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Avatar n tn I've run competitively for years, and cycle wt train and swim. 1 and a half yrs ago diagnosed with severe cervical spinal stenoisis, compression of spinal cord. So far I've been treating it with cortisone injections and predisone, also celebrex. I've been advised to avoid surgergy at all costs. What is the most cutting edge research in alternative procedures? Is there any merit to the minimally invasive surgery , not using fusion with metal and disc removal?
Avatar f tn Facet hypertrophy with relative stenosis of the central canal, as well as foraminal encroachment bilaterally. C6-7 similar findings with a mild to moderate spinal stenosis and foraminal encroachment. There is slight alteration of the cord at the C5-6 and C5-7 levels. I was referred to a neurosurgeon who is recommending anterior cervical diskectomies with fusion and anterior plating to be done C4-C7. Does this surgery seem appropriate based on clinical symptoms and MRI results?
Avatar n tn I'm new to this forum but I have a similar situation as most of the people posting. I had spinal stenosis with a Synovial Cyst at L5. and dealt with all the procedures from Physical Therapy to Steroid Injections to deal with the pain in my lower back and butt shooting down my right leg to my knee and calf. Right now it's been 7 weeks since major surgery on Lumbar L3, 4 & 5 with a Fusion at L4 and L5. No minimally invasive procedures were used.
Avatar n tn So I went to him for adjustments and that did not help,I went back to pcp and he sent me to Neurosurgeon, and I was given CT and MRI, I have spinal stenosis, which I was told won't bother me til I am old and have arthritis, and I have DDD,and the Dr. told me that spinal fusion with titanium cages would be best. So I had laminectomy,discetomy, and the cages. Well I had that done in Mar. and I can honestly say the pain, that I go through now is nothing compared to what I experienced beforehand.
Avatar n tn Having terrible pain. DDD at L5 S1, spinal stenosis in the same area, L4, L3 not as bad, and cannot sit at all. Posterior disc bulging seen. PT want me to do back extension to open up the back of the spine. Have you heard of this. All the Dr's say I don't need surgery, but going down hill fast. Any suggestions?? Can't sleep, muscle spasms, and burning in arms. Something seems to be going on in my T8, or around that area, and MRI showed no problems in the T's. Also have SI joint issues.
Avatar n tn I am afraid that i will only prolong my misery if i don't fix it since it has been years of pain and not getting better,i am 43 i am a rn and bending and on ,y feet all day,but the time i get home,iwant to shoot myself,i have a high pain tolerance and do not take narcotics,can you help?
Avatar n tn Early facet degenerative change is from the two vertebrae rubbing from the disc not being right. Spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal (where the spinal cord goes through). It is a hereditary disease so you may pass it on to your children (I did). It usually shows up in people over 50 although I was 24 when I was diagnosed. Mine affects me from L1 to S1.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
Avatar m tn 1) L4-5 Moderate Spinal canal Stenosis and right Foraminal Stenosis. this is Multifactorial as Described above. 2) L5-S1 Mild Right Foraminal Stenosis. 3) Moderate Facet Degenerative Change is present at the L4-5 and L5-S1 Levels Bilaterally, right greater than Left.
Avatar m tn At L2-L3, there is posterior disc bulging and hypertrophic changes of the facet joints and ligamenta flava resulting in severe central spinal canal stenosis with signs of compression of the dural sac and nerve rootsof the cauda equina. The neuroforamina are patent. The levels of L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1 demonstrate normal morphology of the intervertebral discs.There is no evidence of significant abnormality at these levels. The conus medullaris is seen at the level of T12-L1.
182884 tn?1259316506 I have been on Methadone for the past 5 years and also take Lortab for break through pain and also Celebrex and have a TENS unit. I have been to lots of specialist and everyone reccomends different things which Workmans Comp seldom will pay for. Finally After almost 8 years I get to go back to the Neurosurgeon to discuss surgery options on the 20th of April. following is my MRI results condensed. at L3-L4 there is a diffuse posterior disc bulge without evidence of hernation.
Avatar f tn The ap diameter of the spinal canal is reduced to 0.4cm in keeping with considerable spinal stenosis. There is questionable very mininal increased signal within the cord at this level in keeping with cervical myelopathy. There is a mild degree of endplate sclerosis at this level.
Avatar f tn At L3-L4 there is congenital pedicle shortening,facet joint hypertrophy causing mild spinal stenosis and bilateral mild neural foraminal stenosis. Im 23 y/o M and have been in pain for the past year and a half from a slip and fall at a corp hq, would liike some input on what that reads and possible some options to relieve some of this pain!
Avatar f tn ) It is because it is so close to spinal cord and now they say I have DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Cerviacalgia, Spondylosis, I just don't want anyone to hurt like I am. My doc(Neuro.)thought I had a good one since a friend referred me to him,but noooo..He even left a T3-T4 compressed fracture in me in which I think now is causing me more pain than I was in b4 surgery. I hope the best 4 u..get back to me if I can help in any way...Take Care and always...GOD BLESS P.S.
Avatar n tn Other related causes of low back pain are degenerative disc disease which can cause bone spurs and loss of disc height. Narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canal (through which the spinal cord travels) can also produce these symptoms. Conservative treatment would include anti-inflammatory meds, pain meds, physical therapy and possible epidural injections. If conservative treatment does not produce adequate relief, surgical intervention may be indicated.
Avatar n tn Cervical Disc Disease, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Cervical Facet Arthropathy, Retrolisthesis (degenerative at C4-5 approx 2mm, stable), EMG evidence of C8/T1 radiculopathy in upper right extremity (level 1), cervical Spondylosis/disogenic change, Cervical facet Arthritis throughout. I am currently taking, gabapentin 400 mg TID and Celebrex 200mg BID, B vitamins and costocondritis formula and still have pain. It is better than it was but still constant.
Avatar f tn Received tx from a chiro and acupuncture but no relief. Celebrex and Mobic did not help. Continue naproxen 500 mg qd. I appreciate the info provided. In your opinion, should I consult a neurologist regarding TOS or related syndrome? I have a persistent "ball" under the scapula. I believe there is nerve compression coming off of the spine .
Avatar n tn Other causes of radicular symptoms emanating from the lumbosacral spine include disc osteophytes, a buckled ligamentum flavum, zygapophysial (Z)-joint hypertrophy, and other causes of lumbosacral spinal stenosis. I think the problems lie at your lumbar level. You need to get imaging study done and see for spinal disc pathology. You can get Nerve conduction study to see for motor function of nerve. You can consult neurologist and orthopaedician.
182884 tn?1259316506 I am currently on Methadone, ( have taken it since 2004 ) Celebrex and Lortab. I have tryed almost all the meds and have been on Lortab or some form of Vicodin continuously since 1998, the year before my back injury when first foot surgery and a knee injury. Here is the MRI result. and X-ray. X ray first. Mild to Moderte Multi Level Degenerative Change primarily of lower lumbar spine with endplate osteophytes. There is height loss at L3-4. L4-5, and L5-S1.
Avatar n tn I take Celebrex and Skelaxin but don't help. Having problem with tremors in shoulders and spine area. I'm 55 and never really been sick in my life. I know what this pain is and I feel sympathy for anyone else with it.
Avatar n tn He put me on Celebrex (anti-inflammatory for my neck and gave me Zoloft and Xanax for the anxiety. I've been sick much more often in the last six months, probably due to a horrible work environment (new boss). My doctor didn't know how or why my neck has suddenly swollen. But it worries me a lot and my husband is really concerned. I feel like my healthy is spinning out of control. I'm still having severe neck pain and my should is still pretty stiff.
Avatar m tn I have severe pain in buttoks region when set down and associated with numbness in my foot and all kind of pain control cannot mask the pain completely and i cannot sit down ???????????????????
Avatar n tn Hi, When surgery is done near the spine and spinal cord, complications may occur and can be very serious. Complications may involve subsequent pain and impairment and may sometimes need additional surgery. The complications may be due to spinal anesthesia. Whenever the spine is operated upon, there is some risk of injuring the spinal cord. This can lead to serious injuries to the nerves or the covering of the spinal cord - the dura.
Avatar n tn Sadly I had no alternative but to go through this process and the spurs were pressing against my spinal cord and the pain was more and more severe. Since surgery I've found a great sense of relief on the left side and hoping it continues as I recover. Yes I am experiencing headaches as well but it is difficult for me to know whether it is surgery related or from Dystonia. I find using a good pillow helps as I am not experiencing the shoulder and back pain like others.....
Avatar n tn No disc herniation, nerve root encroachment or spinal stenosis. CT scan showed sclerosis of the vertebral bodies T12, L1 and L4. What test do I need? Who do I see? Can my hemangiomas cause pain?
Avatar n tn C5- 6 Mild spondylosis with mid-central canal stenosis and cord compression, and bilateral foraminal stenosis, slightly greater towards the right. No definite HNP. X-rays cervical spine 2003 Date of exam: 08/13/03 Procedure: spine cervical, 5 views Technique: cervical spine radiographs, minimum of four views, including AP, lateral, both oblique, and open-mouth odontoid projections. Findings: lateral masses of C1 are normally aligned on C2, and the dens is intact.
Avatar n tn I had a diagnosis of ALS 5 months ago. Symptoms; Fast Reflexes Fasciculations: Arms, Chest & Legs Muscle wasting and loss of some functions of Hand. Note: I think that the diagnosis was way too quick. After the diagnosis I had an EMG which showed normal nerve conduction ( except denervation of the arm I think ?) An MRI of the spine showed a herniated cervical disc C6/C7 with Osteophyte formation, though not causing an obvious radiculopathy.
Avatar m tn Surgery will only work for 3 to 4 years and problems will resurface in same spots or others. And that is not worth all the pain and discomfort caused by surgery in my experience. Trust me, once they start going bad...backs continue to go bad.
Avatar n tn Uncinate spurring causing moderate foraminal stenosis on left and right and mild secondary spinal stenosis. Would surgery be something I would benefit from?