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Avatar n tn Recently, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. I thought my problem was from stress, but the Dr. said it wasn't. She prescribed Bystolic 5 mg. (to slow heart down) and coumadin 5 mg. I take these 2 pills at night, because that was when I usually got these episodes of a "racing heart", which would last 3 hrs. or more. She said my condition was more like "an aging heart".....which, I am 77 yrs. old and never had a problem before.
Avatar m tn Rushed to an emergency clinic, after EKG and blood routines I was diagnosed Lone atrial Fibrillation. My original heart rate recovered and I was released without any prescription. I couldn't understand how serious my disease was until I searched it up in internet. Now I am very pessimistic about my future. Am I going to have those attacks so frequently. What other problems, medications and surgeries are waitng for me? Will somebody please help?
Avatar n tn I am way too young for heart problems, and the stress is what is bothering me most! Can stress and anxiety cause Atrial Fibrillation??
Avatar n tn 6hrs later afib triggered when quickly rolling over on my back in bed. During afib I had paralysis in my arms and my face around the mouth, jaw and throat. I was defibbed then sent home. afterwards: shortness of breath and slight paralysis in my arms and head. back to ER where they found Pulmonary Embolism, they monitored me for 3 days on blood thinners and sent me home. The paralysis is worse and now I'm disoriented like waking up from passing out.
Avatar n tn he recommended that i not go through with an ablation procedure at this point. since i've only experienced the AF once, and the bystolic seems to be doing a good job, he recommends that i make some lifestyle changes (diet, lose some weight, stress techniques, etc) and see if i can't kick the arryhthymia that way. he was very straight-forward with me about everything, so i was very appreciative. i'm glad i don't need a procedure, and am ready to start the long journey!
Avatar m tn You can have long pauses which may cause fainting, and runs of bradycardia (or a heart rate of 60 during exercise - just weird stuff), and often atrial fibrillation as well. Postural tachycardia manifests with a normal heart rate except when standing up. It's probably caused by excess adrenaline levels causing dilated blood vessels, which will cause low blood pressure and tachycardia when standing.
Avatar f tn In the widest useful sense supraventricular tachycardia includes abnormal sinus tachycardia, ectopic atrial tachycardia, atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter and junctional tachycardia. Often, however, in a clinical setting, SVT is used practically as a synonym for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT). This term refers to those SVTs that have a sudden, almost immediate onset and are regular.
Avatar f tn Glad you are able to have an outlet to express your experience with P.O.T.S.! Saw on your blog you also were diagnosed with atrial fibrillation- have you read up on that yet? I recently tried something myself that reduces heart rate- Bystolic and though I was on a low dose, it reduced my blood pressure too much, so I had to quit. I was diagnosed with P.O.T.S. and I.S.T. back in 2004.
Avatar n tn This was all due to a chest infection I had back in February that the doc thought sent me into atrial fibrillation. He thinks now it might have been a fluke due to the infection, but wants me to stay on the bystolic for a year to help keep my BP down. Anyway, that's just for background. Since I've been on the bystolic pretty much, I've had discomfort that seems to center in my left arm. I don't have what most describe as angina in the chest area, mainly just the left arm.
Avatar f tn i also had to stay in the hospital because of a fast heart rate, but they diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation. i think the constant awareness of my heartbeat makes me think that it's pounding, and is a side effect of the beta blockers. i started off on metoprolol, but am now on bystolic, which has a lot less nasty side effects for me.
Avatar m tn Within an hour of taking the medication in the morning they would start back up again. I switched to bystolic and it doesn't seem to do it as consistently, but if my heart rate gets really slow or if I increase the dose of bystolic (try to take 10mg vs 5), they start back up again. The only thing I can figure is when your heart rate slows it makes it more likely to get ectopic beats. It's been happening to me for 8 years now and I'm still here.
687614 tn?1244201579 One of your numbers threw me, the 168/106, did you mean 168-106, i.e., HR in that range? I have a high HR due to Atrial Fibrillation and find a Metoprolol helps slow it down, in the 70s when really at rest, like when I just wake up and am still in bed. Otherwise it runs in the 80s at rest and around 100 with light exercise, e.g., walking.
Avatar m tn it will start beating around 105 and skip every third or forth beat and do it all night long and then the next day its fine for another 30 or 40 days what could be causing this. its really about to get the best of me.
Avatar f tn My cardiologist put me on cardia, bystolic, metropolol, and flecanaide, all of which made my symptoms worse. My condition has continued to worsen with constant, uncomfortable sensations of squeezing, pressure, burning in my chest area and debilitating fatigue if any exertion occurs such as exercise, walking, etc. The intensity of these sensations is directly effected by movement, enthusiasm, etc. The only time they do not bother me is when I sit still, like a statue.
1316391 tn?1274973940 And forgot to add...had no problems at all.
Avatar m tn this is why i will never get an ablation done. i have atrial fibrillation and i am very symptomatic but i am not in shape and i do not intend to exercise. it does go away after 2 hours,sometimes it can last longer. PS - have AFib and you are 23 yrs old?
Avatar m tn Prior to that I was in normal sinus rhythm with an underlying atrial fibrillation problem. In any case I was able to run, and my resting HR was about 60 when in NSR. The surgery was required due to an ongoing enlargement of my left atrium (possible cause of AFib) due to a leaky mitral valve. I also underwent a mini-maze procedure while my heart was open to stop the AFib. Following surgery my HR was high, I think in the 70s don't really recall, and my heart was in NSR.
Avatar m tn ) my new cardiologist wants me to take Metoprolol instead of Propafenone and he says that beta blockers are lot safer than Anti-Arrhythmia medications . I've tried Nebilet and Bystolic also Isoptin SR 240 mg and my PVCs were still there but with Propafenone I don't feel them anymore . Is metoprolol working for your PVCs ?
Avatar f tn After the episode of apnea, breathing may be faster (hyperpnea) for a period of time, a compensatory mechanism to blow off retained waste gases and absorb more oxygen. Researcher have found there is an association between atrial fibrillation (AF) and central sleep apnea. A study found that the prevalence of atrial fibrillation among patients with central sleep apnea was significantly higher than the prevalence among patients with obstructive sleep apnea or no sleep apnea (27%, 1.7%, and 3.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your response. It's funny because I have been doing just that.....thinking more about my skips now. Last night was the first night that I didn't take it and then tonight of course I do take it. I keep imagining myself going into hysterics-I even put my Xanax in my purse just incase! Oy vey, what's a girl to do. I am going to try and be brave as this is something I asked for, so I need to be a big girl and bite the bullet. Thanks again for encouragement.
102999 tn?1326859384 Atrial flutter is considered worse than atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation and flutter in combination with WPW is dangerous and in some cases as malignant as their ventricular counterparts (if the extra pathway is conducting very rapidly). The danger with supraventricular arrhythmias is if they get so rapid that cardiac output is low.
Avatar f tn I'm currently trying Zoloft, Xanax and Bystolic (very low dose). Nothing seems to work. Everybody thinks this is a mental issue (including my wife) which really makes me upset. Not sure if the meds are making it worse or what to do at this point. For now, I go to work (very hard to get through the day) come home, shower and go to bed. I have tried exercise, diet, weight loss, relaxation tapes, Stess programs and NOTHING works. I've tried MagOX as the DR told me and still suffer.
Avatar f tn I take these medications to reduce my high HR driven by atrial fibrillation. So, my experienced isn't a direct match to your question, but do have experience with high dose Metoprolol and share that with you. The high dose minerals should have no bad side effects, well I'd guess nothing worse than maybe constipation.
Avatar n tn Hi Erin, I don't think your problem has much at all to do with your psyche, I just wanted to put forward the possiblity that you might get caught up in that circuitous loop if the worry gets intense. My block does show up on an ECG but only during the EP study, not under normal conditions. If you had/have AVNRT, you feel your hear beat really fast, right?
1298588 tn?1330322581 I didn't know sinus tachycardia due to anxiety can cause this. It's seen in people with chronic tachycardia (almost all of them have unregulated atrial fibrillation) with a constant heart rate of 150 or so. I bet your heart rate is nice and slow at night, and when you are not worried. The heart rate is always slower than what you think. When I was really anxious and never felt my heart rate was below 90, I had a Holter test. My 24 hour average was 74 (and that included one hour of exercise).
Avatar n tn I had a similar situation with the tachy taking on the form of a brief atrial fibrillation event triggered by digestion (the focus has since been 90% removed by ablation and these types of events have ceased to occur anymore). As the good doc here just about suggested, an event monitor could document the tachycardia and help a cardiologist diagnose the problem.
Avatar f tn I had ablation for atrial fibrillation. After that, which appears to be successful, I had lots of PAC's. They sucked until I learned that 500mg of sodium per day would ultimately solve my problem. Try it out for yourself - over the counter. Can't hurt. Worked like a miracle for me!
Avatar n tn My heart went into atrial fibrilation. That turned out to be my first, and hopefully last, ambulance ride to the ER. So, in the hospital, I laid there wide awake waiting for someone to tell me that I needed emergency open heart surgery. But that order never came. Six hours later the A-fib ceased and my heart regained its normal sinus rhythm. After a few crazy tests I was given the thumbs-up. It has been explained to me many times how the heart flutters. But not why.
Avatar n tn Today I panicked and called the paramedics who came and did a 12 lead and they said normal sinus with one ectopic and so I didn't go back to the ER. I had a normal echo 3 years ago. I already don't eat caffeine or sugar. Please reassure or sympathize with me. I'm going insane and have no idea what's causing this out of the blue. Why would they suddenly increase for no reason whatsoever?
61536 tn?1340701763 Have you ever exeprienced bigeminy, trigeminy, couplets, triplets, NSVT or VT? Yes - and a recent event monitor showed a run of 8 that may have been atrial fibrillation. 11. Do you have a pacemaker or ICD? no 12. Do you (or have you ever) taken medication to help control your PVCs? If so, did it help, make them worse or cause no change? I used to take atenolol and now am on 50mg of Toprol XL. 13.