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Avatar n tn Hello, Bystolic does not help in ED and noted interactions between Cialis and Bystolic include erectile dysfunction also. You should take Bystolic only in the prescribed dosages. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn I have cardiomyopathy. Started out on Ramipril and Coreg Cr and had ED problems. Doc switched me to Bystolic 2.5. ED is not much improved. Just learned from one site that the incidence of ED on Bysyolic is higher than Coreg Cr for my age group, 64 year old male. Anyone have a similar experience with these two drugs? considering getting Viagra, or whatever my PCP thinks is best. I will do more research and speak to my cardiologist.
Avatar n tn A combination of both psychological reasons and the Bystolic? It is hard for me to imagine that my ED would be due to low testosterone or some physiological cause. I am in excellent shape and after all I am young (27). I get health insurance through my new employer February 1st. of this year. I am going to find a general practitioner and get a physical as soon as possible. Have you ever heard of someone at 27 having to take Cialis or Viagra?
Avatar m tn I have been on Diovan, Diovan HCT, Exforge, Norvasc by itself, and was recently put on Bystolic. I am 6'0" and weigh 210lbs. I participate in a high energy interval cardiovascular class two or three days a week and lift weights two to three days a week. Before starting the bystolic I was Rx'd 10mg of Norvasc once a day, my bp readings were around 130/90 to 120/76, occasionally spiking as high as 145/95 and dropping to 110/70.
Avatar f tn I developed excessive congestion in my throat. My EP swithed me over to Bystolic.. 5 mgs daily and it is a more pulmonary or lung friendly beta blocker. I found out that it is the beta blocker most pulmonary doctors recommend it their patients need beta blockers... However there is no generic for Bystolic and it is more expensive... I sure do like it better than the Metorpolol though... its worth the extra cost..
Avatar m tn meds and bp issues, willl cause ED. never take meds more than reccommended by doctor, it can cause side effects.
343006 tn?1314450071 as well nightmares and vivid dreams come from bystolic and verapamil both. or its just iv been on them to long and iv become imune to them all. so they dont as well. and the side effects come on more so than before ? im ok if I take verap at 60 to 80mg at night - and 1/4 pill of clonadine at low doseage b.p drops and can sleep ,but still have nightmares and vivid dreams most times !
Avatar m tn My Dr just this week put me on Bystolic for high bp, he said the percentage of ED is extremely low and should help me out. I'm 50 years old and just got married in june and really enjoy a healthy sex life, but the meds causing ED is driving me out of my mind. Even Viagra and Cialis wont work all the time, can anyone help? Will the Bystolic help? Thanks for any help on this matter.
2041376 tn?1329911057 Have been admitted to ED several times but all tests come back normal and no-one seems to know whats going on...Have been told I have to learn to live with it!!!!!! Has anyone else had an experience like this...I'm currently waiting for a review with a new cardiologist...Oh and I'm only 38...
Avatar n tn Because the trigger(s) are close to the sinus node, precise and high density mapping is needed and the ablation catheter needs to be stable in order for the ablation to be successful without damaging the sinus node. For that reason, cryo or magnetic tip catheters are often used because they will attach the catheter tip to a spot precisely even if the heart is pumping.
Avatar f tn By this time I am on 5 B/P meds Lasix, Aldactone, Bystolic, Cardizem, and Clonidine. I am now olny working 24-32 hrs at my ED job and had to quit my flight job. I have not slept in a bed more than 7 nights in last 6 wks. I have gained 24lbs all in my belly since 12-1-07. I still have diahrrea , SOB, and pitting edema in my LE with any extertion. I had a CT of my abdomen last week. It showed a complex multiocular cystic mass right ovary with multiple septations 8.8cm by 4.2cm.
343006 tn?1314450071 Thank you so much for your kind help ! Im haveing so much pain tonight with these two idoit drugs bystolic and verapamil. cant stop my muscular system from going into spasums ! back sides and belly.. I had to take a vicodin to hopefully stop it . all I do is burp giant burps ! and then it stops the pains for seconds and restarts again.. been threw this meny times before from beta blockers ! I got online and read the info on the fillers and printed copys out.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your feedback, and I'll try to repsond to several of the issues you raise. 1) Bystolic and metoprolol (generic of Toprol) are both beta blockers and it doesn't appear that either alone would keep me in nsr. The flecainide worked great at 100 mg 2x per day but became less effective when I cut the dose to 50 mg 2x per day and then had to quit altogether with the side effects of tremoring, anxiety, and an over-hyped central nervous system.
Avatar n tn It sounds like your symptoms are still quite severe and I recommend returning to the ED to get immediate additional assistance. This is a potentially life threatening condition and should be immediately addressed. Your anatomic variat from prior surgery clearly changes the dynamics of the situation.
Avatar f tn It can be taken with a calcium channel blocker which I would not discontinue or exclude from angina treatment as it has been shown to reduce the angina (and spasms/narrowing that cause the ischemia which leads to pain). Bystolic interferes with adrenaline and that response on the heart demand. It has shown very favorable results. Elavil: I would also suggest that you try nighttime low dose( 25 mg)of this drug that helps the brain's response to pain.
712042 tn?1254572809 After 2 ½ years of problems ( mainly shortness of breath on exertion) and after many interventions and tests which were all negative, including two left and right cardiac caths, I was referred to Emory University Hospital interventional cardiology. I underwent another cath as a way of a diagnosis by exclusion. They were pretty confident of the diagnosis they were to confirm.
Avatar n tn Another big factor is how twisted and turned your arteries are. Ed gives great advice, center on reduction of stress, lose weight if you need to, control diabetes, and find a heart healthy diet that matches your lifestyle, and above all, exercise daily aerobically for at least 1/2 hour daily.
712042 tn?1254572809 My main cardiac drugs are Cardizem ED 120mg 2x day for vasospasm, Bystolic 5 mg 1 x day which relieves edema ( and helps vasodilation), nitro patches 0.18 ( three 0.6mg patches) during the day and reducing down nitro to one 0.4mg patch for nighttime coverage and recovery of enyzmes to handle nitro. I have been on this regime since 2008.I manage this cardiac dysfunction well. I am otherwise healthy but have signs of diastolic dysfunction and a developing floppy mitral valve as I am 68.
995271 tn?1463927859 They found nothing wrong except PVC's and PAC's. So I called my family DR and told them what was going on and they told me to go back to the ER. Well, I was so tired of dealing with it I called the Cleveland Clinic in OH and they got me in the next day. Had to drive 6 hours to get there but I heard it was one of the best places to go. They were so nice and took a lot of time with me. They ran all the necessary tests and then I spoke to the DR at the end of the visit.
Avatar m tn Since then I have spent the past several months researching the why and how behind this puzzling problem and behind my own constant physical discomfort relating to my dysfunctional nose. What I have discovered was startling to myself, and to many of scientists and doctors that I have discussed it with. For the past several years, and up until about 6 months ago I suffered from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, a condition which dramatically lowered my quality of life.
1703392 tn?1307454100 Hi - sounds like you and I have lots in common! I am 40, and have been dealing with episodic PVCs for the past 6 months. I used to only experience periodic PVCs, but now the episodes last for hours at a time, and I often have trigeminy (every 3rd beat). Like yourself, I also had a bad episode caught on an ECG while visiting the ER - not fun! The sensation is terrible, and I have been working hard to train myself to ignore them, and try and prevent my mind from going into overdrive...
1701959 tn?1488555141 I have been on this forum since 2002 I have nsvt, svt and pvcs and pacs and yes I am very heart aware.. It makes me crazy.... and my doctors too. I do see a counsler for it have for years sometimes im good sometimes not so good. With ten yrs under my belt I have mellowed some with it, but if I have a bad run it sends me through the roof. some folks dont pay attention or they just think its normal.. I wish I could be more like that.
622511 tn?1373575103 ) Six months later, the irregularity is back. Also back is Warfarin and a new beta-blocker, Bystolic. The message is: get a good electrophysiologist to map your heart properly and get the least invasive procedure possible to minimize your discomfort. Then give your heart time to heal properly. Here's hoping for your success, John S.
Avatar f tn I had low grade fever, joint pain and swelling, headache and fatigue. I had several rounds of oral steriods and a course of IV steroids in Dec 2007. I had some improvement in the join symptoms, but other symptoms persisted with addition of constant diahrrea, stetorrhea, and persistent hypokalemia no matter how much KCL I took, and also accelerated HTN, swelling of my lower extremities, and SOB. I also had elevated Creatnine up to 2.0.
356518 tn?1322267242 We welcome new members here everyday and alot of times new members will sit back and observe and read awhile before posting. By introducing yourself it helps us members get to know you and also welcome you to our wonderful community we have. We not only support each other with pain issues but with everyday life and how the pain effects it. We have all had days when just need to vent and express out feelings toward dealing with pain and how it effects every single aspect of out lives.
Avatar n tn Today I panicked and called the paramedics who came and did a 12 lead and they said normal sinus with one ectopic and so I didn't go back to the ER. I had a normal echo 3 years ago. I already don't eat caffeine or sugar. Please reassure or sympathize with me. I'm going insane and have no idea what's causing this out of the blue. Why would they suddenly increase for no reason whatsoever?
Avatar n tn They have hooked me up w/ a hematologist for follow-up on this (and he is monitoring my Coumadin for the next 3-6 months). He is running other tests to make sure that I do not have anti-beta 2 glycoprotein 1 instead of anticardiolipin. Evidently, the test he ran 1st is not a specific test? For some reason, the anti-beta would be worse? I don't really understand all of this.
Avatar n tn I went to my regular physician the next day and she x-ray-ed my chest and told me I had a Bronchial infection, but the next day when I called to say the headache just kept coming back I was told I had pneumonia (pockets, nothing much to worry about).I went for another visit and she kept wanting to give me pain shots and put me on 750 mg LEVIQEN for 5 days, it's very harsh. Three weeks later I'm still having headache, nausea, and my chest hurts.
Avatar n tn I also have that annoying warm sensation that is in my right leg and it moves from my ankle and up about 4inches and seems to be very frequent. I too thought it was a little heater under the seat of my car that was warming my leg-but the heat was not on. Also, the balls of my feet are burning along with this sensation. I need to know what this is?