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Avatar n tn I have had a couple of bumps on my inner thighs. I was thinking it was a pimple without the whitehead so I squeezed it and blood squirt out. This has started to happen every so often in the last 6 months or so. The bumps last for a couple of weeks. Sometimes puss comes out. I have darkening on my inner thighs as well. Does anyone know what this is ? has anyone else ever experienced this ? What can I do for it ?
Avatar m tn Hey, i have had these red bumps varying in size on my thighs face, uper chest and uper back (not groin) for almost a year now. They look like bug bites, or possibly staff infection. I have been to a doctor once and he gave me doxycycline. It seemed to reduce the number of bumps but after it seems to have gotten worse. Currently i have about 30 of only on my thighs and on my calfs. They don't seem all that itchy at least i dont really notice them to much but they are tender to the touch.
Avatar n tn i have had bumps on the inside of my thighs for the last few weeks...they come and they look like pimples...but theyre not sore. i have tried poping them and some of them were ingrown hairs but others aren't i dont have the money to go check it out to see what else they could be so i was just wondering what the possibles could be. I dont think its warts or anything that permanant maybe it is. but from what ive researched theyre not.
Avatar f tn I noticed yesterday that I have bumps on my inner thighs (mostly on the right side). I am highly concerned about this. Lately I have not been bathing as I should do to personal depression and stresses I have been encountering. Can this be a result of that? Also a few weeks ago I noticed a big puss filled bump above my private region. I popped it and puss and blood came out. I think perhaps my eating habits or something is off because I'm getting bumps also on my face and back.
Avatar n tn I know this may sound strange but today I noticed tiny red bumps on my thighs, that almost appeared to look like a rash. There were also a couple of small pimples there. Then I noticed that I had the same tiny red bumps on my left buttocks along with 3 pimples. The pimples look just like simple red pimples. I have had acne in that region a long time ago so I didn't think too much of it but now I'm over thinking it and worrying. I have not been in any high risk sexual situations recently.
Avatar n tn Since I was very young, I have had these small, pimple like bumps on my thighs. They look like blackheads, but they only become sores when I try to pop them. I have never had acne on my face, or any other body part, not even as a teenager, but my outer thighs have always had bumps on them. I've tried every ointment and skin treatment out there with no success. I did find, however, that when I tan in a tanning bed, they seem to go away. I know I can't stay in the tanning bed, so please help...
Avatar f tn hi.im 27 years old for the past 5 years i have had red bumps on the inner thighs of my legs,they look a bit like pimples or ingrown hairs but are dry and flake,they appear in the same spot on each leg.at first i thought it was the way i walked and my pants rubbing.i have been 2 all sorts of doctors and no one can help,had biopsys and they came back unknown and not a fungal infection.help please.
Avatar f tn about 3 months ago i found some flesh colored bumps on my thighs. they went away.. well now they are back. they are flesh colored and they sonetimes itch. they are also small until i pick at them and i think they have spread. :( they are not on my genitals tho. just my inner thighs. just need some answers. they dont look like any genital warts i have seen. im getting scared. when i pick at them they bleed quiet a bit and they scab over..
Avatar f tn About a month ago I noticed a medium sized red bump on my upper inner thigh near but not on my genitals, I assumed it was razor burn and didn't think of it again. A few days later I noticed a few more bumps on that side and also a few bumps on my other upper inner thigh, these also being near but not on my genitals. There is a small cluster on my right inner thigh but there are other bumps that are not in clusters.
Avatar f tn I have developed a few bumps on my inner thighs during the last few days. The first was on my groin towards my butt. It swole to about the size of a marble before I noticed it, it popped almost immediately after I found it and released a yellowish white pus. Today I found another slightly larger blemish on my inner thigh. It is almost maroon in color that is lighter towards the top. I tried to pop it but only a small amount of blood came out.
Avatar f tn I have small red bumps on the backs of my thighs that can be quite itchy. Sometimes they're not really sore but at times they can flare up and appear red and angry. I've tried not shaving, moisturisers and exfoliation but nothing has worked.is there anything medical this could be?
Avatar f tn ive noticed that for about the past 7 months ive been having these medium size red bumps on the back of my upper thighs and at first i thought maybe they were acne but it hasnt gone away. theyre not itchy nor painful. im wondering what they are and if there is any way to treat them. Thank you.
540093 tn?1279825434 I've had these red bumps on my thighs and a couple on my groin area for awhile now and they don't seem to be going away.. I've actually seen two different doctors about it and they told me two different things. One told me that it's possibly HPV, and she was applying acid on them which wasn't too fun and the other one told me it was something like moluscom? They're very small and almost look like shaving bumps and itch at times.
Avatar n tn i have little red bumps on my upper thighs and buttocks. i can't figure out if they are ingrown hairs or what. how do i get rid of them?
Avatar f tn i have had these bumps on my inner thighs. they're sort of pimple like and can be extremely painful. i can't really pop them even though some of the bumps have "white heads" because of the pain factor. sometimes they make it hard to walk around. i'd really like to know what they are. i've gotten checked for HIV and other STD's and i'm clean. I also sometimes get these bumps around my underarm/armpit area but lower on the underarm (if that makes sense).
Avatar f tn i found that i have about a doxen little bumps inbetween my thighs that kind of look like miniature moles more than anything else. i know its not syphillis cause i googled it but i cant find an answer to what it is. its only on the area in the folds of my thighs, not my genitals. i think it might be a rash but im not 100% sure. please help!
Avatar n tn hi, I am having this small little bumps on left inner thighs. These bumps or (you can say small pimples) there are some white stuff inside very small.Then three or four (bump or pimples) join together. They burst and leave a skin reddish.It is very ichy and i got this 6 times in this year. I went to the doctor and he told me that it is becoz of sweating. The place i am living now it is pretty warm.
Avatar n tn For some time now i have been getting small and mildly painful bumps on my thighs. At first they start lightly red, like pimples, and when they "dry", they leave black marks on my skin. I tried squeezing a few and a black head comes out, but the skin remains black or dark colored, or like a small skin-tone scar. I have only been getting them in my inner thighs, always in a different place, they started near my genital area but each new one that comes is farther appart from that area.
Avatar n tn I have small red bumps on my shin where my socks overlap and on my knees and anterior and lateral thighs. They have been present now for over two weeks and on the shin areas several broad and irregular flat red areas have developed. on the thighs, several whitish and keratotic type flat areas have occured. Not much itching and they get less red with 1% hydrocrtisone cream but do not go away This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I'm not sexually active, but within the last year or so, I've noticed these bumps. they are only on the inner thighs and not in the vaginal area. Lately, some of them will swell to about the size of a grape and become very painful, then will go away. I can't have an STD unless it's something surface transmitted or by genes, obviously. The only thing it seems to resemble is syphillis. I don't want to go to the doctor for no reason because he doesn't want to see me.