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1302779 tn?1287408629 Hello all I am just posting to see if any other men suffer from chronic migraine. I was diagnosed in april with "hermicrania continua" a chronic migraine/cluster mix. I see many women post and seems like studies say that more women suffer from chroni migraine then men?
Avatar f tn Hi guys, I go to the Liver specialist on August 16th, but of have a question about symptoms. I test RNA positive, but haven't had a viral load test. I was having symptoms similar to Chronic fatique Syndrome when I originally went to the Doctor. I also get out of breath very easily and sometime feel like I can't catch my breath. My primary care Doctor was planning on referring me to a Cardioligist for a stress test before the Hep C diagnosis. So...
Avatar n tn Well, I'm in the middle of testing now but what I can tell you is that you are supposed to sleep less as you age. This is something you cannot ignore so please look into it even if it has nothing to do with the thyroid. One of the symptoms of hypothyroid that I know of is that your digestion slows down, this means you get more constipated and more time passes between bowel movements (which can lead to all sorts of problems by itself).
Avatar m tn it can last from 6 to 9 months and should be treated. And what about chronic depression? What about symptoms of chronic depression? If depression lasts longer than nine months, it is chronic depression. Its episodes go away only to return in a short time. This is a long-lasting mental disorder causing loss of interest in everything and interfering with our daily life. There is no much information about causes of chronic depression.
522001 tn?1212508344 And even though you show no signs of it you still can pass it on.My question is,In men does it go away? The reason I ask is because my partner say it does.As I said my Dr. says no,and info. I have read says the same.Also he thinks if he wears a codom he will not spead it.
96108 tn?1197694930 I requested some time off work to relieve some stress for awhile, get my symptoms under control and myself back on track. When asked how long i thought. I said 1-month. He told me that he thought that was too long. He prescribed me a higher dose of Xanax/more often, Granted me Stress leave for a month off. He warned me by taking the time off, not only would everyone at work know I was under Psychriatric care, It would permanently be in my file and depending how my company is about that stuff.
3539331 tn?1347558007 Hi MeedaReeda, It's always difficult to answer questions via the internet, but I'll give you some thoughts. Palpitations are very common in the population and are usually benign. If you have diagnosed anxiety or panic disorder, palpitations are very common with these conditions as well. That being said, you can ask your doctor to get you a home monitor. This monitor will record the electrical activity of your heart.
Avatar dr m tn Unfortunately, I see more people in the former group, in women as well as in men. One woman even told me that she curses the mornings when she has to wake up. Do you ever cry because you can’t sleep? ____________________________________________ Steven Y. Park, M.D., author of Sleep, Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired. Endorsed by New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Mark Liponis, and Mary Shomon.
Avatar f tn Excessive stress induces hives, as the stress ( drug/alcohol treatment and rehabilitation is EXTREMELY stressful to someone battling addictions- having chronic stress, anxiety and other negative emotions bottled up inside her) causes the immune system to become dysfunctional! People from the "outside" including Doctors have no idea how tough this is!
Avatar f tn My husband has had a constant throat tickle & chronic cough for over 3yrs. He has seen several Dr.'s,ENT,Allergy Spec.,Pulmonary Spec.he's had allergy tests,nasal scoping,breathing & lung tests,x-rays,blood work, etc.Dr's keep saying sinusitis,rhinitis & or chronic post nasal drip.He has had antibiotics,steroids,nasal sprays ,allergy meds,decongestants etc.,We have tried all sorts of OTC meds. He coughs up a clear mucus but not all the time.
Avatar n tn Hi Sebastiandelacroix- I am having some of the same symptoms as you and am wondering what it is also. I am interested in knowing if you have some of the others I have had...along with the involuntary twitching in my legs and numbness and tingling in my arms and hands I have had fatigue and migraines. My doc put me on a heart medication for my migraines and they have subsided for the most part but now the twitching and arm/hand probs have arisen.
Avatar n tn I know all too well how women are treated in the medical profession. Besides having my own cardiac issues among others, i work in an ER. I see people (especially women) get labled as "anxious" daily. I also hear stories from patients daily about how their diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus came after years of pushing and searching and not giving up!!! One women was finally diagnosed with MS by an ER physician after getting blown off by her own physician for a few years.
Avatar m tn I am now 27 and about 4 months ago I had a terrible panic attack and have been having anxiety and high levels of stress on a daily basis since then. The symptoms have stopped me from maturbating so much, but I still do it maybe 2 times a day. I found something interesting though. 2 days ago I masturbated like 8 times in the span of 3-4 hours. Since then I have has ELEVATED anxiety/panic and stress symptoms.
Avatar m tn As I recall, my GP didn't refer me to a cardiologist to undergo routine stress testing until I was in my 40's. Even then, I had a history of high blood pressure so it was warranted. In any event, the odds that, at your age and family history, of having a coronary artery blockage is just about zero. Just eat healthy, exercise and stop worrying.
Avatar m tn Brain drain This amino acid converts fats to energy and boosts antioxidant activity in the body. In supplement form, it may protect gray matter from stress caused by alcohol and aging. And in a 2006 study, people who received 1,000 milligrams (mg) of acetyl L-carnitine a day saw relief from mild chronic depression.
Avatar n tn I don't find much on this particular topic and would like to hear from anyone who believes herself to be in a menopausal stage triggered by stress. If so, was it temporary? Were the symptoms different than what most women experience, perhaps more sudden? Know of any good articles on this subject?
Avatar n tn For one thing, chronic coke use (and 20 years certainly qualifies as chronic) permanently damages the reward center in your brain, virtually preventing you from ever really feeling "good" again. This is probably what brought him to booze. The person to explain this best is spook. Hope he's still around to respond. Want to see profoundly damaged people? Go to a CA meeting. The human wreckage you see there is heartbreaking.
Avatar n tn I believe that the acid has been aspirating in my lungs -- this is my big problem -- because often my lungs are burning and I am having asthma symptoms. In addition, I have a chronic cough -- sometimes it is dry and sometimes it is productive. I took over-the-counter antacids for a while but have just been put on Zantac 2 weeks ago. If this continues after I deliver the baby, I'll go on one of the stronger proton pump inhibitor drugs.
Avatar m tn when patients are given a ppi therapy -- they are still refluxing, but with the therapy they are not damaging their esophogus (which, as you know, can lead to many diseases including adenocarcinoma) as the pH in the stomach is neutralized (additionally, the symptoms are relieved). when patients do not receive adequate relief from ppi therapy -- a procedure such as a nassin fundoplication could help. sometimes not even that works.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I have been suffering from the problems mentioned above for the past four or five years. Symptoms include chronic blocked ears (comes and goes in intensity but is always present), a crunching noise when I move my jaw around sometimes, some ringing of the ears especially when trying to sleep.
Avatar m tn ) - I did have Glandular fever around 8 years ago, and I'v heard that it can linger in your body for many years afterwards. I am a bit concerned about the link between GF and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, especially considering my brother had both... however I am hopeful that there are other reasons for my symptoms. So.... does anybody have any idea what on earth could be wrong with me? Is it possible for stress to cause all of these?
Avatar f tn Children are not an issue for us and given the current climate in the US, neither is marriage. For men with MS, the physicality of sex can be difficult. Leg cramps and spasticity can really put a damper on the moment. Baclofen helps with the spasticity. Other changes in sensation and failure of the nervous system can lead to impotence. Most neurologists are more than willing to provide Viagra or a similar drug.
Avatar m tn This whole waiting game really has me in a bit of a panic and the stress and anxiety have kept me up all night despite my increasing fatigue. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I really hope everything comes back and it turns out to be the worse sinus infection that doesn't feel like a sinus infection of my life. Thank you everyone kindly and thank you doctors for your continued support, reassurance, wisdom, and knowledge base that you provide to the world.
Avatar n tn I started taking immunosuppressive drugs, Imuran and Prednisone, and gradually went into remission so despite my severely damaged liver, I no longer needed a transplant. This is where the neurological symptoms come in. I began to have severe muscle spasms in my back and the backs of my legs. My feet felt like throbbing lumps. The pain was constant. Over the years I'd had symptoms I'd always ignored, but no longer. Things like my lower lip swelling for no apparent reason.
Avatar n tn I have seen a couple studies that I found on the internet with men having the same issue as myself. In 2 cases, 50mg of prednisone was given for 6 to 8 weeks with success. Also, with no recurrence. I was thinking about talking to my family doctor and trying at least 20mg for 4 to 8 weeks. What do you think? Again, thanks for the reply.
Avatar n tn My family is in the health care business and they mentioned to me that it is very common for spouces to break up when one has a major medical issue. In fact, my counseler indicated that in the future doctors should help by educating the family about what may or may not happen to the person on the meds. If my husband had spoken to my doctor he may of been more understanding. My husband hates to talk.. so conflict.
Avatar m tn I posted recently regarding possible STD infection from unprotected oral. I wanted to post this to see what other opinions or advice I could get. I apologize up front for beating a dead horse, but something is up and I can't find any information as to what. There are too many people out there with the same symptoms, but every thread leads to no final answer. To briefly bring everyone up to speed... I received unprotected oral from an escort.
Avatar m tn Women are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome much more often than men, but it may be that women are simply more likely to report their symptoms to a doctor. •Stress. Difficulty managing stress may contribute to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. Complications Possible complications of chronic fatigue syndrome include: •Depression •Social isolation •Lifestyle restrictions •Increased work absences I highly suggest your PCP for a complete work up. I hope you feel better soon.
407850 tn?1231641277 I think what we do is suffer chronic pain for so long, and the other symptoms that we gradually do less and less, especially as we get older. Other things go wrong with our bodies, and the fibro flares can increase in intensity. It's hard to imagine you aren't actually physically getting worse. But nodody has ever died from fibro........just wish they had.
469720 tn?1388149949 This is partly because blacks have higher risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Sex (gender) - Stroke is more common in men than in women. In most age groups, more men than women will have a stroke in a given year. However, more than half of total stroke deaths occur in women. At all ages, more women than men die of stroke. Use of birth control pills and pregnancy pose special stroke risks for women.