment in January (possibly food poisening, no antibiotics used) and then illness again in May (flu symptoms and then feeling of stomach acid that made it difficult to eat, caused me to feel like vomiting yet constantly hungry, also shortness of breath and wheezing; eventually given antiobiotics).
Avatar n tn I was put on pain medication and Cipro . That was last Friday . I thought that I might be getting better because something strange went on for hours last night . I would release long sperts of like gas . But with no smell . It was almost like letting the air out of a balloon . I 've had gas before , but never nothing like this . Each release went on for alot more time than just passing regulas gas . Now today it feels like the bulbge just moved towards the front right side .
Avatar m tn At first they said diverticulitis (told not to eat anything for four days*** only liquid diet) and gave me cipro and flagyl Then changed it to maybe gallbladder problem? I ended up with c diff from taking the cipro but on Mar 9 2015 I felt that pain again!!!
Avatar f tn I have rectal bleeding when passing stool. 3 or 4 times during the day when I pass gas I pass blood stained mucus only (no stool). Other times I just pass gas only. Can the three issues I mentioned in the Title cause this or could it be something else? I have an appointment next week with a colorectal surgeon and I am very nervous about the outcome.
Avatar f tn The last 6 months have been off and on severe stomach aches that are more gas related as I do not have an urge to throw up just severe gas pains and stomach cramps and Kaopectate helped some. I have been to my internist and they have tested everything except my colon. All the tests of the stool, urine, ultrasound of gall bladder all came back negative - healthy liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys.
Avatar n tn I had a UTI for a few weeks and I've been on macrobid, then they switched me to cipro after 3 days of that. I have three days of pills left (of ten) and I've been having a hell of a time with it. I had my gallbladder removed years ago, but I'm having pain where it used to be if I bend over or move the wrong way. Could this just be the cipro, or my kidneys being ornery? Thanks!
Avatar n tn The doxycycline gave me a lot of problem heart burn a lot of gas and a lot of anxietey. I finished my course and took four tablets of azythromycine the very next day i finished my course. It did the same gave me lots of gas. The date was 13th of feburary. I got a rash on my penis(16th of feb) a few days later I went to a doctor and he prescribed me cipro. I took one tablet and it gave me a itchy face that was on the 17th. The rash dissapeared but it was due to yeast infection.
Avatar n tn Been to doctor and told about the possibility of STD or infection,Had urine test,said no problem,pus 2-3,1-2 rbc,but recommended cipro which he said to take for a week but I decide to have it for 2wks. After 2wks on cipro,had irritation on tip penis and knees/legs felt weak.Had retest for urine,pus 2-3 and rbc increase 8-10.Doc advice to drink plenty H2O.Thinking of side effects,I stop cipro but took another dose azithro this time 1000mg and amoxicillin for 5 days.
Avatar n tn I have had mild atrial fib for 25 years or more. Recently chest x-rays and ct scan were unremarkable, except for some fluid around "my heart." I was in "Emergency" for gastro gas and discomfort from Cipro. I had a nuclear stress test one year ago and my heart was in excellent shape. My EKGs and Echocardigrams have all come through as normal too. I have no symptoms.The Dr. has suggested I see a cardiologist, which I plan to do. Could this be a transitory condition?