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Avatar n tn Now on Lupron ( 3 month injection) and Casodex tab. 1x per day. Nearly 3 weeks into therapy and Testicles are swollen and sore. Is this a common side effect of Hormone therapy or should I consult my Doctor ?
Avatar n tn Both PSA and Testosterone are important. From my limited layperson's knowledge Lupron in combination with Casodex sounds like the standard treatment in your situation. Good Luck.
Avatar m tn Since I am in rural Thailand working for the next 40 days I am turning to you for a possible answer to my question. Is there a possible connection between the Lupron and Casodex drugs and my painfully swollen testicles?
Avatar m tn Complete anderogen blockade included Lupron which affects testosterone produced from the kidneys and Casodex which blocks androgens produceds by the adrenal glands. Radiation therapy is helpful in some cases where prostate cancer has spread to the bone and causes pain.
Avatar n tn I doubt that your testerone level is 175 if you are taking lupron and casodex. It is probably down to the teens, not the hundreds. I am not sure what herbs provide an estrogen substitute, and I dont know if they work, but I am proof that a little prescribed estrogen completely eliminated my hot flashes and severe depression. I dont know what else is out there to treat hot flashes, but nobody should suffer like I did. Ask a good oncologist. If he doesnt know, ask another one.
Avatar n tn Your husband may not need Lupron if he switches to high-dose Casodex alone, and that could remove a lot of the side effects. 2. Consider not having hormones in the radiation protocol - this is sub-optimal treatment, but may be necessary if your husband cannot tolerate the hormonal side effects. Metastases are often first detected by a rising PSA, which would prompt a search for distant disease through bone scans and chest X-rays.
Avatar m tn 5 Surgeon put him on Lupron and Casodex. He's about two weeks in to therapy. What were your side effects from the ADT and Lupron? I'm concerned about the possible cardiac problems associated with this therapy.
Avatar m tn The efficacy of casodex and lupron is comparable and both may be used in cases of suspected recurrence as part of hormonal therapy. The preference of one over another could be made on the side effect profile. I would suggest discussing the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with your treating urologist/ oncologist. Hope the information is helpful. Take care!
356518 tn?1322267242 A Patient Assistance Program is being developed for Gammagard S/D and should be ready in about 3-4 months. Bayer Corporation (800) 998-9180 Products include: Mycelex and several other products Berlex Laboratories (800) 473-5832, (800) 888-4112 Products include: Betapace, Betaseron for SC injection, Fludara, Quinaglute Dura-Tabs Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Avatar n tn - Treated with orchiectomy with drop of PSA levels , then rose again and used hormone therapy ( Zoladex, casodex, lupron and luflutanide ) with good effcts initially then PSA started to rise again . Current level is 60 . - His prostate has grown extensively and blocked both ureters, Rt kidney developed hydronephrosis , Let kidney was managed initially with stent (double J ) which was changing every 3 months .
Avatar m tn my father is 56 yr old and was diagnosed of PC on 23 jan 10 with a PSA of 620.
Avatar n tn My dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer 2001 and was treated with high dose radiation and lupron therapy for 2 years and casodex for 2 years. He is on remission until now and since we've been following up his PSA since 2001, I noticed it's been creeping up from 0.10 beginning of the year 2007 and this march 2008 it is 1.95. He has not showed any prior symptoms like previous frequent urination or any blood in urine.
Avatar f tn 34, three months after surgery. Just six weeks later, it was 35.0. He is now on hormone therapy. combination of oral Casodex and Lupron injections. He sleeps most of the day away now. This has really diminished his quality of life. I think if he could back, he probably would not have had the surgery and lead a better quality of life until it took him. He will have to be on this therapy for the remainder of his life. My husband's bone scans (two of them now) showed no cancer.
Avatar m tn My Dad was diagnosed with PC 8 years ago, at that time he had 2 small spots on his ribs. He had radiation seeds implanted and was started on Lupron. 6 weeks ago he was losing his ability to walk and by the time he was seen by an orthopedic surgeon and had surgery for spinal compression he was, and still is, wheelchair bound. There is now PC in his spine, sternum, ribs, pelvis and femurs. His PSA at time of surgery was 60, he was started on Casodex and 4 weeks later his PSA was 92.
Avatar f tn At that time he received Brachytherapy, hormone therapy (Lupron + Casodex) and external beam radiation. His PSA remained barely detectable for 4 years. (below 0.5) His is a low PSA producing disease which we discovered in 2006 after his PSA started rising rapidly and when it reached 4.73 he turned out to be metastatic. (1 spot in the Iliac bone and two vertebras). He was treated with chemo from Jan-Jun ’07 (Taxotere and Sammarium 153) (He wanted to have aggressive treatment.
Avatar n tn I am 66 years of age diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer to the some of the bones in 2003. PSA at time of diagnosis was 96. I began treatment with Lupron injections and Casodex. PSA dropped to 0.6 in less than a year. However, after 2 1/2 years the PSA rose to 5.2 and was taken off the Casodex beacause my Urologist said Casodex can have a reverse affect after awhile. The PSA then dropped to 0.2 and remained at that for about 2 years. PSA started to slowly rise again.
Avatar m tn PC 2003 external radiation, 2010 Zometa and Lupron Dipot 7, 2012 Casodex 50mg Good morning: My prescription is; Phentolamine mesylate USP=0.003GM, Papaverine HCL INJ USP=4.900, Alprostadil USP (prostaglandin E1) = 0.001 I was inject 1th 3 units no reaction, 2th 12 units no reaction, 3th 22 units no reaction 4th 15 units no reaction .( wait three day for each inject) The prescriptio is Ok?
Avatar f tn My husband is 72 and was at your husband's stage several years ago. Lupron and then Lupron and Casodex were very effective. He had external beam radiation when diagnosed with PCa in 1997. Went several years with normal PSA. In 2004 his PSA started to climb and then he was on Lupon intermittently and, a couple of years later, an injection every 4 months. Casodex was also added along the way.
Avatar m tn LHRH Antagonists appears to reduce testosterone levels more quickly and does not cause tumor flare. Hormonal therapy is fairly nuanced and strategies differ from patient to patient and doctor to doctor. Some patients stop responding to hormones in a short amount of time some stay on the same hormone treatment for 10 years. These questions should be directed to your medical oncologist for a specific treatment plan and followup. Sincerely, Ashutosh (Ash) Tewari, MD http://www.
Avatar m tn put me on Lupron and Casedex. PSA continues to rise. Took me off of casedex. I am still getting Lupron shots. PSA is now 16.7. What happens next? Does it go to my bones? What systems am I looking for? Will Chemo be in the picture soon? When? What kind of chemo? everyday? once a month? Please try and answer some of my questions.
Avatar f tn With Firmagon I do have a sex drive.. However, I have had a prostatectomy and have ED. My PSA in May 2009 pre op was 42. Post op it was .2 because some cancer cells in the median were missed. I did "watchfull waiting" for a year and PSA went up to 5. In August of 2010, I was given Lupron and my PSA went down to .2, but the side effects, especially cardiac problems such as irregular heart rate and chest pains, made me decide not to have yhe second 3 month shot. June,2011 PSA was 7.2.
Avatar f tn 1st Lupron injection coupled with oral Casodex in May 2010. Three month PSA immeasureable. PSA results every three months as follows: Jan.2011 - 0.12, April 2011 - 0.30, July 2011 - 5.35, January 14, 2012 - 6.20. He only had the one Lupron injection because the side effects were so bad. He has been on no treatment since then. He is going for a bone scan on Wednesday. Looking for your advice. Do you think a PSA of 6.20 is of concern at this point.
Avatar m tn Four years later my PSA started to rise. Radiation of the prostate bed was attempted to no avail. Lupron and Casodex worked to lower the PSA for a year. On June 2009 my PSA was 3.9 by April 2010 had risen to 24.3. Sgtarted a treatment of 1200 mg of Ketoconazole and 40 mg of Hydrocort daily in May 2010. On June 2010 my PSA had dropped to 3.0. Due to side effects, namely vasculitis showing up around my ankles I stopped taking Ketoconazole and the rash cleared up.....
Avatar n tn Hi cherylb, I am in a very similar situation as your husband. Diagnosed w PC in early "09 with a Gleason 9 and T3 (stage diagnosis following surgery). Radical prostatectomy done June '09 and biochemical failure w 0.7 PSA 90 days after surgery (sound familiar?). I am in the process of having BOTH hormone therapy (6 mos of Lupron & Casodex) AND radiation therapy. Radiation began 30 days following start of hormone therapy at 180 units/day for 8 weeks by IMRT.
Avatar f tn From then his PSA has been climbing and the last report showed his level at 105.6. He has been on continous Lupron and Casodex 50 mg. since Jan 2005. His last bone scan was done 2 mos ago and was negative. He had a TURP done about 6 mons ago to remove scare tissue from radiation. His bladder was clean. He has never had any symptoms other than the high PSA. He is urinating frequently these days, and fatigues easily. The doctor thinks he needs another TURP procedure.
Avatar f tn He had a post of PSA (3 months after surgery in January 2010). Six weeks later it was 33.5. He was put on ADT (Lupron and Casodex). The side effects were nearly crippling for him. Slept most of his day away, work ability very limited, impaired cognitive abilities and extreme hot flashes and sweats. He was due for his second injection next week. He has decided not to continue the therapy. At this point, he is opting for quality over quantity. He just had a PSA and it was less than 0.1.
428185 tn?1203745389 I don't know if there's even a study going on about its use in early-stage confined cancer like mine, but I know that given the choice between Avastin and Casodex/Lupron I'd choose Avastin. Any informed opinion/anecdotal history out there? The time is getting near when I have to choose my poison. And I'm wondering if, given my situation, whether any such treatment would be needed at all if I have, for example, surgery in May (doctor's schedules seem to make anything sooner impossible). Thanks.
Avatar m tn put me on Lupron and Casedex. PSA continues to rise. Took me off of casedex. I am still getting Lupron shots. PSA is now 16.7. What happens next? Does it go to my bones? What systems am I looking for? Will Chemo be in the picture soon? When? What kind of chemo? everyday? once a month?