Chest pain when breathing deeply

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Avatar n tn I have a heart pain when i breath deep and when i breathing normal i I have some discomfort . My mom has a heart disease . What can i have??
Avatar f tn When I breathe deeply, I feel quite sharp pain in the back of my left lung/side and a smaller amount of pain in the front of my left side just below my heart. I am a 19yr old female and I dont smoke or drink, although I have lived my life around a smoker. This pain started last night randomly and came literally out of nowhere, it hurts when I change position of my left arm but its not muscle strain as I havent done anything strenuous to my body.
Avatar m tn I know this stuff happens can happen at random but when it seems that when it happens like this my chest pain is worst or at least more bothersome than other times so I wanted to know anyone else felt the same and could tell me about their experiences.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I've had pain on the right side of my chest, right below or under my chest. It hurts a little when breathing in deeply and hurts a lot when I yawn. It's usually not a big problem, it usually goes away quick. But now I really wanna sleep, but the pain has been there for about half an hour already. It hurts mostly when I move and it's impossible to turn and lay on my left side.
686899 tn?1227042183 It is usually when I breath deeply, but sometimes even when I am breathing regularly. It feels very deep in my chest and is pretty consistent. Sometimes at night, my fiance says it feels like I am not breathing at all. I have had a sleep study done and it told me that my heart and lungs were being surpressed, but there were no reasons as to why.
Avatar m tn Those last weeks the urge got even stronger, and since a few days my left chest is hurting quite a bit, and when breathing in deeply, my whole thorax/chest is hurting a little bit. My parents always said that this is just some weird quirck, but I do fear that there's something more behind it. Also, since a long time, too, my stomach generates extraordinary amounts of gas, noticeably blowing my belly until I, uh, let it out.
Avatar f tn I am 29 year old female and this morning i woke up with chest pain. When i breathe in deeply, cough, and sneeze my chest hurts. I have never had this happen to me before, can someone please help me figure out what this pain is?
Avatar n tn Since being home my breathing seems fine but I do have some dull pains in my back that are noticeable all the time but a little worse when breathing in - particularly on my left side just behind my heart. I finished the course of steroids 3 days ago and now have to use a seretide inhaler twice a day and ventolin 4 times a day. I have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks time but am still feeling very tired and although not breathless need to catch my breath if I talk too much.
Avatar f tn Today i began feeling pain on the left side of my back under my shoulder blade when taking a deep breath in or when exhaling deeply. I was wondering if maybe i simply pulled a muscle or if this pain could be more serious and have to do with my left lung. If anyone has any ideas or think they could help me, your knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
617141 tn?1225706428 about 3 days ago, i think i strained my left arm and chest muscles. first there was pain in my left shoulder and arm. soon it spread through my chest. i thought it was heart pain. had extreme trouble with breathing. last night was spent in pure agony i thought i was going to die. the x ray was clear and so was the ECG. doc says it's just a pulled muscle. brufen eases the pain for some hours but at night it gets painful. i can't breathe deeply it hurts too much. what am i supposed to do?
Avatar f tn Hello Be, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp. You are so young to have pain when you are breathing. I am going to assume this is not an injury. Gas can get trapped in your gastrointestinal tract and cause pain so that would be my first thought. Have you tried antacids? Do not have any upper respiratory tract symptoms or have you had a virus or cold?
Avatar m tn I know when I put out my upper back,I get a pain that radiates through the front part of my chest,and that can cause pain when breathing in & out. Has this ever happened before? Did you workout or something else strenuous? Go to a doctor if it gets worse.
Avatar m tn The pains are constantly present and are located between my spine and left shoulder blade, my left trapezoid, and my left chest between the breast bone and nipple. The pain increases when breathing deeply and also while lying down on my back. But the weirdest part of all of this is while lying on my back or on my left side, if I breathe in deeply I can hear & feel clicking or popping deep within the chest. This also occurs on the deep exhale.
Avatar m tn Those last weeks the urge got even stronger, and since a few days my left chest is hurting quite a bit, and when breathing in deeply, my whole thorax/chest is hurting a little bit. My parents always said that this is just some weird quirck, but I do fear that there's something more behind it. Also, since a long time, too, my stomach generates extraordinary amounts of gas, noticeably blowing my belly until I, uh, let it out.
788664 tn?1236736757 The symptoms of pleurisy are chest pain and difficulty breathing. The chest pain usually starts suddenly. People often describe it as a stabbing pain and it usually gets worse with breathing. The pain: May always be present, but it usually gets worse when you breathe in. You may avoid breathing deeply to prevent the pain. Usually is on only one side of the chest. May extend to a shoulder or the belly. Is usually worse when you cough, sneeze, or suddenly move.
Avatar f tn I immediately started freaking out at i was having difficulty breathing lightheadedness and chest pain. The tachycardia happened 3 times within about 10min lasting maybe 30sec each. I decided to go to the ER where eventually all my symptoms went away. They ran xrays ekg and blood work all of which was normal. I'm seeing a cardiologist in 3 days but I'm freaked out right now. I feel like i could have another episode at any moment.
Avatar n tn The belly button tenderness and swelling is just now starting to go away. I had back pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, and pain on both sides of my abdomen. Most of that is from the C02 that they pump into you during surgery(it raises the abdominal wall, and gives the surgeon a better view of your insides).
Avatar m tn i have a intense pain when i breath in my stomach when im relaxed letting it hang out or pushing it out holding it in the slightest feels fine but when im not i can feel this intense sharp pain all the up my right side of my body into the middle of my chest and up the right side of my neck
Avatar m tn I have recently experience sharp pains (like a severe stitch) in the left side of my chest. The pain is irregular and usually occurs when I am not exercising, and only hurts when I breathe in reasonably deeply. It feels like an internal pain rather than muscular.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been experiencing a persistent pain in the right chest for several months. Sometimes it is a dull ache behind my breast, sometimes it is quite sharp - almost a pulsing sensation - which only lasts between 30 seconds and a minute then goes. This sharp pain is right near my sternum between my ribs. It does feel sore when I press it. I saw my GP a couple of month ago and he listened to my chest / checked for embolism and suggested the pain is muscular or skelatal..
1175891 tn?1265728013 Hi, I have been having some heart concerns over the past few months, including PACs and tachycardia. After 7 EKGs, a stress test, an MRI (for pulmonary embolism), blood tests, chest x-rays, and a 24 hour event monitor, they decided it is a combination of an anxiety disorder and alcohol abuse. This morning, while driving, whenever i took a deep breath my heart skipped a beat like a PAC. I can see the occasional PAC and a rapid heart beat, but skipped beats when I inhale?
Avatar n tn Is it posible for gas to cause chest pain that gets worse when you breath. I have also been burping alot. The pain is gone if i relax my chest but the deeper the breath the sharper the pain.
Avatar n tn What brought me to this conclusion was that I could induce the pain by holding a certain posture -position- and then breathing deeply in and out. I could make that pain get worse when I did that. Funny thing, though: there was never any particular exertion involved -it wasn't from a kicker workout, moving heavy stuff, etc. It would often manifest when I had been still -at a desk, for example or watching TV (nasty habit, that).
Avatar f tn v or reading, i thought it might be heart ptoblems but i made an ultra sound and all that but all results were normal, and when i get this tight breaths feeling i feel like the left side of my chest is heavy, i dont cough nor sneeze nor do i have a runny nose, no allergies i am aware of, what could cause this?
Avatar m tn m not coughing, and pain is not worsened while breathing. Severity of pain waxes and wanes. Chest x-ray at 5 weeks was clear, but as I mentioned, only 2 pictures were taken. Is it possible that I have liquid in the pleural space of my right lung that has become infected? If so, could that happen without a fever? Thank you for any input.