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Avatar m tn I also noticed more white dots (these more noticeably dots, and more noticeably white) on the corners of my lips, and going up the lips a good ways. I've been putting denavir cream on for quite a while now, but the spots do not seem to be going away. My biggest concern is that they are contagious. The last thing I want to do is spread something to my girlfriend, since she has a much weaker immune system than me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn It has only happened maybe like three or four times. But I will get little bumps on my lips. They will start in the corner of my lips and kind of go towards the middle. They are not really painful but it feels like I have bad chapped lips and I have to keep chap stick with me. I have been putting Vitamin E on my lips. It lasts for a little while goes away and I never know when it will happen again.
Avatar n tn hi I'm having little white bumps on both sides of my lips. they are little clusters near the ends of my lips and they are identical. is this normal? is this herpes? i had a recent test for chlamydia and ghonorrea and they both came back normal. I hope that i am just freaking out. the bumps are in the same spot but on opposite sides of lips. any idea of what this could be?ive also been under a lot of stress and anxiety lately so i hope I'm to just freaking myself out more and more.
Avatar m tn Hi! I have noticed that i have little yellowish bumps on both ends on my top lip, the are in groups and very tiny, they are promenemt only when the lips are stretched. There is no pain or irritation. Im worried if this could be herpes?
Avatar n tn I have had these little white bummps on almost all of my upper lips and on the corner of my lips where they both meet... I was kissing a girl a couple of days ago, she doesn't have herpes and i know i don't. i don't think it is herpes but i'm freaking out a little bit... i've been reading up on cold sores and lip infections. no of them seem to be what i have.
Avatar n tn So I decided to put alcohol on a cotton ball and place it on my lips for about 20 minuites it began to burn and my bumps went way down. Can someone help me to figure out what this could be...
Avatar m tn For about a month now, what started as what seemed as a cold sore has turned into persistent little bumps on my lips that dry them out, itch like crazy and drain if I scratch them. I have tried Abreva and atheletes foot cremes, but nothing works. Any suggestions on what it is and how to treat it?
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be a part of Cheilitis, which is a medical condition involving inflammation of the lip. Or a bad case of Chapped lips , a condition whereby the lips become dry and possibly cracked. It may be caused by the evaporation of moisture. Lip balm can often provide temporary relief, though it should not be used extensively. One should avoid licking their lips as saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which can damage the already compromised lip tissue.
Avatar n tn When I stretch my lips the bumps turn white. They are only on the lips, do not go in the mouth or on the skin around the mouth. There's no itching or swelling or any other symptoms. Any ideas what's gonig on?
Avatar n tn what are they...I've been getting little bumps on my inner lips first I thought I was just biting the inside of my mouth when I slept and that is why the inside of my lips felt so uneven and I kept biting the skin and small bumps off through out the day as a nervous habit...Is this herpe's? I thought cold sores were on the the outside of your lip not the inside...
Avatar f tn So lately I've been getting these little bumps on my upper lip, and it's specifically in my border upper lip. They're really small and are the color of my lips, they also itch sometimes. I've read some tht it's because of my chapstic but I don't use them, I drink lots of water so my lips can't be dry. I'm 16 years old and I've never done anything sexually, just kissed a guy. I also read about forcyde spots, but these come and go.
Avatar f tn I just noticed today that I have little white bumps on my lips the size of the end of a needle point. Since yesterday I've had really dry lips and I live in Hawaii.. the humidity here is not that bad and I'm only 15 years old. Meaning... no sexual contact whatsoever (includes kissing) and haven't shared any drinks or utensils or anything lately. In the past I used to get really dry lips but nothing like this.
Avatar m tn I just noticed some little dots on my lips. I have had some cold sores the past month or two. I've only had sex once. That includes oral sex as well. Im not sexually active. I had unprotected sex and oral sex about 2 years ago (my first time). Im not sure if she was clean or not. These small maybe pin point size dots around my lips don't bother me. my lips just feel like they're tingling or somethings lightly dabbing them.
Avatar n tn A few days ago my lips started feeling a little irritated. I kept putting on chapstick because I thought my lips were just chapped. They still felt irritated and whenever I pressed my lips together it felt like there was something on my lips. When I took a closer look in the mirror, I noticed tiny clear bumps on my lips. Does anyone know what this is and what caused it? Also, how can I get it to go away?
Avatar m tnbumps that are painful •bumps that bleed •feeling as if something is caught in your throat •jaw or neck swelling •numbness of your tongue •trouble chewing or swallowing •fever or sore throat
Avatar m tn Still, your description here does not suggest herpes as the cause of the white bumps on your lips. None of your other symptoms sounds like herpes either. I continue to believe your symptoms are not related to the sexual exposure you describe, only a coincidence. And cysts on the cervix are definitely not an STD problem; no STD causes such a thing. (Most likely she just has Nabothian cysts, which are normal in many women).
Avatar f tn Six or seven months ago I started to get a very painful rash on my lips. It begins as sore tiny bumps. After a day the bumps become very raw, and with in the next few days they become what I would describe as scaly or scabby. Often, the skin around my lips itches, but no rash anywhere but my lips. During the worst out breaks the little bumps ooze a clear fluid. This rash is quite painful, causing discomfort when talking and pain when eating.
Avatar f tn the first time, I remember putting my lips to my wrist (as if I was wiping my lips off) and a few days later little bumps appeared on my wrist that itched terribly. Those haven't gone away. I just use an anti-itching cream for those. But the problem with my lips are starting to bother me. And I'd just like to know it they are indeed herpes. Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Itchy Lips!</a>.
Avatar f tn Why does my girlfriend get red bumps on lips about 1 to 2 hours after giving me oral sex? I went to the doctor to get tested for infections and STDs but it all came back negative can u help me?
Avatar n tn He told me that he could see no visible signs of herpes on the vaginal area, but took a swab and said he would test me. When I pointed out the bumps on my lip he suggested a slight irritation due to sun exposure. The irritation around my vagina has not ceased, but the oral bumps continue to spread. They do not crust, although my lips feel slightly dry and a bit tingly. They are not red, and I have been looking at pictures of fordyce spots that seem to resemble what I have.
Avatar f tn I believe this started about a couple days ago. But there are red bumps on my lip, like directly, they do not hurt at all, as I woke up and saw them. They look like pimples. My lips have been chapped, and I don’t drink a lot of water, and I recently got checked for herpes select 2 not one. The reason my lips have been chapped because my lip gloss has like a sharp then on it, and I keep forgetting and it hurts my lip.
Avatar f tn They are are under the skin and recently seem to have spread just a bit but no more arround my lip is regular acne i do believe,but i have never broken out in my entire life this bad,tho it is not severe,it is more than i am used to,mainly the forehead,and arround my lips,basically black heads,except thes white bumps under my lips skin,if anyone has an idea please let me know
Avatar n tn Hi, Bumps on the lips may be aphthous ulcers, cold sores ,mucoceles and fungal infections. Aphthous ulcers and cold sores may appear similarly. Aphthous ulcers may be caused by stress, intake of medications and underlying infections. Cold sores are due to herpes simplex virus infection. Mucoceles are usually found within the inner lip and may be small ,slightly fluctuant reddish to whitish bumps in the lip. "The size of oral mucoceles vary from 1 mm to several centimeters.
Avatar f tn I have these little fine bumps at the corners of my lips that closely remember angular cheilitis but I've had them for years. What could this possibly be? Also, about a week ago, some fine bumps very very tiny (like the ones on the corner of my mouth) appeared at the top of my lip. What are these, does anybody have an idea? Please enlighten me! Thank you!
Avatar f tn I was convinced I had Canadia (yeast overgrowth) but my dr says she thinks its herpes sim one but this was even after she told me I did have an overgrowth of yeast. I have no symptoms, the white bumps are not pusing or sore and the most that has ever happened is chapped lips, which really had nothing to do with the bumps because its winter. I've heard the cultures are more accurate then the blood tests and being so close to xmass I really dont want to think I have herpes sim one.
Avatar f tn It started forming little bumps on the side of my lips . I went to get a cold sore gel called campho-phenique . ( i thought it was a cold sore ) . When i woke up the next day my top and bottom lip was swollen , flaky , itchy and yellow crust . It was dry and you can see the dry skin comming off and it felt like sand paper with little bumps . please let me know asap what this is !