Can i take oxycodone with suboxone

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Avatar m tn i've been taking about 60-80 mg per day of oxycodone and i thnk it might be time for me to stop. i know that it's gonna be pure hell when i stop, but i was just curious how long W\D will last for?? any info would be great!
Avatar m tn I will no longer make fun of my gf for her menstrual cramps because I thought I was being stabbed. I can finally eat and move without hurting now. I feel like iam almost me again but I can't brag as iam not out of the woods yet everyday is a freaking struggle. I also have a question as ive stated i can easily say i may have had about 2 hours of sleep the last 4 days and i feel like iam having panic attacks sometimes. How long until i feel 100%?
Avatar m tn So instead of giving up and trying for disability I worked with my doc and found meds that worked. I take cymbalta, tramadol, oxycontin and vicodin. Now I can get through a 6 hour work day and sometimes do one or 2 thinks at home before I am too painful to function. I am not a smoker or a drinker and I dont do recreational drugs. I am an RN and I do know that people have a hard time even healing if they are in pain. Just a thought.
Avatar f tn Then I drank almost every night towards the end of the school year just because I thought I was so cool to be under age drinking. Tonight I don't have ANY Oxycodone left, I can't say I wish I didn't! My husband enjoys stressing me out a bit too much and when he does that it leads me straight for the drugs! This is my first night without and so far I am doing fine. Gee, I bet I won't be this good tomorrow night! Please send me any message! Thanks!
Avatar m tn So right now the only thing i take is suboxone and finding out this is really hard to get off. Can i with help off vicoprofen 7.5/325 get off suboxone?. Not shure if i posted this in the right place. Also the worst med i been on was tramadol had severe whidrawals for 1 month.
Avatar m tn I feel like a just woke up from a long and tired daze. I have consumed 6 mg of suboxone and so far I don't feel a single withdrawal symptom from oxycontin. I usually have some pretty bad lower back pain, vomiting rarely, and other symptoms after about a day or two of not using but so far I feel great. I am going to continue taking the suboxone.
Avatar f tn But if this med will help me with the withdrawals and I can stop taking it with no problme I would love the help of it. Anyone have advice?
Avatar m tn I'm sorry I have no advice on the Sub. But I will say that if you truly want to quit you can do this and if your girl is special enough to marry then she is a strong enough reason to want to quit.
Avatar n tn i can't remember exactly what association it was (you'll see it when you research suboxone online), i was able to make an appt. with a dr. (i believe by law they are only allow to treat up to 100 people), went to see him--he explained the entire process, gave me a shot, and prescription for sub. i paid him $245, because most insurance wouldn't cover it; got the prescription for $8-$10 (insurance covered that), and of course, really encouraged me to see addiction counselling, as well.
Avatar f tn FLaddict posted some info about Sub in a string I started on 10/04/07 titled "I got off Sub, and so can you". It was all info I never got when I started a Sub program, and if it's accurate it seems like something patients should all be made aware of when they first start taking Sub. What she says seems to make sense, and she claims to have done a lot of research into Sub. If it's true its important to know so that people don't get strung out on Sub by taking it for too long.
Avatar f tn Word to the wise...get off the suboxone as fast as you can. Begin a taper with your doctor. Suboxone has a long half life so you should taper coming off. The withdrawal from suboxone is bad that is why I am encouraging you. I don't want to see you trade one drug for another.
Avatar n tn He is also very involved with AA. I know this is off the subject, what i was getting to is i hope they are making him go to therapy. There are some doctors that are prescribing this without therapy to go along with it. They are making a bunch of money, and my doc said that this was unethical. As far as the medication is concerned you'll be happy to know that it is very hard for a person to overdose on this.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if its possible to use SUBOXONE for a week or two at the most to get of hydrocone addiction. Would I suffer WD from the SUBOXONE? What's the most I could take to prevent wd's from the SUBOXONE. It makes since to me but maybe it's just wishful thinking? Please advise because I'm so tired of living like this!
Avatar f tn he really should be doing some research and read and ask anything he can before he goes to his appointment, so he is well informed on how suboxone works and the ways it can be used... i have had a positive experience with suboxone and it has really worked for me...but it should be used as a tool, and in conjunction with therapy or meetings of some kind, some doctors require it... good luck and if he has any questions have him post or send a private message. good luck!
Avatar m tn Did I read your profile correctly, that you are facing a third back surgery soon? If this is correct I don't think you can start Suboxone therapy until the surgery is compete AND you've stopped using the pain mgmt meds. It would be helpful to know more amount your current usage and why you're interested in Suboxone. I think many of my peers here would view Suboxone as a method of last resort. Keeping posting your questions.
Avatar f tn I hated taking it because I was sick a lot, but it also saved me from a life time of misery. I can tell you, I ahve ZERO cravings for any type of pill. I am back to my normal weight lifting schedule. I have my energy back. Life is good again. BUT...... AND I MEAN BUTTTTTTT. It had it's cost. My doctor told me Subutex withdrawal would be very mild, and would last a couple of weeks. I would have a slight headachem but I would be OK. WRONG.....
Avatar n tn i would have to say for myself and my experience methadone was what worked best for me and i hope if i am unsuccessful with sticking to the suboxone , i really hope i can get my methadone back...i might be screwed on that one. my advice to you would be to go back on oxy for 2-4 weeks and then try suboxone again, its only really difficult to switch from long acting opiod like methadone that stays in your system for weeks compared to oxy that is gone in under 24 hrs...
Avatar f tn I found this forum which is a HUGE help. And I am filling my head with as much knowledge and advise as I can absorb. Another thing, and in my opinion is what is helping me the most this time is Patience. Only he can make the choice to be clean and it is not easy for them. I have been doing a lot of listening and not a lot of talking. When he feels like ****, I draw him a bath. When he is feeling anxiety, I rub his back. Bottom line for me is, if they want to be off the drugs they will.
Avatar f tn about a 20-25 mg habit per day on and off for 3 years. So i decided to stop and used suboxone. I had 3 1/2 8mg films and cut them into 6-8 pieces. I started with 3 pieces per day a week before christmas. I slowly cut myself to 1 small piece per day...and yesterday I took my last piece. Will i suffer withdraw symptoms? I used a total of 28 mg this entire time...and also how long will it take to be out of my system?
211417 tn?1189759422 I am no longer obsessed with getting more pills and I never take too much or run out early. This I think will also help me learn how to take drugs as prescribed which is a huge deal for me. I am fortunate that my insurance is paying most of this. I don't pay anything for doctor visits or intensive outpatient (I have double coverage) and my co-pay for suboxone is $40. Before I was paying about $200 a month for my oxycodone.
Avatar f tn Suboxone and methadone are drugs that can turn lives around. I am currently on 53mg of methadone I am in the process of switching to suboxone a drug that's easier to get off of and is safer in my book. He will be able to live a normal life one with out stealing and lies. My advice is be supportive, most of these drugs require you have help thru their therapists and some have you attend support groups as well. It is commonly refered to as a suboxone program protecal.
480035 tn?1222369764 Yes i agree with you. Im not sure if i can stay clean with out it.So far i always go back after like 3 months clean.
Avatar m tn I want to ween with suboxones so i picked up ten of them. I understand i will have so rough days but how would you taper with this many? I can get more subs but would like to see if i can do it with this amount. Do i suck on these or eat them? Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn It takes A LOT of determination and before you know it you will have put the monster in its cage and have control of your life again and not have it run by a pill. You can do it and I think you know you can't stay on the road your on so I would call the doc first thing in the morning and get in to see him and take it from there. Keep posting and read peoples posts, there is so much you can learn from others. I went through wds, horrible wds, and the mental part caught me off guard.
Avatar f tn I've resently started using suboxone 2mg...and I do not want to continue to take it....but now I smell the almond scent I once smelled when fighting my previous addiction to oxycodone 30mg roxy...running nose...trouble sleeping, feels like I m back where I started....I want to be free from all toxicity.....what can I do?????
Avatar f tn There isn't anyone that can be trusted not to take the 30s themselves :) sad I know. I have back and neck problems but am ready to live with the pain versus not feeling much of anything I heard of a new drug called subutex.
Avatar n tn Day 2 and I feel sick...If I take suboxone during my 5 day sickness then stop all pills after 5th day will I have to go through this again?
Avatar n tn I take up to 150 MG a day of oxycodone, I am trying to get off because I feel as if I don't need the meds anymore, I have found a different non-narcotic to help ease the pain. I am not pain free but the oxycodone is worse than the pain I am in. I can't seem to get off the oxt though, I am experiencing extremely bad withdrawals, and I can't seem to get any help from my doctors. I have even tried to go to a detox, but I have to abuse the drug in order to get into the program.
Avatar f tn I don't think another pain doc will take you on if you go in asking for more oxycodone. What else do you do for the pain? Pills alone are not the way to go. There are gels, patches, ibuprofen, PT, procedures, etc. When you use several things together, you will usually get better pain relief. And of course, it's unlikely to ever get pain free. Snorting or shooting your meds in an IV is putting you on a very dangerous path that will not end well.
Avatar m tn Yes I have chronic pain too but found after getting clean that my pain was much more tolerable and when it does get bad I usually take Advil. I can't worry about the future, I will deal with it when it arrives but I am clean today and I'm doing ok. I agree with Vicki, you will have the best training available for dealing with opiates and addiction in general. I have a friend in NA that went to see his doctor and he really opened up to him about his addiction.