Can i take ativan with xanax

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Avatar n tn At this point, my plan is to reduce the amount of Ativan I take by 0.25 mg every week. Does that sound too risky? I cannot get an appointment with my doctor till February 20th so I need some feedback. Thank you.
Avatar f tn They are both very addictive along with every other benzodiazepine(valium,klonopin,ativan, librium,xanax) with xanax the one thing that can make it worse is the fact that if you abruptly stop using it you can have a siezure depening on your dose and how long you've been taking it. But in the end ativan and xanax basically rank about the same in my opinion, but you should really contact your prescribing doctor to get their opinion.
Avatar f tn How is ativan different than Xanax,I am to take 1 mg ativan 3 times aday was making it 8 hours between doses now because of my early wake up time or teh med not working as well im taking it like ever 5 to 6 hours''''''Could i be double dosing this way.....i can feel when the pills wears off its like the side of my head starts feeling wierd but im also being more dizzy lately....
414333 tn?1226195093 I never abused them and about 4 months ago with the advice of my quack I took the ativan with the Clonazepam 2mg/daily; I know stupid...(trust me I am paying for it now) I was never on high doses of clonazepam, I have never exceeded 0.75mg, my question is, I started the Ativan weaning in Feb, I am now down to 0.80mg from 2mg, so I have dropped 1.20mg in 3 months.... Does anyone know if I can taper at a rate of 10%?, or is that too fast...
Avatar m tn Both gave me horrible side effects. The she prescribed me .5 Ativan and Lexapro. Ativan works for a little bit but whenever I take .5 mg of Lexapro it seems to exaggerate the anxiety. I started taking the medications for 4 days now . Is it possible to have any withdrawal symptoms from taking Ativan? I am determined to find something like herbal supplements to help me with the anxiety. Please help me. Thank you.
Avatar n tn They are very addictive and even at low doses they can be dangerous to withdraw from. ativan is the same thing. I was pointing out to you that you should proceed, just with caution. I am a 45 year anxiety survivor. I know how we look for help, sometimes after years we take matters into our own hands and look for help ourselves. Yes ativan is a good medicine to treat anxiety and it does have a proper value in our community.
Avatar f tn I was recently prescribed Ativan for my anxiety, was told by my dr to take 1mg in the am and 1mg in the pm, my question is if i am fine during the evening hours do i take it? I don't want to get addicted to these pills as i just battled opiate addiction (200 days clean). I actually asked the dr for xanax and he told me this would be better since i am having the anxiety all day and that the Ativan can stay in my system without all the highs and lows.
Avatar n tn i ws anxiety over being anxiety everyday hated waking up knowing i was going to be anxiety, so he put me on klonopin, i took it twice a day (also had ativan but didnt take it ) after a 3 days i felt better ,after a week i felt like i could come off of it . i have been off two days now and am pretty much myself a little anxiety but now i can deal with it , so get something just to help you out to get where you can deal with it .
Avatar f tn I have been on xanax in the past and i felt that worked immediately, and i liked that i was able to take as needed, but with the Ativan i have to take it twice a day, I'm confused?? Also, i know its a tricky situation because i am newly recovered from opiates, but i just cant handle not taking anything.
7680419 tn?1399060411 I will make sure to do some research also but I wanted to know if ativan can help with coming off pain meds. I was prescribed this for several months a while ago but canceled it because I was talking it and nervous to take it. I did taken it a few times for anxiaty. Literally only a few. I don't even remember the last time i had one. And only twice the first time I tried to come off the norco before joining this site. Is it addictive? Can it help if not abused.
Avatar f tn I love this from the other thread you posted in. I think your doctor tell you what sort of anti anxiety medication you are on. ' do not take any benzodiazapines. they are addictive and withdrawal is terrible. ' Sorry if it disappoints you to hear that that is exactly what you are taken for you anxiety. They are addictive. Was on Xanax for years. Hooked on them. But am off them now.
Avatar n tn It did for me and was able to have a sense of relief for a few days with the ativan. I hope u do to. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I thought I was just feeling more panicky.
Avatar m tn BUT if I don't take those pills, I will not be able to drive, because I know I don't take the pills and my brain associate the pills with the fact that I can do smoething like driving my car or going to a public place... that's more than just addiction, it's destroying my life and my behaviors... In those 5 years on the Benzo meds, I was able to stop them for 2 months... Had to taper the Rivotril with the Valium... a very long process...
Avatar n tn My question is I take xanax as well to but always run out a week early bc..I have so many attacks and cannot funtion at all..I was wanting to know can i also see another dr to get klonapin to cover for me so i do not get withdrawls..I did this b4 last year..but the other dr stopped my klonapin bc he thought i was activaly trying to get preggers and i am not ne more..
Avatar f tn Once again, I can only echo mammos wise advice to call your doctor and follow his/her instuctions.
689267 tn?1235245349 I never hear anyone talk about it on here, so I have no idea what I am up against. I take 3-4 mgs. a day. Mainly early evening and then to help with sleep. Or, should I stay on it since it is working? Thanks for any advice!
Avatar m tn Fact is, I'm really not even sure if/which one I'm craving, But I know that in the afternooons I have to take something to get rid of the jitterbugs. I have an appointment with another doctor (addictionoligist) in a few days but if anyone could offer some advice here I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn can i go straight from xanax bars to ativan 2mg and have little to no wtdrawals. Or can i try going from xanax 2mgs to valium ten and experience no little to no withdrwals?
Avatar f tn I take Klonpin doc gives me 60 for the month, to help with stress. I am out of it right now have been on it for about 4 months now. My mother takes xanax have tried them to me there is not much difference in the two. Now buspar from what she said helped but made her sleepy I think but so does the xanax. Really amazes me how many are addicted to pills these days, please don't take it as a putting anyone down I am addicted to them myself, my mother takes a lot of pills as does my step father.
Avatar m tn No not doing this on my own I was prescribed by my new doctor ativan paxil and a beta blocker, but at the moment taking only the ativan cause I'm still trying to work my way up to take the paxil and the xanax I used to take before all these but it's not prescribed to me it's prescribed to my grandfather Inlaw but am only taking one of those every night to help with sleep and it does.
Avatar m tn please be carefull tapering off xanax, it can cause the seizures, i take ativan when nedded it does work great but i take only now and than like once every 3-6 months its not a long term drug neither is xanax , cant belive your dr has you on it at such a high dose, klonopin is a great long term drug, i took it for a short while and it was good, there is a guy on here his name is ryan under rca i think he knows all about these meds and can tell how to taper off the med saftey, i will look and see
Avatar f tn could i switch for a few days until my perscription is due? And if I can, how much xanax,and will there be any effects? Thx friends!!!
Avatar n tn s in a weeks time and terrified of the whole experience not just the flight. I have been prescribed 250mcg xanax. Dr has said to take up to 3 as initial dose to get on the plane and then 1 thereafter as needed. Am i able to relieve symptoms quickly and for how long. If I don't need it after the first day is it ok not to take or do I have to continue daily to get relief.
Avatar f tn I can't respond right now in the kind of detail I would like, but I HAVE to respond to your title question........... DO NOT TAKE ATIVAN AND XANAX TOGETHER!!!!!!! I will write to you tomorrow.
Avatar n tn toIt is really bad to take during your first trimester it can cause birth defects and seeing as though it causes birth defects in the first trimester i wouldn't be too keen to take it during the rest of your pregnancy either but talk to your doctor if it's really necessary and the benefits outweigh the risks then that's up to you and your doctor i used to take it before i started trying to conceive but stopped it before i got pregnant bcuz of the risks during the first trimester i use different
Avatar f tn I noticed that if I take .50 xanax at bedtime @ 10 pm, it knocks me out and the effect lasts through until the next afternoon, but it seems like when it wears off my anxiety is 10 times worse than it was before I started taking it. I don't want to take it again when it starts to wear off because it's too early and it makes me so tired, and if I take .25 I don't get any effect and have to take the additiona .50.
374690 tn?1224556189 All I can say is NEVER stop on your own and NEVER EVER drink with benzos, thank GOD I quit drinking 6 years ago this month. You have take responsibility for wanting to quit and be honest with your doctor. ll It can be done weaning safely. BE HONEST...we all know benzos are highly addictive, (klonopin, valium, temazepam, xanax)...all will turn on you at some point. Remember never c/d on your may wake up dead.
Avatar f tn I totally understand wat ur sayin but i wud never abuse my meds for the simple fact im already scared of them ne ways plus i try not to even take the xanax everyday but i have no choice. I was on them wen i was around 20 for 7 tears and cold turkey stopped them dur to bein preganant i jus started them again a lil less then a year ago.I havr tried ativan and dont like and have been offered klonopoin but im petrified of them or ne new med ive never tried.
Avatar f tn I was taking 4 perc with like 3 vodka cranberry and 1 mg long acting Xanax Like I said the short acting Xanax help with w/d but I have no more just my long acting which I was thinking if I did not take it last night I could use it to get through day But no sleep last night read boards got scared cut Xanax in half took at 10 and will take other half at night But calling doc now