Braxton hicks contractions on left side

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1742167 tn?1436475320 I had some pretty strong braxton hicks contractions last night. They were coming around 3-5 minutes apart for over an hour. The only thing that stopped them was lieing on my side and drinking extra water. By the end of the night I felt like mentral type cramps and my lower back was sore. I was thinking of calling the doctor, but I was able to fall asleep and woke up fine this morning. I think it's from stress.
Avatar f tn Drink a big glass of water and lay on your left side. If they dont stop or let up start timing them.
1984089 tn?1349486499 Lay down on your left side and keep timing them for another 30 minutes or so. I would also notify your dr and let them know what's going on. Good luck.
Avatar f tn That's kind of hard, but I think they would be Braxton hicks cause that's what I been experiencing alot lately and I'm 30 weeks my doctor told me today to drink plenty of water and try to rest on your left side and see if it helps..
Avatar f tn Drink a glass of water and lay on your left side. Also if you have more than 6 in an hour you need to go to the hospital. If they seem pretty random then they are most likely braxton hicks. If baby stops moving then go to the hospital or if they become unbearably painful.
3138931 tn?1350943918 During my first pregnancy i had complications where 3 times my daughter tried to come out EARLY and i had contractions and NOT braxton hicks..... Well, im 19wks and my tummy keeps getting SUPER hard and it hurts....this baby has been so active these past two days, that idk if he has even slept yet whats this hardness in my uterus?! is it just braxton hicks or contractions??!?!?!
Avatar f tn they say the way to tell real contractions from braxton hicks is to lay on your left side and drink water if they go away its only braxton hicks if it stays chances are you are having some real contractions...
Avatar f tn I called doctor and he said to hydrate myself, relax as much as possible, try walking (stops Braxton hicks), then lay on my left side. He said they may just be caused by fetal movement, but this is painful and I have stage 4 Endometriosis , so I know painful. Its 1242am where I am and have had these pains for the last hour. Feet are elevated and water jug hasn't left my side, but nothings helping. Any advice?
Avatar f tn However, this late in your pregnancy it can be difficult to tell the difference between the harmless Braxton Hicks contractions and pre term labor. Call your doctor right away if the contractions become more frequent, rhythmic, or painful. Other signs of preterm labor are vaginal bleeding/spotting, In increase or change in vaginal discharge, low back pain, or pelvic pressure.
Avatar f tn The braxton hicks just feel like your havung pressure on your pelvis sort of like a cramp and my contractions feel like a stabbing pain either on the right or left side of my pelvis.
Avatar f tn How can you tell the difference from contractions or Braxton-Hicks? I'm 36 weeks & I been getting like cramp pain or just a random sharp pain in my stomach or under my stomach.
Avatar f tn Drink a glass of cold water lay on ur left side and time contractions for an hr if they go away it's false labour if continue then go to hospital..
Avatar f tn ) If they start becoming regular, like every 10-15 minutes then I would go to the dr, just in case. OH! And lay on your left side while you're drinking the water. You can try taking a warm bath too...that's all I got for you though. OH! Sorry, one more...make sure you pee often so your bladder isn't full. I wake up in the morning with them sometimes because my bladder is full, they go away after I go though.
Avatar f tn Braxton hicks are not early contractions. Very very different from pre term / early labor. Totally normal, lots of ppl get them.
Avatar f tn Drink lots of water especially when you are having them and lay on your left side for one hour if they continue call your obgyn. I have been having them a lot throughout my pregnancy and that's what the doctor recommends but now since I'm having twins and I'm 30 weeks I have to go to the hospital and get shots to stop the contractions. Best wishes mommy.
Avatar f tn 25+4, ftm, and started feeling a discomfort in my lower right and left side of my stomach yesterday and today. I was reading that people actually can feel braxton hicks contractions at 18 weeks. Is this possibly what I'm experiencing? Or am I just stretching and growing more? What exactly do they feel like? What should I look for??
9636087 tn?1406215768 Hey im a ftm and im 29weeks and 1 day and I have been having these bad sharp back pains but just on the left side of my back that come and go and before I would get it but on the right side
Avatar f tn Sounds like braxton Hicks. You will feel your whole uterus tighten for a little bit. It is just practice contractions. They should not be regular and should last less than a minute.
Avatar n tn These are extremely painful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and usually on my lower left side I feel like my stomach is in a knot for what feels like forever ! My doctor won't confirm that is what they are , anyone else getting these?
Avatar n tn They say you can determine if they are Braxton hicks contractions by laying down on your left side and if they subside then they are indeed Braxton hicks. That's what I've heard anyway, I'm a ftm and almost 38 weeks along.
Avatar f tn I called my doctor and they said it sounds like braxton hicks but that if i get them tonight that to drink 12 oz of water and to lay on my left side and if that doesn't help to call back so they can get me in to make sure everything is okay. Im so scared of going through preterm labor symptoms and all.. Im only 5 months and just about all the women in my family on both sides have gone through preterm labor..
Avatar f tn I've had braxton hicks since 20 weeks. Finally on bed rest at 36 weeks but if they are regular and increasing in intensity you are in labor and need to go in or call someone. You should be able to call on the weekend. Take care of u and the baby.
377012 tn?1283969035 i did some research on braxton hicks and i know some of you ladies have experienced these so called false contractions! i read that smaller women can experience them as early as the first trimester, just wondering what any ones experience was like?? mine has only happened 3 times in the last week and is sort of like doing kegal exercises but more intense kinda uncomfortable!!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 31 weeks along. I am constantly having Braxton hicks contractions. Sometimes they are painful. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
296738 tn?1236000003 I am 20 weeks preg with my 2nd child. I have been having braxton hicks contractions now for weeks on and off. They are more strong on one side than the other just like I had with my son. I went into preterm labor with my first child. My doctor says as long as it doesn't hurt, don't worry about it even though he admits it is too early for me to be having them yet. Should I be worried? I have tried to get pregnant for so long, I am just scared something will happen to my little girl now.
Avatar f tn Also irregular and unable to be timed.
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks and i swear my braxton hicks contractions have went from only happening maybe once every two, three weeks to being every day, several times a day. Its been like this for about a week where if I walk I get them, when I eat I get them, and when I lay down. Anyone know some soothing methods? I do take baths and support my tummy and lay on my left side but I don't really think those are working too well besides the baths but I don't like taking more than one a day.
Avatar f tn try taking a a warm bath and then laying down on your left side for about an hour. If it continues or it starts to hurt worse, call your DR.
Avatar n tn If water takes them away (and try lying on your left side), then you probably don't need to worry. That early on, they are likely BHs (I started having them around 20wks). I have them again now at 30w6d, but they are still painless and are not like I described - water totally takes care of them (and rest). Good luck! I'm sure you are fine.
652679 tn?1276990960 I am almost 29 weeks pregnant with my third child. I have been having what I think are Braxton Hicks contractions ALOT in the last week. I have them atleast 5 or 6 or more times in an hour. I have googled Braxton Hicks and everything says the same thing. It tells me to drink more water which I have and they still won't stop. They are tightening my stomach so much and they are extremely uncomfortible. It also says that we get them to prepare our bodies for child birth in weeks to come.