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Avatar n tn Do I need to wait the requisite 6 - 12 hours after last dose of Temegesic (Bup) before I apply the Duragagesic (fentanyl). In the past I had to do so when switching from vicodin to Temegesic. Or are the two compatablile? Much Thanks.
Avatar n tn Incidentally, she reminded me that she was on the patch for a while but thought it was morphine instead of Fentanyl. I don't remember as she's been on so many meds that I can't keep track of them. She liked the IV machine with the push button the best. I watched her nurse change the morphine casette one day and was amazed at the size of the thing! It looked like it might hold four oz. or so. Yeah, I hope you never have to be in the pain my poor wife has endured for six years.
230262 tn?1316649534 I don't know where you get the information that Buprenorphine doesn't work for pain, but I'm afraid that isn't true. In fact, the first mainstream use for Buprenorphine was in labor delivery. It's an extremely potent analgesic and is much stronger milligram for milligram than morphine. Also, ANY doctor can prescribe Suboxone OR Subutex for pain, not just those that have special opiate dependence DEA numbers. For many people, Buprenorphine provide substantial pain relief.
Avatar f tn Personally, I think for most people tolerance builds a little bit faster on short-acting medications because the medication peaks rather quickly (30-60 mins vs. 2 hours for ER meds) and stays at the peak level for a very short amount of time (30 mins vs.
Avatar n tn I think there is a misconception out there that 50 mg of painkiller A is equivalent to 50 mg of painkiller B in terms of potency, half-life, withdrawal, etc. This is just not true. The quantity matters when making comparisons, as does the method of administration (oral vs injected vs snorted vs smoked). Just google "equianalgesic table" and you will see what I mean.
Avatar f tn for long lasting strong potency pain relief, and sinec you admitt that you have an addiction to hydros you might as well ty suboxone or subutex, the main drug in it is buprenorphine, which is 25-40% stronger than morphine, so its quite potent, suboxone tablets are taken by placing the octagon pilll under the tongue adn elrtting it dissolve into your veins under your tongue, if you takes it a different eay like orally or shoot it up it will render the buprenorphine uselss and the other drug in su
Avatar n tn For my part, I'm still weighing the pluses and minuses of methadone or ORLAAM vs. buprenorphine. There's a research and treatment group operating out of UCLA called MATRIX that has opiate-addicted individuals both detoxing and maintaining on buprenorphine.
Avatar n tn you might have a bad reaction w/ the main drug buprenorphine, since both are posing problems but i beleive that the subutex was given to soon after suboxone was in your system...suboxones main chemical buprenorphine is very potent and a mixed agonist/antagonist opioid so it will bind tightly to the receptors and fight any other opiate/opioid competing to come on, so it rarely loses,...
Avatar n tn I am also on buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is not a success story, it is stratagy of harm reduction. It definately less addicting than other opiates and you can function much better on it. But when you boil it down to it's essence, you are just trading one drug for another. All things considered, if you must be an opiate addict, use buprenorphine, it will get you as close as possible to being a "normal" person.
666151 tn?1311117976 In this article I will use the name ‘Suboxone’ because of the common reference to the drug, but in all cases I am referring to the use and actions of buprenorphine in either form. The unique effects of buprenorphine can be attributed to the drug’s unique molecular properties. First, the partial agonist effect at the receptor level results in a ‘ceiling effect’ to dosing after about 4 mg, so that increased dosing does not result in increased opiate effect beyond that dose.
Avatar n tn Hi and welcome. Duragesic patches contain a Schedule II narcotic,Fentanyl, which will readily be picked up in a screen. In fact, any opiate or narcotic will be detected, depending on how sensitive the test is. Most companies use sensitive testing methods. The anti-inflammatory or n-saids (Ibuprofen or aleve) are over the counter and may or may not control your pain, and they aren't narcotics and of course don't require a script. (so if they show up in the screen, it would be okay).
Avatar n tn pharmdee, that's what you get going online before you've had your coffee. Subutex is buprenorphine, the kappa agonist. Suboxone is buprenorphine plus, favorite of every junkie (LOL), nalaxone, a potent opiate antagonist. The nalaxone is there to render Suboxone useless for injection. Suboxone is not the first med to include nalaxone to discourage injection. Talwin NX tabs also contain nalaxone. I've been told that Suboxone is only available for a 5-day detox, not maintenance.
Avatar m tn With the butrans patch I can't imagine that you'll have any withdrawal symptoms at all. Buprenorphine is a vey potent partial agonist narcotic and is the active ingredient in Subutex and Suboxone. The Butrans patch has been used for pain management in Europe for several years and was FDA approved in the US this year. I assume your doctor told you how to take the clonidine appropriately if you experience withdrawal.
Avatar m tn I dont feel like ive relapsed in the sense of using vs not using.
Avatar m tn I wonder if it was called by its true name(Buprenorphine) if the same amount of people would turn to it. In my opinion the problem is with the marketing, although some people say they had no w/d's, Ive met many more that have questioned whether or not it was appropriate or not. In time I believe we will get a clearer understanding of how and when it should be used, atleast that is my hope.
Avatar n tn What is Buprenex? Is it Buprenorphine? How does it help a detox? How long do you stay on it to detox? Thanks H.
538697 tn?1218415082 2mg.............Buprenorphine (Bupe) 200mg............Codeine (Tylenol 2, 3, 4, etc) 30-60mg.........Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) (orally it = morphine, IV/IM/insuffilated it's 2x as strong) 100mg............Dihydrocodeine 30mg..............Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lorcet, etc) 7.5mg.............Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) 37.5µg............Fentanyl (not sure on this one, anyone know the oral dose equivalence for Fentanyl?) 4mg................Levorphanol (Dromoran) 300mg............
Avatar n tn my husband who was in a car wreck and is totally disabled is on a variety of narcotics...oxy, fentanyl and Kadian. We shot up the Kadian together and now he is going thru this hell with me because unbeknownst to me, when i shot him up, he immediately developed a tolerance and experienced withdrawel just as I am. I am taking care of him...I was a nurse for almost 15 years and lost my license because of suspected narcotic use....we sell what he doesnt use and live comfortably ...
Avatar n tn i too am a huge proponent of weening. i think cold turkey is way too hard especially if kicking methadone, sub, or oxy. i think hydro is a LITTLE easier than oxy but it is by no means easy. i, on numerous occasions, have had to hand my pills over to my mom to administer them to me so i have at least some each day and after the first couple days of weening it gets much easier. plus you may be feeling like **** for several hours but at least you get to look forward to not feeling bad.
Avatar m tn as far as the drug companies, i hate the fact they have meds to help cancer patients, but they are unable to get them. that is also the fda's fault. i did not do my homework on the fentanyl and trusted my doctor. boy that was a mistake. i don't understand why they don't make smaller doses of fentanyl to help wean people. lesson learned by me. all in all it does come down to accountability to ourselves. we need to do our homework.
Avatar n tn The medication is buprenorphine (brand name Buprenex). In the US it is only available in injection form. It is great for detoxing off other narcotics without withdrawal. It is also very good for pain. If you want to know more, post again.
Avatar n tn My advice to you is to go back on the Ultram or a narcotic for a period of time and taper your dosage down by about 10% every few days. Or, if you can get access to it, get buprenorphine prescribed through a detox doctor or program. It will enable you to clear the Ultram off your opiate receptors and can then be withdrawn with little or no ill effects. Any more questions, please post. Good luck.