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2177189 tn?1337558922 I've been told there are not side effects but after speaking to fellow pacemaker buddies it seems 6/10 have horrible, debilitating side effects. Are there any alternatives or possibly a safer beta blocker? Is there another, safer pill that can stop the SVT? Oh and my concern about medicine is because I'm only 26 and worried about long term percussions.
Avatar f tn I have read about implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) and a procedure called catheter ablation and would be keen to hear if these might be potential solutions or how I could find out if he was suitable. Please help as I really want him to have a chance at alternatives to this half life he is currently lost in. Thank you.
179332 tn?1273250959 Metoprolol-years then taken off because I experienced side effects and BP was way up Bystolic 5mg - felt better for a little while then mad allergic reaction Avapro-2 wks ago....nightmare, taken off Micardis-last week...once again nightmare, taken off Amlidopine-4 days ago..tremors, chest pounding uncontrollably Atenolol-as of today...dye free need help too, the swelling of the face and tongue along with the bumps are just too much to take anymore.
Avatar n tn Up to this point, the sensation has only been on the inner right thigh...occasionally, slightly lower around the inside of the knee and slightly below it. What really scares me is the fact that I cannot financially afford to go get it checked out. As I told a friend, I'll probably have to wait until it becomes an emergency and head for the emergency room. He said if it's a clot and it becomes an "emergency", it might be too late to head to the hospital.