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Avatar n tn every year around grass cutting season, i get small itchy bumps on my lips and the skin on my face gets irritated. my skin my my penis also begins to itch. the small bumps on my lips, i think turn into small blisters. what could this be? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/242959'>anal irration</a>.
Avatar n tn My lips got itchy and sore on one side and then small bumps on my bottom lip. The next day it spread to my face and chin. I put hydrocortisone cream on my face to relieve the itching but now both my lips are still itchy and they swell up. I haven't eaten anything different and I don't have any food allergies that I know of. It is becoming very nasty looking and it is right on my face. It is only on one side and it around my mouth and chin. Please help. It is driving me crazy.
Avatar f tn Hi, Recently I have been getting very itchy lips. They are not dry, swollen, *****, there are no bumps or scrapes or scabs. It is really confusing me and I dont know what is causing them. Sometimes I can feel a small lump on the inside of my bottom lip but I think that is just because the only way the itch is satisfied is by sort of biting them and scraping them with my teeth, so there is a little irritation inside of the lip. There are no itches anywhere else around my mouth, just my lips.
Avatar m tn Now they have been peeling above my lips, still itchy and little tiny bumps along the top and bottom of my lips? I was using carmex and have always used carmex. Could I suddenly be allergic to it? I had this happen years ago, and quit using a chapstik that I used constantly, because it seemed to exacerbate the problem. Help! I'm at a lost as of what to do!
Avatar n tn About 4 times in the past year, I develop a skin problem exculsively on my lips. Tiny bumps form (about half the size of a pinhead), and my lips look slightly swollen, yet feel very dehydrated and irritated. These symptoms last about 5 days and then I'm back to normal after some flaking. I cannot figure out what causes it, and I would also like to know if there is anything I can do to prevent it or help it and ease the irritation I experience. Any ideas on what this might be?
Avatar n tn It's very similar to that type of rash - small, dryish bumps that tingle and itch quite a bit. They're barely visible on my lips and redness isn't evident because of their location. There's a little dryness, itching, and slight redness to the sides of my mouth as well, but no bumps. The rash is only on my mouth this time, while the other two times I had a few bumps on my arms as well.
Avatar n tn I see Smooth Bumps ... several little areas on my upper Top Lip ..on the surface... Non painful , not each .. semi head kidda sticks out from them Not itchy ...My lips are naturally brown as I am but the areas are lighter tones alot ligter toned What might this be ...Clogged pore possibly on my full Lips?
Avatar n tn Hi i've noticed for the past year or so little bumps appearing on my outer vaginal lips, they didn't bother me and always went away. However this past month i've found a different looking lump on my right inner lip next to my clitoris. It wasn't hard or very big but it was itchy and bled atfirst. Now it's just the same colour as the rest of the lip but the lump itself hasn't gone away. 2 weeks later i've gotten a lump on my left inner lip, this one is hard and feels like a spot.
Avatar n tn I have developed small bumps all over my lips and in the corners of my mouth. The bumps on my lips are not painful, nor do they itch, however the ones in the corners are sensitive. This happened once before about a month ago. Everything went away in about a week. I also have an itchy rash under my chin and on my neck. I'm not sure if they're related to the bumps, but they showed up at the same time. Any insight into what might be going on? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I had skin-to-skin genital contact (no sex, but everything but that -- including him giving me oral) with a guy on Aug. 13th. On Aug. 22nd, I first started feeling extremely itchy on my vaginal lips and around the entrance to my anus. This itchiness increased to the point that it was unbearable. During that time, I tried taking yeast infection meds, but that didn't work. On Aug. 29th, I noticed 2 large bumps under the skin near my anus.
Avatar n tn Hi amesw, Did you ever figure out what the tiny bumps on your lips were? My symptoms sound exactly like what you have. I also have thought that it could possibly be Fordyce, but the small patch of bumps on my lip are sooo tiny and are the same color as my lip that it doesn't seem to match the Fordyce symptoms. Like you, my lips are dry (they normally are not) and the small patch of very tiny bumps feels scaly when i run my tongue over it.
Avatar f tn I have been getting these small little bumps on my lips. They start from the edges on my lips and then spread. Overnight they spread to my face too. My lips get really swollen along with parts of my face. At first I thought that they were cold sores because they do have some liquidy stuff and they are really itchy, The ones on my face don't have the liquid though. So i don't think they can be cold sores. They usually last about a week.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning with a few very small white bumps on the corner of mouth almost on my lips. They are extremely itchy. My first thought was herpes simplex but I've been in a steady relationship with a (hopefully) faithful partner for two years so im not sure how that could have happened. I also have a mild cold right now if that helps. So could you give any suggestions as to what it could be?
Avatar n tn As long as I can remember I have had some itchy bumps on my vagina. Even before I began having sex. I never knew what they were and I have gone to my doctor repetedly for it. They can't find anything wrong with me. The itching has continued and has been very annoying. Recently, some of the bumps become much larger and are sore. They never scab or crust over, they just become extremely sore. I do not believe that they have ever bled.
Avatar n tn im not sure if herpes was included in the tests that they ran and this scares me because im experiencing itchy tiny bumps on the insides of both lips of my vagina. i refrain from scratching them to prevent further irritation .. im not sure if it could have anything 2 do with the extra discharge u get when pregnant or the pantiliners ive been wearing ...but after sex inoticed the itchiness the next day.
Avatar m tn I have tiny itchy bumps on the left side of my lips - almost on the corner, but not quite - and near the edges. This started about 2 days ago. I am living overseas where I don't speak the language & it's hard to tell if the doctors understand (just on previous visits when I had a cold). The day that this occurred I tried a sample of a local homemade regional dish and was offered to take some home and ate some that night. The girl who offered me rinsed her fork but didn't wash it.
Avatar m tn The doctor examined me and treated me assuming I had gonerra or chlymidia and the symptoms of that have pretty much cleared up. He was pretty sure the white bumps on my lips were from the HSV-1. He put me on acyclovir.The antibiotics gave me thrush bad in my mouth and a bad rash around my anus and up my butt crack (I assume and hope the itching and redness there is just from the antibiotics). Here is my concern... 1) I have a had one or two 1 mm red bumps on my penis head for 3-4 weeks.
Avatar f tn When I looked at it very closely in the mirror, the rough patch appeared to be tiny little bumps. They had no distinct color. They remained on my lip for a few weeks. I never really moisturize my lips and they are always chap(I always lick my lip to moisturize them). I bought some chap stick and applied it. The rough patch went away the next day. The bumps are gone but to this day, my lips itch from time to time. Also, occasionally my lips become sensitive.
Avatar f tn The blisters on my lips are almost invisible. They are very very tiny and grow in clusters all over my lips.
Avatar f tn The sides of my face are turning red when the itching starts. There are tiny cuts on my lips, some like paper cut (opisite the way my cracks in my lips would be), some like the prick of a pin. It burns. Badly. the very edge of my lips are lit up a bright red... This is only going on mostly in the corners of my lips. I have been to the doctor for a number of things lately and I really don't want to go back. I have tried chap stick, I have tried not using chap stick.
Avatar f tn It starts out looking as if my lips have lost their color....with tiny tiny tiny white bumps on the upper AND lower lips. Then it begins to turn red, ooze, burn, and itch. This can last for up to a week and a half. I have vitiligo (an autoimmune skin pigment disorder). Vitiligo is linked to raynaud's disease (an autoimmune disease that deals with the circulation of the blood). My mother refuses to take me to the doctor and acts like she is a doctor.
Avatar n tn I too got those little pin head bumps on my lips and have a reaaaally bad rash on my penis as well. It ******* *****. Hopefully this medicine my doctor prescribed me will work okay, he gave me some steroids that are supposed to help speed it up. Any tips you might want to add since you've gone through it twice now?
Avatar n tn About a week ago i noticed a patch of non-itchy fine bumps on the right side of my neck. Shortly after i got small itchy bumps on my lips, i thought i was getting a cold sore because i have had a few outbreaks before. i apply acyclovir cream and cymex on it but these did not help much.