Braxton hicks contractions on right side of uterus

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Avatar f tn Kelly it may be round ligament pain. Is it mostly on your right side? Especially with having twins your uterus is stretching so that may be what it is. If you don't have bleeding then I'm sure you're fine. If you are worried, call your dr.
171768 tn?1324233699 Women who have experienced an irritable uterus will tell you that the condition can manifest itself in painless Braxton-Hicks type contractions or a constantly “stuck in a Braxton Hicks contraction” feeling (otherwise known as the rock hard uterus syndrome - a term informally coined by IU sufferers) or in painful “like the real thing” feeling contractions." Just a thought... you could always mention it at the next appointment. Good luck!
676912 tn?1332816151 I can move mine side to side when having BH. I can't push in but i can wiggle it a little bit.
296738 tn?1236000003 I am 20 weeks preg with my 2nd child. I have been having braxton hicks contractions now for weeks on and off. They are more strong on one side than the other just like I had with my son. I went into preterm labor with my first child. My doctor says as long as it doesn't hurt, don't worry about it even though he admits it is too early for me to be having them yet. Should I be worried? I have tried to get pregnant for so long, I am just scared something will happen to my little girl now.
333535 tn?1227022209 With this pregnancy, I'm 20 weeks and think I may have felt a couple of them already, but they have only been about once a week, very infrequent, a very short, painless tightening of the uterus and then it's gone. Tanker Chic is right, drinking water and laying down on your left side should make the go away, anything more than 4 in an hour, you should call your doctor right away.
Avatar f tn I'm 34 weeks and I've been feeling this intense tightening feeling in my tummy usually when I lay down on my right side. At first I thought it was the baby moving, but it felt weird then I am to the conclusion it was Braxton Hicks (sorry for the rant lol). I'm unsure of how often you are suppose to get them, but I read that if they don't go away if you change position then they should go away.
15480 tn?1302533402 I got Braxton Hicks really early with all of my pregnancies. I felt them before my baby each time. With this pregnancy I had them around 10 weeks. I get them quite a bit and am 27 weeks today. It can be from not drinking enough, the baby moving alot, or if you are moving around too much, they also just happen. Just be sure to mention it to your Dr. If you are feeling some tight pressure just where your baby is it could also be where your little one is laying.
800427 tn?1324949319 After I got told he was breech I could feel that it was his head under my ribs, because it was hard and rounded, plus he'd always punch my right side and he was sitting with his back on my left side, I was a little lopsided, lol. Anyways, the doctor also told me that with BH they can feel like real contractions as far as pain goes. You may even dilate a little with the BH. I only went to 1 cm 50% effaced before my c-section and I'd been having the BH for 16 weeks.
992828 tn?1251297432 Over the last few weeks I have been feeling a wierd sensation on the left side of my belly. I am 29 weeks pregnant as of today. It feels like a tightening in one small area on the left side of my belly. When I touch it or rub it it feels hard almost like the babies elbow or a bone is poking through. I have just thought that the baby was moving a lot and was pushing on that area with a bone or maybe turning over. Now I am concerned that its Braxton Hicks contractions.
Avatar f tn Yep, sounds like braxton hicks. For the backache at bedtime, try lying on your side. If I lay flat on my back, I'll get a backache almost immediately. But if I lay on my side with my knees bent, it helps alot. Try the old pillow between the knees trick. As for sitting at a desk all day, get up and stretch and walk as many times in the day as you can. (we preggos can use the bathroom excuse anytime). Also, try sitting with your feet up and resting on something. Keeps swelling down.
118074 tn?1228332603 braxton hicks, on the other hand, at least mine, go away once i drink a glass of water and lie down on my side for awhile. i am not allowed to go into labor so i know once they start to hurt it's time to go to the hospital. sometimes my braxton hicks come about every 5 minutes for 30 minutes, but again they go away once i lie down for awhile. it's more of a pressure and a nuisance than a pain.
Avatar f tn Not everyone feels them I never felt them with my 1st but this is my 4th @misseswaddles
Avatar f tn In addition to these, my baby goes through hour-long phases of kicking/punching me HARD all over, I'm actually bruised on the inside on my right side. It brings me to tears how much it hurts when she goes through these active phases. It feels like I'm getting my colon kicked in! Anyone else having this much pain with an active baby?
Avatar f tn I had the same pain and called the on call. They told me instead of coming to hospital right away. Drink 32oz of water in 25 mins and then lay on either your left side or right side. Then if you feel 4 or more contractions in an hour to call them back.
1205562 tn?1304118842 I think I'm starting to have Braxton Hicks contractions now... but isn't it a little early for them?? I'm 25 weeks now. I feel like a weird pressure and my stomach gets hard but only one spot, almost like the baby is pushing his head up against one side of my stomach... is that probably what I'm experiencing???
1211118 tn?1366763553 When I did a google search, they stated that these pains occur more on the right then on the left because of the way the uterus tilts. These will go away when I rest. Hope this helps.
1194973 tn?1385507504 Anytime I hear about contractions my mind flips to something painful. But I heard that Braxton hicks contractions are painless and just get really tight. Or something. So I was wondering what exactly they do feel like and where you feel them. I only ask because sometimes my stomach will tighten up really tight like a rock but the rest will be soft, and I have no idea what it is. It doesn't last long and then it's gone.
150483 tn?1212172156 Braxton hicks are basically your body "practicing" to go into labor. Also, many women are very sensitive in feeling them when they have to urinate or even tap or the baby pushes on the uterus. The dr is right, it takes regular (5-6 an hour for a couple hours) to actually dilate the cervix. Drink lots of water and lay down on your left side for an hour to time them. Often the bh go away when you are lying down on your side. Good luck to you.
299260 tn?1304219705 Ok, I just reread this post and my response probably scared the heck out of you. Braxton Hicks are contractions. Same thing except one is your body "practicing" and real contractions happen when the baby is on it's way. I made it sound like I thought you were in labor!! Sorry hon! But bny is right, get it checked although changes are it's just BH. Good luck.
403255 tn?1278816866 The babies were very active at the time and I could feel lots of kicks. Does this sound like Braxton Hicks??? I would have assumed that BH or contractions 2-3 minutes apart would be very very painful. I just don't want to be dense and not notice that something is wrong because I know that preterm labour with twins is a problem. Also, last night I had wet jammies and it was my bb's leaking. This was on whichever boob I was laid on.
Avatar n tn I get the same thing. I'm pretty sure it is the baby bunching up on one side of your uterus, and the bump you feel is part of the baby, and then that triggers your uterus to contract a little bit.
988003 tn?1292212100 So, try lying on your left side, or at least at a tilt (you can fold a towel and place under your right cheek to tip you to the left while sleeping, etc). Good luck!
Avatar n tn A real contraction is also very systematic, it will rise up and then it will come back down. You will feel the distinct rise and fall of a working contraction. I have had lots of braxton hicks with my pregnancies and you will get use to them. I have also had quite a bit of ligament pain. I think more with my first than the others. I would get sharp pains in the bottom of my stomach on the side. I would have to just stop in my tracks until they passed.
Avatar n tn It stopped Friday, Saturday and came back on Sunday but more frequently (never painful, though I did start to get a little backache and round ligament pain - both signs of being at 21 weeks but also can be signs of preterm labor - along with the contractions). On Thu, my OB said it was Braxton Hicks.
Avatar f tn i guess my concern was i was having this pain every 5 min, it would last for 10-15 seconds, some of the pains brought tears to my eyes, i could not move. The pain would start off on the right side of groin up the right side of belly, then sometimes it would radiate to my back, then sometimes it would be on the left and right side and under my belly. I just never imagained that round ligament pain would feel like painful.
659496 tn?1288889452 These contractions were first described in 1872 by British gynecologist John Braxton Hicks. Sometimes these contractions are also called prelabor contractions or Hicks sign. Not everyone will notice or experience these contractions, and some will have them frequently. Some mothers say that they notice them more in subsequent pregnancies than in their first pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Braxton hicks contractions. I first started getting them during or right after sex, exact "balling up on one side" I too thought it was my daughter and mentioned it to my OB, she told me it was definitely BH, now I'm.33 weeks and can obviously tell where my daughter is at, and still get the same sensation.
Avatar n tn I am 8 weeks from my last period. My uterus is enlarged, with movement and Braxton Hicks. All pregnancy symptoms except for nausea. Just had a negative blood test last week. Tested negative urine test this morning. I have two children. Anyone else tested negative quantative blood test and was still pregnant?
Avatar n tn Just today I went in for my 5th u/s as I've been bleeding for the past 4 days, and they said I had a pool of blood on the left side of my uterus (baby is on the right side). Said the pregnancy seemed fine, but they were usure of what was causing the bleeding, but basically my uterus was shedding it's lining on this side. Sending me for more testing this week. Has anyone else experienced this, and were you seeing a high-risk doctor?