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Avatar n tn i started taking cetirizine about one year ago for allergy, mind irrretation and etc. i took it almost every day and felt much. now m feeling that m addicted to this. i want to stop taking this but i con't . when i sotp to take cetirizine again the problems arises like allergy,itching , irrrtation . i went to so many doctors but no useeeee. plz plz save me from this. now m feeling that i can not live without cetirizine.....
Avatar m tn I have itching problem from last 3 years,i don't know what else should i do to remove this problem, Respected Doctors i have itching on whole body,doctor told me to take medicine(cetirizine) it helps for only 24 hours after that it will again attack on my body....so what should i do,i show to doctor and he had taken my blood test and told me that take this (cetirizine) for 1 whole year,but one year is over and this itching problem is not recover,,,,,so plz help me doctors i need ur help badly.
Avatar n tn I keep on using and changing creams as suggested by my doctor to eliminate itching. The itching problem is still with me. Can you suggest any remeady to eliminate itching on my back?
Avatar m tn Is there anything you would suggest using to stop itching and get rid of the red irritations due to itching that look like mosquitoes bites? I have quite a few of them - on arms and legs primarily. Do you know what that might have caused it?
Avatar n tn I have what looks like mosquito bites all over my body. This has been going on for a couple of months. They itch so bad that I scratch and scratch until it leaves marks. I put anti itch lostion on it and it helps for about 10 minutes but then it itches again. I have a friend who said she had something similar and her doctor said it was a fungus, similar to jock itch and that she could have gotten it from the gym. Have you heard of this and if so what can be done?
Avatar m tn I would like to know if the answer to Question 1 would be different for Cetirizine HCI tablets made by different manufacturers (i.e. whether some are steroid and some are not). Thank you!
Avatar m tn In the meantime, ask whoever gave you the prescription for Zyrtec for a second medication, Singulair. You have to take these everyday. This combination is effective for treating itching skin.
Avatar n tn I'm taking Homeopathi medicine for past 2 months for cold and wheezing problem. Can i know what be cause for itching? Any medicine to remove the dark patch on my breast and to reduce itching. Please suggest me any ointments to remove the dark paths on my breast. Can i use them since i'm taking homeopathi medicine for cold?
624829 tn?1240759271 Since you are having intense itching, your doctor may prescribe some sedative-antihistaminics to reduce itching. You may discuss about these treatment options with your doctor. Besides you should take certain measures like avoiding irritants like perfumes and detergents, keep the skin hydrated by regularly using moisturizer. Urticaria, also commonly called hives may be related to allergy, stress (emotional/physical), heat , cold or exercise.
Avatar n tn Most of the time it happens in evening time on my upper part of body, like on back, stomach area, chest but more on my back close to neck area. It occurs for 5 to 10 min but very intensive. And after itching over their leaves red bums for a while. Its happens only for few minutes after then nothing. Due this problem i'm having an black sptted skin on my back close to neck area. It doesn't happen everyday. Please help me out...
Avatar n tn My daughter is 4 and had been suffering from itching for the past 3 wks. Rashes are starting to appear all over her body and she would wake up in the middle of the night because of the itch.Seen by the doc twice already;first time she was given Cetirizine Hydrochloride and now she's using Diprobase Cream but both are not doing her any good. Can you advice me on what step to take next please?
Avatar f tn i could be outside for 10 mins and start itching for the sun. when i do get sunburn i put the aloe on and it doesn't help i still itch all the time and since i have gotten some sun my skin now it very sensitive even to different soap i itch. i do live in Chicago suburbs. please help me im tried of itching all the time when ever am outside?
Avatar n tn Twice in the past 24 hours, about 12 hours apart, I have experienced extreme itching on my torso, with some extensions on my arms and legs. After scratching madly, I noticed welts of various sizes appearing and the whole area becoming red. Bathing in the Aveeno Oatmeal Colloidal mixture seemed to soothe the itching, and gradually, over a period of 45 minutes to an hour, the redness and welts went away.
Avatar n tn We took him to an alergy specialist. He said the ***** test was for immediate reactions and the patch test was for latent reactions. Since he reacts hours after getting out of the pool, he choose the patch test. The only alergy the patch test showed was to the tape used to hold the patches on his back. Any ideas? Could there be some type of tree or plant [adjacent to two of the pools and not the other two] whose pollen has gotten in the pools?
Avatar m tn I've been suffering with itching skin for about 5 months, it's so annoying. First of all it started with my hands being itchy, then my arms, torso, legs, now my feet and soles of my feet at this very moment are itching so bad. Usually when I'm itching my hands there are cracks and they can sometimes bleed. I have also noticed that my skin tingles under hot water (being a person who likes hot baths and showers). Before you ask no, I haven't change deodorant, soap, washing powder, diet.
Avatar f tn Thanks so much for your response. I am not breastfeeding so I took some Zyrtec that my husband has for his allergies. Its only been an hour & the itching is soooo much better. Hopefully this condition is just due to my hormones & wont last much longer. I will take the Zyrtec til it does. Again. Thanks very much.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering with this for about half a year now. It was from my itching that I discovered that I had lymphoma. Has anyone else suffered from itching? Also any tips on how to get rid of it? Or how long it took to get rid of it after chemo? Any experiences or advice would really help me. I really would like to know how people coped. FYI I am a female in my mid twenties.
Avatar n tn Doc has also given me some Double Base cream that will act as a barrier for when I wash up and shower. I need a cure very badly for the itching - I seem to wake up in the morning vigurously scratching my inflamed hands. I hope this doesnt happen on my wedding day - the ring wont fit!!!!!!!!!!!noooooooooo! Help If you have the same problem, I DO ALREADY PUT ICE CUBES IN A TEA TOWEL AND HOLD THAT FOR A WHILE, BUT CANT ALWAYS DO THAT IF IM OUT!
Avatar m tn Hi,When I eat rice or wheat I get itching within an hour,hands,legs, from four years am suffering from this I don't no what it is ,when I eat rice, I will have Cetirizine tablet and I will help for 3 days and again I should swallow Cetirizine tab, all tests done, so many doctors I visited,but they unable to solve the problem from Hyderabad
Avatar m tn About 14 years ago I had severly itchy skin for about 2 years. It would normally start itching when my air hit my skin. So for instance, when i would get home from work and be in the process of changing my legs would go crazy. When my back or butt cheeks itch I get welts when I scratch. Anyway, zyrtec did the trick then. I took it every day. I ran out one day and realized that itchiness was gone! Now it has come back.
Avatar m tn My 15 year old teen has had chronic itching for over 5 years. We have seen two Dermatologists (different practices) a family doctor and an allergist to no avail. Both Dermatologists have have said its eczema but there has been no change in the condition despite their treatment. NOTHING stops the itching and its almost impossible not to scratch.
Avatar n tn I recently have a problem that when i work or my temperature changes, all my body starts itching and red spots appear, it itches to much, i lost my job because i was not able to do enough work because it starts itching . SO PLEASE HELP ME !!!
Avatar n tn i have been suffering from itching from 3 months ,first it was just itching severely on legs and hand with no rashes etc...and now recently i am getting through whole body except face .it is itching suddenly (like some ants are biting) and when i scrath over there i am getting rashes (long lines,bulging)and red in color,and after some time like 5 min they disappear and itching is becoming severe when i scath but i cant help without scrathing...itching is gone after 15 min....
Avatar m tn My 15 year old teen has had chronic itching for over 5 years. We have seen two Dermatologists (different practices) a family doctor and an allergist to no avail. Both Dermatologists have have said its eczema but there has been no change in the condition despite their treatment. NOTHING stops the itching and its almost impossible not to scratch.
Avatar n tn iv been unwell now since the 27th sept o9 with what the docs call is an allergy but to what they have no idea it started itching with a slight rash around the face below my ears within days my eyes swelled badly and my whole face and neck was swollen and very red iv spent over a hundred pounds in perscriptions and i still have no idea whats going on iv had steriods since it started and still on them iv had steriod cream which made my face peel 4 times also i had a bumpy rash on both palms of my
97615 tn?1212682189 My itching started about 3 weeks ago. I got back from Mexico 3 weeks ago. I didn't burn in Mexico but I did receive a pretty bad burn 2 weeks prior to Mexico. It started on my lower legs then to my thighs...now it's solely my stomach! I have no idea what is causing it. Am I allergic to something? There were very small bumps on my legs but no visible signs really on my stomach like a rash or anything. It's hard to tell bc I'm always scratching it which makes it red!! I am so miserable.
Avatar n tn This has been going on for a few years, everytime i go outside and my arms are exposed, mostly the forearms, after awhile I develop red, itchy bumps on my arms, not in huge clusters, just here and there along my forearm. It doesn't even have to be a hot summer day, any type of sun exposure makes these appears, like if i'm working in the garden, mowing the grass, or just outside for a medium length of time.
Avatar n tn My son has had a severe itching problem for about 5 years now. It tends to come and go, with episodes in summer, fall, and spring getting worse. He usually has small scabs from itching so much, his face and arms are covered with them. He itches in between his toes, fingers, head and legs. He has severe sleep problems because the itching is so bad. No doctors can seem to give a sufficient answer - we've been told food allergies.
Avatar n tn Actually, I had blood tests two months ago and everything was normal except for low sodium(but it was just one point under normal). Any ideas as to why this has started occuring?