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Avatar n tn When you quit smoking your lungs begin to recover from the years of smoking abuse. Coughing up sputum is a good sign. It is an indication that your lungs are still capable of cleaning themselves. You will get better when your lungs are clean. This phase could last for a few months up to a year. It sounds like you are getting close since you are coughing up less sputum and the sputum is getting lighter in color. Congratulations, you have made a wise decision to stop smoking!
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 32 yr old who recently quit smoking. I have a history of panic attacks and have had 3 ekg's in the last three years. All were normal and through chest x-rays and ekg's my doc has ruled out anything cardiac. Within the last three weeks I have been fighting a pretty bad nasal drip...cough etc. I started feeling better about 3 or four days ago.
Avatar m tn The symptoms you feel are mostly due to the withdrawal, including anxiety, stress and flu like symptoms. Usually chest tightness is a common symptom in those who quit smoking. This lasts for a few days after last cigarette. The tightness (not actually pain) is due to anxiety and stress and due to various changes in body due to nicotine withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Kudos to you for quitting smoking! Cough wheezing tightness of chest are all part of the withdrawal symptoms and can be easily overcome by medication. Other than this it could be smoker’s lung which causes an asthma like condition. You can discuss this with your PCP or go to a smoking de-addiction center and take treatment for this. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
213398 tn?1202674074 Micheal, I got the butterfly feeling in my chest, it follow with few beats, big dumps and tightness. My tightness in the chest can last half a day long. I discovered it could be a LBBB. Just my discovery. As everyone has LBBB is being told it is harmful and the Drs "DON'T CARE". I learn to live with it. Have a run, power walk or strong coffee. You may have luck!
Avatar m tn s been 6 weeks since his last cig. He has had horrible withdrawal symptoms. Chest pain, tightness in chest, irregular heartbeats, dizziness, numbness in arm and the list goes on. He has been to the emergency room 3 times and has had ECGs and x-rays and blood tests done. All come back fine. He believes there is something terribly wrong. I keep telling him it's just his withdrawal symptoms and I do believe that's all it is.
Avatar f tn Ok im a 21 year old hispanic male, i smoked for about 2 years, at about 5 ciggs a day. I quit smoking after i started getting some tightness in my chest! It went on for 2 weeks everyday. So finally i got a breathing attack in the car and my parents took me to the hospital. They took an EKG and an x-ray of my chest! The doctor told me i was a healthy young man, and it wasnt my heart or lungs! It was some relief, then the next day i started feeling tightness and an annoying sensation again!
Avatar f tn I thought it was due to smoking but doctors are telling my it's anxiety. Has anybody experienced this all the time? I know tightness of the chest is normal during panic attacks but is it normal to have had it for 8 months for 24 hours a day 7 days a week? I'm starting not to be able to cope with this. I feel as if I am going to die every single day.
Avatar f tn as CJ said you have to trust the tests i know it is hard cause i find it difficult to trust too, but if we want to get rid of this anxiety thats the first step forward, i hate the chest tightness but the more you worry and think about it the worse it will get.
Avatar f tn If you have been a smoker for 19 long years then it is commendable that you have quit smoking. Cough and chest pain can be the withdrawal effects of quitting. However any chest pain in smokers—past or current should immediately be investigated. It can be due to pleural effusion, inflammation, lung cancer or due to a clot or embolus. Rebound increase in blood pressure too could be the cause. Please do not delay, and seek medical care immediately. Take care!
Avatar f tn Since having these anxiety symptoms, I've noticed that smoking makes them worse. I'd love to quit for good. Anyways... still having the constant pressure in my head, blurred vision, dizziness, tightness in chest, tingly and sometimes numb arms and hands. Still having the sudden fears and shakiness. Short of breath. I'm getting better at calming myself down after the doctors explained that i was hyperventalating and thats why i get dizzy suddenly.
Avatar f tn I'm a 23 year old female and I have been having chest tightness for a little over 4 months. It started two months after I quit smoking. I was a smoker for 6 years. I've had multiple chest x rays, ct scan with contrast, upper endoscopy, pulmonary function test, stress test and an echo. Everything turned out fine on my test except I have little secretions in my chest he said I needed to cough up. I currently have a gastroenterologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, and a psychologist.
Avatar f tn However, yes, symptoms like anxiety and headaches can re-surface time and again for a few months, especially if you are stressed or around smokers or are sitting idle. Usually chest tightness is a common symptoms in those who quit smoking. This lasts for a few days after last cigarette. The tightness (not actually pain) is due to anxiety and stress and due to various changes in body due to nicotine withdrawal.
Avatar m tn Okay im a 20 yo Male and I quit smoking cigarettes 4 days ago and havent touched one since then! I will be honest I smoke pot and after I take a hit of pot my chest gets super TIGHT! It literally feels like somebody is holding a weight on my chest! Is this just a withdrawal symptom? Are my lungs just healing?? It scares me. Ive been to the docs office 2 in 2 weeks and he said Im perfectly fine and have nothing to worry about. So id just like to get some other advice from previous smokers.
Avatar n tn I have been having a tightness in my chest for over 4 weeks now (like an elephant is sitting on me) and it makes it difficult to breathe. It gets worse at night. When I sit down, my stomach area doesn't feel right. I am under extreme amounts of pressure/stress. Dr is going to do a stress test in 2 weeks--also put me on Nexium and Ativan. The Nexium seems to make me burp somehat, but no great relief. What all could this be? Could it be GERD, hiatal hernia? Plain stress?
1565702 tn?1295296430 Dont wait until the choice to quit becomes to either quit smoking or to quit breathing. Or both. It is very very hard to get the mindset, but it is all about the mindset that will get you thru, not alternative therepies or tapering or anything else. Just lay em down and keep going and dont look back.
Avatar n tn old female who for the past week has been experiencing difficulty breathing with a tightness in my left upper chest. I struggle to get a deep breath and sometimes have to yawn to do so. If I thought about it enough and panicked, I could hypervetalate trying to catch my breath. The only relief I get is when laying down to sleep or rest. This started out of nowhere.
Avatar n tn html for ways to help you quit smoking. Also check with your doctor for other quit smoking resources in your area.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking a few days ago, but before I ever started smoking I was already having panic attacks. Lately I've been having panic attacks triggered by actual physical symptoms. In the time that I've quit smoking I've been having odd heart palpitations, numbness or tingling in the left arm/hands, occasional tingling in the left leg, and chest tightness making it difficult to breath at times. All of this has been happening daily at some point or another, sometimes all at once.
311051 tn?1193419806 The past week I have felt weak light headed jittery my palms get clamy tightness in my chest head aches I start trembling like I feel like I'm bout to die can anybody tell me if this is anxiety and I can constantly feel my heart beat I have 3 kids at home and its starting to interfere with my day to day life nothing has to happen to make me nervous or anything it's jus there all the time I feel like I'm goin crazy and I can't enjoy spending time with my kids because of it plz help
Avatar f tn I quit smoking almost 2 wks now( withone night of smoking about a week ago). I'm not having cravings for a smoke, but i feel like I'm having an allergic reaction to something. Tightness of chest, sometimes its hard to breath, and sometimes I feel like I'm having a tiny panic attack. Is this normal and how long will this last.
Avatar f tn I have this same problem and it drives me crazy, more so because 4 years ago I quit smoking and of course up went the weight because of it. I am now on the downward swing of this and the weight is almost gone but this is "swollen throat" problem has persisted. Now through the process of elimination I think that I have found my problem may be due to food allergies.
Avatar f tn I have been on wellbutrin to quit smoking for 10 days now, I have such chest tightness I feel as though I can't breath, like there is no air in my lungs. I heard this is a side effect should I keep taking it?
Avatar n tn Hi i seem to have the same problem as i had an accident 2 weeks ago, i have healed from the accident, but i feel slight pain in the chest when pressure is applied, this has scared me and has helped me quit smoking but i still wanted to know if it is anything serious...
Avatar n tn He also has a pacemaker and defillibulator. He has done very well after the surgery. He also quit smoking. Last week we went to a baseball game and it was very humid and hot in the evening and we walked several blocks to get to the park. My husband felt tightness in the chest and we stopped and took a break and then he was OK. Coming back was the same way. Once he got in the car he was OK.
Avatar m tn Now ever since then I get chest tightness everyday and it varies. The only things that releives the Tightness is Sleep, and Heavy Exercise(running, lifting weights) But maybe and hour or two after the tightness comes back. I also sometimes get tightness in middle of my stomach. I am now starting to worry a bit. The tightness feeling gives me anxiety. Im fine when i dont feel it. I dont know what starts it. I am now reading that tightness is a good indicator of Heart Disease.
Avatar n tn I recently quit smoking. Recently I have been getting these chest pains on the left side of my chest right below my pectoral muscle. It feels almost like a sharp pain that hearts a little every time I breathe. Also I experience discomfort when lying on my sides. Is this a problem with my heart? Is it wit hmy lungs? My doctor's said it was stress related, but honestly I am not stressed much. I understand I am about to get married and have a kid but these things do not fully bother me.
Avatar n tn I have dyspnea daily (constantly knowing myself of not able to get enough air in), occ tightness of chest and stabbing pain on Right sided chest pain from scapular to front. I have RUQ pain too (around and under costal carilage) things continue with longer duration and intensity. my stomach get bloated after a few months with an upper chest discomfort(under sternal notch), a blockage/congested feeling which makes me cough, streaks of blood seen.
Avatar m tn Hello there, Recently, I've been having tightness in my chest. The doctor ruled out cardiac problem after several test and diagnosed the tightness as a muscle spasm. Since then, I've been prescribed with 1.5mg of Lexotan and Anarax (back pain). I've been taking a tablet of Lexotan (daily) and two tablets of Anarax (three times per day). This has been going on for about two weeks. In addition, I've quit smoking too.