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Avatar f tn I am on vaccine e75 for her2 brest cancer for 3rd year. after last vaccine my reaction vas very strong. my side vas very itchi. in three days i started have small rashes all over my body including my palms. it vas very itchi and my palms vhere all red. i svent to see dermatologist and have boiopsy. he told me that i have maybe sweet syndrom and i am voried about recurences.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr., I have a red pinkish, Non Ichy rash on the head of my penis in which I just noticed one morning. I figured it was just go away but it has not and its been about 3 weeks. Its about 1/2 inch in size and scaly. I am starting to get worried about what it is. Thanks for your response.
Avatar m tn I'm concerned because I know that cancer can spread to your lymph nodes and then to the rest of the body. Is this rash any indication of that? And if not, what could the rash and her tired symptoms be? Please get back to me, I'm very concerned. Thank you.
Avatar n tn i have the same rash!! i woke up with it on thursday am with these red polka-dots all over my chest. by mid-day they had crept over my shoulders and onto my back. the next time i looked, i had them on my stomach, arms, and thighs. i went to the doctor on friday and she told me it was a condition called pityriasis rosea (not rosacea). some of the dota are flat and some are raised. the raised ones are the ones that itch like crazy.
Avatar f tn Hope this is the right section, I just have questions to try to make myself understand some things better perhaps. Is there an easy way to tell if a rash is cancer? I have a rash on the aereola (though mine are rather large...) Though I think it may be from the heat. (There's heat rash under my boobs X.X) How many days should I wait to see if it goes away? Does a cancerous rash "go away"? (IE: Turn back to skin color and not be red, I guess.
Avatar n tn Apparently the imaging folks had seen something on the chest xray, so the dermatologist came to the conclusion that the rash may have developed due to some internal condition that his body was fighting, possibly related to something that showed up on the xray (cancer?). he was then sent back over to the ER for a upper body CT scan. The results of the CT scan came back good apparently. It's been a week and it looks to have neither improved or gotten worse.
Avatar f tn I’m a 16 year old girl and for around 5 years now I’ve had a sort of rash on 2/3 of my body, it started after I came back from my holidays on Cyprus but back then it wasn’t as bad and I took it that the reason for it was the change in climate or water.
Avatar n tn But if you've developed rashes on other parts of the body, I doubt cancer is the cause of that rash. It may be an allergic reaction to your medications, or it may be an infection. My suggestion is for you to consult with an internal medicine specialist (if you haven't done that) for your condition to be thoroughly investigated.
Avatar n tn I remember that right before he was diagnosed with stomach cancer he broke out in an itching rash all over his body. The rash looked like little bug bites and he thought at the time that's what it was. The same thing has just happened to me. I have some kind of rash all over my body that itches and looks like little bug bites. So of course I'm being a hypocondriac and worrying that maybe this is some pre-cursor to some form of cancer?
Avatar n tn I have just started getting this burning sensation all over my body, at night, it starts in my back and travels to all my extremities, even lips and tongue. I've noticed that others are having the same problem. Is there a diagnosis? Cure? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href=''>extreme burning sensation all over my body-I am a 29 yr. old Asian female!</a>.
Avatar n tn i am breaking out with hives all over my body. i havent done anything differently lately to cause an allergic reaction, and i am not allergic to anything as far as i know. they seem to be coming and going, not really focusing on any particular spot. ill get an itch, ill scratch it lightly, then it starts to itch more and more, little red bumbs and raised skin start to appear. after a while, if i can keep myself from scratching, it goes away. it just keeps happenning all over my body.
Avatar f tn I have a very itchy rash on my right breast. It is not on the nipple or areola. I had a lump removed in the same breast a year and half ago. It was benign. I lost my mom to Breast Cancer and my sister went through BC 2 years ago. I do not carry the gene, but am none the less still worried. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Avatar n tn i have had a rash on the backside of my penis for the past 9 years - since i was 12 or 13 years of age. i am now 21, and it is still there. it begins right at the beginning of the backside of the shaft. it starts off as a bumpy sort of red, but at touch, it feels smooth. it goes down directly to the scrotal area and then it sort of merges in with the color of the scrotal area.
Avatar f tn I know it's worrying since one of the side effects of cancer treatment (different chemos etc) is actually getting a second new cancer, and they tell you this right when you sing up for transplant.
Avatar f tn the problem is that a few inches above my anus, right at the base of my tailbone, well more like on my tailbone but on the skin, i get a rash. i thought it was just from sweating during the summer bc that's when it first started. my boyfriend put ointment on it and it healed in a few days. i don't think it is from sweating anymore because it happens a week or so before my period begins. it starts out with small bumps...
Avatar n tn Today a friend told me that an acquaintance had been diagnosed with Paget's of the breast, but that her first symptom had been a rash on the neck similar to mine. Is there any link between Paget's (or other cancer) and a neck rash? Any possible link between the neck rash and the gowth's under the skin on my side?
Avatar n tn there's a big long strip of them from my ankle to above my knee. Along with the rash i have bruising at the bottom of the rash on my ankles. I'm really nervous as to what this could be... please offer some advice, i'd really appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I was exposed to a chemical at work both on face and bottom and with latex gloves. That is some history. Nerves are shot. A horrible rash came up on night on my face a couple of days after the chemical exposure and the blisters spread like crazy. I went to take a bath and my bottom was on fire with Ivory soap so red I was bawling. No blisters that I could see on the vagina or fold between the botton but very inflammed. Went to the doctor and was told does no look like herpes.
206807 tn?1331939784 Both of my hands have broken out with a rash. They itch, have tiny blisters, and drive my nuts. Is this what is called Riba Rash?
Avatar n tn When ever I am exposed to the sun - bathing suit, shirt off, or wearing shorts - I develop a very itchy rash in the areas not exposed. The rash appears late afternoon, usually appearing first at the area where the buttocks and thigh meet. Further rash may appear at the front below the belt line. The rash is a raised and red. It itches severely enough to prevent sleep. It usually leaves by morning. Early doctor's diagnosis focused on allergies.
537639 tn?1232057169 can anyone give me some ideas on how to make my skin stop itching? i have a rash on my chest and back.its driving me crazy. my daughter put some lotion on it & that helped a little. this is keeping me up. i cant sleep cuz it hurts.thank you ahead of time for any advice.
Avatar f tn A couple of months ago I began having abdominal pain and decided to visit my old friend the internet for the solution. Once again, I was told this was a sign of cancer, pancreatic cancer. Of course the prognosis of pancreatic cancer is very poor so this sent me into a tale spin. I finally had the sense to make an appointment with my doctor to have it checked out. Of course he told me I was being crazy and I was too young to have pancreatic cancer (33) of course he also couldn't rule it out.
Avatar n tn I have chronic pelvic pain and hip pain. My skin has been having weird out breaks. First my face had a rash on it for 5 months with no relief until recently. Since last year I've had bumps on my butt and had them removed... they tested negative for cancer and I tested negative for HPV. So, what could cause all these skin break-outs? I was tested for herpes (negative), HIV (negative). I thank GOD for all the negatives. I am just confused about why my skin breaks out all over my body.
Avatar f tn Inflammatory breast cancer usually presents as a red, hot swollen breast. If the rash does not get better or gets worse, you may want to see a dermatologist.