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Avatar m tn I've tried moisturizers and vitamin E and I stay end up with a tight feeling sore face and I won't be able to get to the dermatologists for a couple months, and last night I just found Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 0.1% which I believe my doctor gave to me awhile ago when I complained about dry skin before it was this bad.
Avatar m tn Pityriasis alba is a common skin condition mostly occurring in children and less likely in adults and usually seen as dry, fine-scaled, pale patches on the face. No treatment is required and the patches in time will settle in due course of time. The redness, scale and itch if present may be managed with simple emollients and sometimes hydrocortisone, a weak steroid, is also used. Severe cases may require PUVA therapy.
Avatar m tn Although they reduce inflammation, topical steroids can actually make acne worse. They should also only be used on the face if advised by a doctor because they cause thinning of the skin. Steroids are usually only used for a short period of time. It is not clear from your post how long ago this occured. Most acne scarring is superficial and heals within one year. A topical retinoid called Retin-a (tretinoin) will clear both active acne and post-acne scarring.
Avatar f tn I have had for the past 2 years small red bumps on my face in top of my nose, cheeks, around the nose, forehead, etc...I get red but not as much like other people. I used Elidel for 11/2 years and it worked great now I had to stop because of fear that it causes cancer. I have been using metrogel for 8 days but at first it was great and now my pimples are starting to come out again is that part of the process???
Avatar m tn Its around my eyes and on my eye lids, mouth, under my nose and on the sides of my nose(kinda of inside) and on my chin. It starts with a little pimples like acne, but then it spreads out like a rash. It doesnt itch or hurt, its just very sensetive when you touch it. It started a very long time ago, more than a year.. Ive seen few doctors, they thought that it was allergies to something.. Ive used few steroid creams that they gave me, they help for few days but than it comes back again..
Avatar n tn Disadvantages of using steroid creams include stretch marks and thinning of the skin. Higher-potency steroid creams must not be used on the face or other areas where the skin is naturally thin; usually a lower-potency steroid is prescribed for sensitive areas. If the eczema is especially severe, a doctor may prescribe prednisone or administer a shot of cortisone or triamcinolone If the eczema is mild, over-the-counter hydrocortisone can be purchased at the local drugstore.
Avatar f tn I can live with the the rough, pigmented skin on my body, however, it is now starting on my face. The facial bumps have been present for about 5 months with no improvement. Fortunately, they are skin colored, small hard bumps. I fear they will become pigmented over time. I have not tried exfoliating creams or other treatments on my face because I have incredibly sensitive skin. Every facial product I have ever tried (make-up, sunscreen, face lotions, etc.
Avatar f tn I recently used an at home organic facial cleanser and the very next day I experienced a tingling sensation on my nose. it feels like it's on the surface rather than inside the nose and it's driving me crazy. It doesn't itch or burn or feel numb. no rashes or hives or bumps of any kind. no discoloration. it just feels tingly. it feels like there's a bug crawling on my nose or someone's dragging a feather across it. this has been going on since mid July.
Avatar f tn If you do get the same thing be careful not to overdose because the cream can actually change the pigmantation of your skin. AKA the color. Doctors dont know how to prevent it but i am going to see a dermatalagist about it. Thanks for reading :).
Avatar f tn The most noticeable symptom associated with hives is the welts that appear on the skin. Welts may be red but can also be the same color as your skin. They can be small and round, ring-shaped, or large and of random shape. Hives are usually itchy, and tend to appear in batches on the affected part of the body. They can grow larger, change shape, and spread. Hives may disappear or reappear over the course of the outbreak. Individual hives can last anywhere from half an hour to a day and a half.
Avatar m tn , and discontinued use of it and the redness on the left side of my face (which was not the side i was putting the medicine on I might add) went away for the most part. I discontinued use of the cream Monday afternoon (Jan. 11th) for clarification. Over the next two days I noticed three things. First, I although the redness on the left side of my face had disappated for the most part, it had left a kind of light pink ring around my left eye.
Avatar f tn They are absorbable, surgical sutures composed of highly purified connective tissue (mostly collagen) derived from either beef or sheep intestines and covered with chromium salt solution to delay absorption.Moreover chromium can be used in the composition of stainless steel also.So it is good that you have decided to check the composition with your son’s doctor. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted if you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
Avatar f tn Hi, In October 2014 I had used some lemon and honey on face. I followed It up with Clean and Clear Salicylic acid moisturizer 0.5%. Following 2 days I used the same moisturizer and my skin was gradually drying up and started itching and burning when ever I used the moisturizer on. I then developed 2 enlarged pores. I went to urgent care and doctor prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.025% ointment for entire face. I used it for 8 days. My skin was deteriorating on using it.
Avatar n tn It's usually on the trunk (one sided usually), but can be on the neck, face, legs, and arms. It'll run along a path and not usually in a large area to start. It's more like lines that sometimes cross each other, but mostly like lines on paper. I had it on my lower rib cage area, one side only..but it ran to my back before it was over. The blisters are red, inflamed, and gooey. Eczema is usually dry, but has the bumps that start have a flower kind of look to it.
Avatar n tn I did that the first 2 days. I can feel small pimple like eruptions under my skin on my face and neck beside the round raised blotches on my face. What do you think is the problem? H-E-L-P !!!!! Please. Thank you for any advice you can offer me.
Avatar n tn I bathed with Aveeno body wash, used Cetaphil lotion all over twice a day and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP,0.1 0/0 on the rash. After 2 weeks the rash and itch were gone. I have continued to use the body wash and the lotion. Then about a month ago I got a rash on just my arms from the wrist to the elbow, both arms. The itch was terrible.The bumps were little and fluid filled when I scratched them they would break open and then turn into a flat red shiny spots.
Avatar n tn I went back to my dermatologist in utter frustration with my conditions and inability to spend time out in the sun. I can cover up my legs arms and body, but the outbreaks on my eye lids and face are unbearable.With my dermatologist, we decided to go on a 10 day course of prednisone to get my skin under control and then try Plaquinol (hydroxychlor) to see if it would help with my sensitivity to the sun.
1102290 tn?1278503553 If he has been out in the can set off the rash. It did for me. I kept covered up and used lots of sun screen during Incivek treatment. I took a cool bath, used Rx Fluocinonide USPS, 0.05% on the rash.
Avatar n tn It is mainly on my face but a couple of years ago I had something very similar on the glans of my penis. The skin specialist considers them both to be the same thing. The blotchiness on the glans cleared up after about a year of using various moisturizers and all that remains is redness on the edge of the glans. Although I am glad to see it looking better the sensitivity/soreness from any friction, even just walking, really gets me down.
Avatar m tn Topical antifungals and mild steroids are the usual treatment and combination of the two can be used to treat stubborn patches. You should also apply a hypoallergic moisturizer after washing with a mild face was like Dove. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn I tried again with the cream towards the middle of the year with no evident success or failure. Now the flaking is underneath (towards the inner corner of my eye) and also on top (towards the inner corner as well). I will admit, I do frequently pick at it when the skin becomes noticeably loose and, well, flakey. I know that I shouldn't, but I don't know what good it would do to leave it.
4226456 tn?1354123528 Rash subsided after stopping the incivik. Do what ever you can to stay on incivik for the 12 weeks. Early in trials incivik was causing rash in at least 25% of people taking it. Even some talk of discontinuing trials and pulling the plug on Telaprevir (incivik). They must of tweeked the drug because rash happen much less and was more bearable. Not sure if your doctors have treated a lot of HCV patients but if they have they would know the protocol.
Avatar f tn 5 days so the rash would flare and be good and nasty and he cultured it for herpes this time, culture came back negative. The rash is on the right side of my chin, the size of my thumbprint, leading from the corner of my mouth towards my jawline. It is red and the bumps look like very tiny pimples filled with white liquid. They don't seem to pop or scab and I avoid touching the area. They also are only very minimally itchy, and have no real pain associated with them, just very unsightly.
Avatar f tn Hi, In October 2014 I had used some lemon and honey on face. I followed It up with Clean and Clear Salicylic acid moisturizer 0.5%. Following 2 days I used the same moisturizer and my skin was gradually drying up and started itching and burning when ever I used the moisturizer on. I then developed 2 enlarged pores. I went to urgent care and doctor prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.025% ointment for entire face. I used it for 8 days. My skin was deteriorating on using it.
Avatar n tn I have started to cut down dramatically on dairy and I have found that it is almost completely cleared up. One of my sons has it on his arms and the other has it on his face; has anyone ever tried removing dairy from their diet in order to effect a change in this condition? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240043'>Arm Bumps</a>.
Avatar n tn Prescription Lotrisone is too strong, not to be used on your face. Cut the sugar. Mae sure you're not iron-deficient. Buy good probiotics, ESPECIALLY if you'r taking or have taken antibiotics, or eat tons of FRESH, not canned, sauerkraut. You don't want to use cortisone creams/products for too long, it will thin the skin.
Avatar n tn Occasionally I also experience the stinging near the bottom of the opening, more on the perinneum area, but no bumps there. I have been tested for the obvious herpes, but to no avail. I have had blood work and swabbing done. My doctor feels it is lichen sclerosus, because she sees what she called "cigarette paper" skin, meaning it is very thin in that area. I have requested a biopsy, which is pending, because I want to be sure.
Avatar n tn I just find it interesting that it seems to be predominant on one hand over the other. I used to think that it was related to my hands sweating, but I don't think that's it. I wish somebody could figure out what this is.