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Avatar f tn I'm doing much better after surgery. The orthopedists I saw wanted me to take celebrex or Vioxx for the rest of my life, and when it didn't work, wanted me to drive 2 hours from my home for a discogram. It's not like I live in the country. I live in MD, where I would pass over 10 hospitals to go for that test, which I have been told is extremely painful.
Avatar n tn While my sciatica (and I am assuming it IS sciatica) started with the usual symptoms - pain in the lower back shooting down my leg to my knee - the symptoms have evolved into something new for me. Most of the lower back pain is gone, but the inside and front of my left leg is now so tender, wearing pants hurt. At night, moving the sheet causes pain as it moves over my leg.
Avatar f tn I'm on 3 weeks clean I believe. Doing great but I have severe sciatica. I might be looking at surgery soon if I can't find another solution.
Avatar n tn My testing went on for a few years but I was finally diagnosed and have been able to keep my fibro. under control for quite a while now. I found that Celebrex really helped me along with aqua therapy. I hope this helped you out some and good luck to your friend.
Avatar n tn As a result between the two doctor 's prescribed Cephalexin 500mg, Amoxicillin 500mg, Celebrex 200mg and Lyrica 75mg and he gave her a shot. I am guessing the shot was for pain because the mother is feeling better. Mom decided to take the keflex and celebrex from the 2nd doctor. Her left leg is swollen and she has a lot of pain in the leg and only in part of the leg.
Avatar m tn There are several areas along that nerve pathway that can be the actual location of the pain. Determining why you have sciatica is key in treatment. Groin pain can accompany sciatica, depending on the condition that is causing the pain. I have SIJD and experience groin pain... a common occurrence with this condition or sciatica. Piriformis syndrome can cause groin pain and sciatica pain.
1684282 tn?1505701570 This is an extremely timely article that was just published mostly for general practitioners in the Annals of Family Medicine Magazine. I thought that it some numbers in it were both troubling and fascinating to want to share it with all of you. In a nut shell it says what I have been saying all along - doctors write too many opiate prescriptions for far many chronic pain patients. Nearly 15,000 people die from opiate prescription overdoses than both heroin and cocaine combined.
233488 tn?1310696703 Consider ALL the Options Before Your Cataract Surgery: Working Through What’s Best For You John C. Hagan, MD, Fellow American Academy of Ophthalmology, Fellow American College of Surgeons. Many decisions have to be made before having cataract surgery. The first is whether you need the surgery or not. Assuming you have made the decision to have surgery this is a discussion of the many options and choices you have.
Avatar n tn I had the same problem when my sciatica started up. It was so bad I went to the ER where they performed an ultrasound to rule out a deep Vein Thromosis (DVT). I would advise you to get that done "just in case". But my problem was not a DVT but rather L5/S1 nerve compression. I had a laminectomy in Jan 07 which did not help. I am now looking at a fusion in July. Needless to say I am also looking for minimully invasive laser surgeon that can go in a clean up the compressed areas.
Avatar f tn I guess the only way I can really know is to test again, but broke and have to believe those tests were right for now. I don't think I knew that symptoms can be the same for both things!! yikes! I just know when I have overmedicated in the past, I surely knew it, I would have palps, feel agravated easily, not sleep well, etc. Which levels would you give your eye teeth for?? lol....and thanks!
Avatar n tn Now that you're done, I would strongly recommend beginning an exercise program, but don't over-do it. Most important for sciatica is strengthening the abs and stretching out the back. And then add other muscle groups and aerobics. If that doesn't help, then I'd see a physician.
216614 tn?1195668672 I have chronic pain for sciatica and have found a great COX-2 inhibitor that is actually good for you, unlike Vioxx and its cousin (or maybe sibling) Celebrex. Nexrutine which can be bought only online. It is made from the bark of a tree and doesn't affect COX-1 like the salicylates such as found in the bark of white willow that was the basis for aspirin.
Avatar n tn I also had the same surgery for sciatica......very bad leg pain to the point that it basically controlled my life, i couldnt drive and some days it was hard to walk. i had my surgery on nov. 1 2007 after my surgery my leg pain was A LOT worse than before my surgery. after a couple of weeks after my surgery he did another mri because the pain had worsen. the mri showed a little more herniation were he did the operation and he schedule me for another surgery the following week.
Avatar f tn ago, I started having back problems, which became degenerative disk disorder, spinal stenosis, sciatica, etc. I now have extensive nerve damage. The point is that ever since this began, my eyelashes have been falling out. I'll admit I'v never been very nice to my lashes, with lots of mascara and probably not proper removal of it, but I've still never had a problem until this happened. Now, I wear mascara maybe 3 times a week and use the best makeup remover I can.
Avatar m tn May 2000: stopped work .. severe left-side sciatica. medications/treatments -Tylenol #3 Robaxisal Celebrex Vioxx -acupuncture -MRI #1:. degenerative annular bulging at L4-L5/L5-S1, some herniation at L4-L5, narrowing of central spinal canal at L4-L5 level. Desiccation of nucleus pulposus discs from L2-S1. -epidural steroid injection -facet and SI joint cortisone injections + trigger and pyriformis muscle injections -Methadone Neurontin Fentanyl patches - MRI#2 .
Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with degenerative disc is L3-4-5-6 area and the C3-4-5 with varying degrees of pain depending on the day. I take celebrex when needed and tylenol1's everyday to control pain but this year while still being physically fit shovelling snow has become very hard for me. I am very active physically and in great health otherwise but whenever I shovel snow I'm hurting for a day or so afterward in the lower back.
Avatar n tn I’m worried about addiction to Tramadol XR since I’m having to add a regular dose too I was taking Celebrex but it's hurting my stomach.I also have a few other things that I'm scared to tell my GP he has a sign in the office about a 'laundry list of problems' I have a huge lump/pain that is pressure under my ribs shortly after I eat and pain if I touch it.I have now a pain to touch just to the left of belly button. A very sharp pain only to a bit of pressure. Hard to find when I'm standing.
Avatar m tn He said that I likely sprained a chest muscle based on his physical exam. He gave me celebrex to reduce inflamation. I returned a week later because I started to feel a slight shooting pain in my legs (mostly the right). The chest pain wasy not as bad and sometimes not present at all yet at others it comes back. He said that I likely had "a touch of sciatica" which was causing the pain in my legs. He marked the severity as low.
Avatar n tn I have one word for you...sciatica. That sounds a lot like what you have. I had the same symptoms, more or less...pain in my hip and buttock, sore to the touch some days like a sore muscle would be, pain radiating to behind my knee, into my calf and foot. It was terrible. I'm 25 myself, and some days walked with a cane. Can you believe that?!?! I want you to know the following is just what worked for ME, with MY problem.
Avatar f tn Hi Trudie, Will see a rheumatologist within this week? My neuro initial findng is peripheral neuropathy. Can this be associated with fibro? Prescribed Neurontin and mecobalamin. Not convinced since I dont get any better> My Ortho gave me Celebrex for pain and inflamation,feels better but I am worried about the potential side effects of using this drug. I am taking only if I feel I cant tolerate pain. Cant get enough sleep>Awaken in wee hours of the morning and cannot get back to sleep.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping you can shed some light on what I might be dealing with. I am a healthy 29 year old female. Don't smoke, don't drink and workout at a gym 3-5 times a week. In 1996, the tendons in my wrists became very sore. It hurt to bend my wrists. No swelling, no redness. Just pain. This went on for about 3 weeks before I went to the doctor. X-rays were normal; blood showed some inflammation. I was told to take Advil and sent on my way.
Avatar f tn They were gone in a couple of days. Over the next couple of years I took Vioxx, Celebrex, and Neurontin for pain. I had several sinus infections a year, and frequent headache. By 2004 I often had a burning sensation in my head, face, and/or nose. Before my menstrual cycle I began experiencing sciatica, which continues to this day. What brings me to your forum is this: I woke on 2/1/07 to find that my middle finger, lt hand, was numb, which lasted all day.
975514 tn?1325001538 which does take the edge off the back pain so I do NOT wish to increase as ordered. 200mg celebrex for inflamation 10-20 mg flexeril for muscle relaxant 2700 mg gabapentin for sciatica/neuropathy...this was raised to this dose 3 weeks ago, I had been on 1800 mg for previous 5 years....
Avatar n tn I was on a combo of lortab (10mg) 4x daily along w/methocarbonal and celebrex (or other substitutes of like meds)... lortab or hydrocodone work well but only for a short period of time...about 1-2 hrs...so not very effective overall...valium, i was very surprised, worked much better. i tried infrared and massage therapy and chiropractic care..felt good while i was on the table...but again, relief did not last....i decided that the doctors had over a year to figure it out..
350801 tn?1201928363 it probably works for both (and for you - hopefully the pain.) just making sure you had this info... good luck!
Avatar n tn anyone everything of sciatica as the problem gad the same I had a full fusion from top to all the way to my scarum with screws in my hips. I had had sciatica before my surgery for scoliosis but it was never this bad . I went to the ER they didnt even take ct scans or xrays but diagnoised me with sciatica gave me aq tramodakl shot for the inflamation and gave me prednisone 30 mgs twice a day abt the second day of taking the steriods I was finally able to start walking again.
Avatar n tn Nine weeks ago I had a regular and transvaginal ultrasound due to pain during intercourse. A 2.5 cm cyst showed on my right ovary, plus a 3 cm fibroid near it on my uterus and hydrosalpinx in both tubes (which I know to be blocked and scarred).After "watchful waiting" for eight weeks the ultrasounds were repeated a week ago. The Cyst was then 5.5 cm and my doctor says she can't tell if it's fluid-filled or a solid mass. She's referring me to a GYN for followup.
Avatar n tn My family physician has been treating me for the severe back and leg pain with 4/Darvocet a day, 300mg Celebrex a day, 900 mg Neurontin, and Fexeril 3-10mg/day for about 15 months. My Neurosurgeon has deemed me perm. disabled and I have begun receiving Social Security Disability. The medication my family Dr. has prescribed does not do much for pain control. He recommended seeing a Pain Center Mgmt in my area.
131817 tn?1209532911 Linda, So glad you're FINALLY getting to move back to your house but sorry that you're having so many post tx issues. i sure hope they find out what it is, fast. Did you ever try celebrex for the aches and pains? I had to take it a couple of years ago when i came down with sciatica and it was amazing. Hang in there. I'm sure the 18-hours-of-sleep days won't last. heck, I've done that a couple of times and I'm only at month 5!