Bupropion overdose death

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Avatar f tn With the addiction may come tolerance and with an increase in dosage comes increased risk of overdose and death. We see this all too often in teenagers and young adults as well as people who have previously had a bout with addiction including alcohol and drugs. Physical Dependence on the other hand is the body's reaction to the drug, the ensuing dependence and withdrawal symptoms if the drug is stopped.
Avatar n tn I have researched xanax at my work because I administer medications daily to my clients and was so surprised that Xanax can cause coma, death and even seizures. I am scared for his life. I have tried to understand when he says "baby, i cant quit, it hurts too much, I just have to live with it.All the pain goes away when i pop that lil pill, you just don't understand." But I want to understand, I just don't know how to.