Can risperidone kill you

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439168 tn?1307935340 If you want, you have the option of getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist, who is a bipolar isorder expert on the meds you are on. Ask your doctor and/or your insurance how you can get a second opinion, if you aren't satified with the answers your doctor gives you. When I got better for a lot longer I was still on a lot of meds. It was more than 5. I was on 7. The last one added on was effective enough to work on it's own.
574118 tn?1305138884 thank you in fact this is exactly what I do. After my 2nd mania (due to an AD) which i managed to stop by 300mg, I started to reduce my dose trying to go back to 50mg (my old dose before the mania). NO success unfortunately. All i could manage is to reduce the 300 into 150mg so far. Sometimes I am on 125 by cancelling one pill (i take pills in 25mg two pills at a time 3 times) but then after a few days my anger begins so i upped it to 150 again. Sometimes I reduce it to 150-half a pill=137.
518117 tn?1429279873 spent around every type of person you can think of. and yes, it will make you highly paranoid. you have always got to watch your back. what a way to live for so many years. they take your life, do nothing for you while in prison and then throw you out into the world. and todd losing my momma while in prison, well it was simply heartbreaking to him. he has no closure. my step-father kept my momma away from todd while in prison. my momma wanted to visit him. todd and momma were extra close.
574118 tn?1305138884 Perhaps increasing to a therapeutic level of Seroquel or risperidone would be enough (generally better to go up on a med if you can rather than add something new). I'm personally skeptical of a lot of the alternative medicine, given the quality of the science behind it. People talk about big pharma, but we're getting big alternative. Supplements are marketed for all sorts of things that they may or may not be good for, and they can be very expensive.
Avatar f tn PTSD is complex as to origin but that can cause psychosis. Autism can cause bizarre changes in behavior and sometimes a psychiatric disability can accompany it. Avoiding people and poor hygiene can part of any of these conditions as well as others. Depending on the diagnosis the psychiatrist would decide what the follow up was within their discretion.
Avatar f tn Since hes started school hes been suspended more times than I can count. He's been hospitalized several times. Right now he is currently taking Intuniv, Risperidone, Lamictal, and now Symbyax. He makes constant noises, destroys property, has assulated teachers, throws things, brings his 17 year old sister to tears any time that he can. He loves being with my husband and thats the only person he wants but he talks and treats him horribly.
Avatar m tn Before him, another psychiatrist gave me a microscopic dosage of Risperidone (0.5 or so, with gradually increasing), which I refused to take after I read it is for schizophrenia and the second psychiatrist told me I don't need Risperidone after asking me questions whether I hear voices in my head (eventually commenting my actions), whether I see things and whether I think people can read my thoughts or cause me harm with thought.
Avatar f tn God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference You can't change everybody or everything but you can change yourself if you are not afraid to do so. Try to impress yourself by building on your capacity to forgive, trust, and love. We are not perfect but we are perfectly ourselves.
574118 tn?1305138884 You will end up with a better job. If you can go into a hospital that would be good for you to get on the right medication. Maybe Lithium could help. Hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn Lamictal Trileptal Seroquel Trazadone Risperidone Topamas Wellbutrin Prozac Zoloft Lithium You can get this balanced out it is just going to be difficult. I am doing so much better now than ever even with the recent slip up I am so proud of myself it is crazy. Like I said I have been on almost every bipolar med that you can be on the above is all I can remember taking for a while and I have only been diagnosed since 2011 so I am hoping they have the right combination this time.
Avatar m tn Hashi's progresses at different rates for different people. It can take decades to kill your thyroid, or it can go like gangbusters. Do you have labs from four months or longer ago (when you were still feeling well) for comparison to current labs?
Avatar f tn I don't have personal experience in these things so the best I can advise is that the worst thing you can do is nothing. It won't go away on its own. You do need help and I'm surprised to hear that your doctors and therapists aren't treating them aggressively in the form of meds and talk therapy. Medication is a weird thing, because there isn't enough information for each one to tell how people are going to react to them. It's basically trial and error.
574118 tn?1305138884 I have my own biases, especially towards SNRI's, because of my awful experience, but some folks here are doing well on them. Seroquel is a good drug in the sense that you can tweak it when you need to, normally I take 50mgs morn/afternoon, the 100mgs at night. I've been slightly hypomanic the last couple of days, so I've been taking 75 both morn and afternoon. I was told not to change my main dosage if I'm bottoming out.
Avatar m tn So it may be wise to consult a pdoc if you haven't. He can give you just 1mg risperidone (atypical AP) to feel safe. it's just an opinion and i may be wrong. I am not trying to intrude into your life. Celexa/cipram/citalopram is weaker than its cousin escitalopram/lexapro/cipralex in general. But the risk of taking an SSRI for a long time can be the cause of a regular hypomania.
Avatar m tn thanks for reply i was taking risperidone. doctor told me to take 3 mg but i take half of 1 mg risperidone and 100 mg of seroquel. When i was taking seroquel also it;s same just in 200 ,300 or more sex i have done , 3 times full enjoy happened from heart. Other time heart did not feel; . During sex body used to tired fast, , unnecessary thoughts used to come, assumptions used to come. body used to tired a lot.
Avatar f tn I dont have alot of info on Fentanyl i do know its one of the strongest opiates out there. I just wanted to comend you for wanting to get off the "wak" stuff as you put it!!! I can say you have a road ahead of you.. alot of tough choices because with injuries like you have its possible u may need something for pain .. I just pray you are able to get through this as comfortably as possible. you can do it!
1134609 tn?1269275800 I had TERRIBLE reactions to Seroquel (which started to kill me) and after hitting the appropriate dose of Risperidone it started messing w/ my heart and blood pressure to the point that I was passing out again after years of being stable. Abilify's slightly different (for me at least), although I'm not completely clear on how. I think you need to come straight out and tell your doc that you do NOT want to mess with your protocol while you're stable, period. End of story.
Avatar n tn they need to make stricter guidelins on who can become a pyschiatrist. You all do knlow that you do not have to have much of anything to go into the field of psychiatry. The one Dr is not even certified which means I do not guess he took much of anything for special courses. Anyone in here who wants to check out the creadientials of thier Dr needs to go to The texas Medical Board site and check it will bring up all there creadentials plus anything they have been repremanded for.
Avatar n tn take it from someone who's already been through addiction, and trauma from the addiction to benzos! i do recommend that you see a therapist, and a phsychiatrist! remember, you CAN NOT do this on your own, you need a suppor system, and proffesional help. don't ever think that seeing a phsychiatrist is something ONLY for "crazy people", it's not! i hope that you get everything under control; i feel your pain... believe me, i do!
Avatar f tn So, let me know, what do the voices say, do you still hear the voices, can you attribute it to something normal, and why are you taking antipsychotics? Perhaps you are hearing something normal, something that you can record, but you are in no shape to understand what it really is. Can the two other people tell from your recording or being present figure out what the voices are?
Avatar n tn Look to God and find as many group meeting as you can until you can get a handle on your anger and see that you are not alone in your grief. God Bless You and He will if you ask.
Avatar f tn I am trying to advocate for the people with this disorder from Ssri's but I don't know where to start. If you would like to know what i have you can google PGAD and how they think it is related to restless legs and therefore might be a movement disorder or a dopamine imbalance in the brain.
544292 tn?1268886268 It's nice to know when they are awake at 2am, freaking the frack out that they can sign on and read and get really helpful suggestions. It's just beautiful. Anyhow welcome if you are new. Welcome back if you are a veteran! Love and Healing!
Avatar f tn I am a firm believer that you try every behavior intervention to calm some one down that you can. when behaviors are such that no matter what you do works, then, medication may be the only answer. I am an old time nurse. You are right, there are times, more so than ever when when families must get involved and provide the much needed hands on care. I will not tell you that in today's medical delivery system, that chemical restraints are not abused.
968908 tn?1274874715 Don't know hat else to do????? Do you have any suggestions???? Ohh and thank-you are replying.... what you have just told me actually has helped, i think i need to tell that to my psychriatic nurse.....
472570 tn?1274689487 They are the size of a spec of dust and can fly around in swarms if not kept under control with vacuuming and filters. You can view them with a bright flashlight in a very dark room. I wonder if they have been created in a lab or just a freak of science. I've become excessively allergic to everything because of the constant bites. This needs to be seriously looked into to find a way to eradicate them. Nobody wants to visit my home due to the constant biting they get on their legs.
Avatar f tn “How can you discipline a 6-month-old?” When Kyle’s behavior worsened after his brother was born, Ms. Warren turned to a pediatrician, Dr. Martin J. deGravelle. “Within five minutes of sitting with him, he looked at me and said, ‘He has autism, there’s no doubt about it,’ ” Ms. Warren said. Dr. deGravelle’s clinic notes say Kyle was hyperactive, prone to tantrums, spoke only three words and “does not interact well with strangers.” He prescribed Risperdal.
Avatar f tn I don't know and it didn't really happen but my brain said it did. I think you can trust your friends who tell you that you don't smell and continue to experiment with medications until you find one that helps.
292592 tn?1234143024 As far as sleeping problems, you can try giving her strattera at night if she can't sleep, or if you are already giving it at night, switch to morning. She was obviously benefiting from risperidone, and it lost it's efficacy, so maybe your dr should try switching her to another atypical antipsychotic.
598237 tn?1225647072 Totally agree with you read the above post , you can also google about the problem,I have quoted there some information that has been written, that Parents and Teachers are quick to put a label on children if they seem hyperactive ,I can only suggest sometimes its the easy option and Doctors are very willing to medicate with the strong Drugs out there, it is harder for a Parent to realise th at their Parenting skills are lacking and instead of evaluating the child, they work on themselves and g